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“Eggscellent” plant-based ingredient for vegan baked goods

Ever-increasing sales of plant-based, baked goods are a strong incentive for the creation of innovative new product launches in the category. Here, a new compound from Loryma ensures optimal dough stability and volume without the need for eggs or milk. Top-quality, great-tasting muffins and sponge cakes are just two of the numerous product concepts made possible with Loryma’s latest ingredient innovation, Lory® Stab. While meat and dairy substitutes are now standard supermarket offerings, there is still a distinct lack of variety when it comes to vegan baked goods, despite increasing consumer demand. Here, compensating for the technological properties of hens’ eggs in dough can be a complex task, yet it’s one which can be easily addressed with a new stabilizing system in Loryma’s Lory® Stab …


Umami United has partnered with KENKO to co-develop a new plant-based egg salad.


Umami United Partners with Japanese Giant KENKO Mayonnaise to Introduce Plant-Based Egg Salad

Plant-based egg producer Umami United has partnered with one of Japan’s biggest food manufacturers, KENKO Mayonnaise Co Ltd (KENKO), to co-develop a new plant-based egg salad for the ready-to-eat category — the Marude Tamago Salad.  The salad is the latest launch of KENKO’s new plant-based food brand, HAPPY!! with VEGE. Entirely vegan, it features Umami United’s realistic plant-based eggs and egg-free mayonnaise. It is described as a delicious and versatile plant-based option that can be paired with bread or vegetables. KENKO, known in the country for its mayonnaises, dressings, sauces, processed egg products, and long-life salads for food service, has expanded into the plant-based category in response to the “changing needs and expectations of the times.” With HAPPY!! with VEGE, the company offers meat, dairy, and egg alternatives and plant-based salads. Eggs that everyone …


B-well's original mayo product on a table surrounded by food dishes

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B-well Offers Egg-Free Alternatives Amidst South Africa’s Bird Flu Epidemic

South Africa’s leader in vegan-friendly condiments, B-well, offers a range of egg-free products, including mayonnaise, dips, and spreads, made with local and GMO-free canola oil. In a country facing its third bird flu epidemic — causing egg prices to rise again (more than 60 outbreaks, according to AP News) and disrupting its egg supply chain — B-well promotes its healthy alternatives while guaranteeing its customers a stable supply. B-well has established itself as a premium brand offering consumers a variety of superior canola oils and healthy oil-based products. Cholesterol-free, low in saturated fats, and high in omega-3, B-well’s canola oil has received the Cancer Association of South Africa’s Smart Choice Seal.  Egg-free and healthy condiments Leveraging the benefits of canola, the condiment company has developed a …


Onego Bio Candy/ Desserts/ Confections

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Onego Bio Combats World Egg Crisis with Precision Fermentation

On this World Egg Day, Finnish food-biotech company Onego Bio offers a solution to a global challenge – the sustainability and ethics of egg production. Onego Bio has created an egg white alternative through precision fermentation – Bioalbumen™, an animal-free egg white protein. This innovation not only addresses environmental concerns but also offers economic advantages. The company claims Bioalbumen™ production has a 90% lower carbon footprint than traditional egg production, coupled with ten times better yields and a 20% reduction in production costs while providing the same nutrition and functionality as traditional egg whites. The company uses precision fermentation and the microorganism Trichoderma reesei to produce what it claims are bioidentical egg proteins that offer the same functionality and nutrition without the ethical, environmental, and …



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Colombia’s Largest CPG Food Company and The EVERY Company Collaborate to Revolutionize Alternative Meat

Grupo Nutresa, Colombia’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) food company, is partnering with The EVERY Company (EVERY) with an aim to reshape the landscape of the alternative meat sector.  EVERY has designed a novel approach to creating animal protein equivalents without the need for traditional livestock. Its precision fermentation platform has yielded EVERY EggWhiteTM, a hyper-functional binding protein that the company claims surpasses the capabilities of conventional eggs in terms of performance, eliminating the need for eggs in food production.  Grupo Nutresa, included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) 2022 for the thirteenth consecutive year, is well-positioned to lead the charge in developing alternative meat products that align with consumer preferences for environmentally responsible choices. Oscar Alberto Ochoa González, director of R&D at Nutresa, …


plant based eggs sunny side up

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Yo Egg to Debut Mini Plant-Based Sunny-Side-Up Eggs at Vkind Experience in LA

Vegan platform Vkind announces that the Israeli startup Yo Egg will debut mini plant-based sunny-side-up eggs at its forthcoming multicultural food event, the Vkind Experience (VKX). Yo Egg, also based in Southern California, developed the mini-eggs, especially for VKX. The new product will be featured in a custom dish curated by celebrity chef Chris Tucker for the event’s Asian room.  According to Vkind, VKX is a comprehensive plant-based food experience that will immerse participants in a multi-sensory world, offering a tour through eleven themed rooms covering 35,000 square feet at Magic Box in Los Angeles. The event is scheduled for the 11th and 12th of November, 2023. This event follows Vkind’s successful vegan cooking competition show Peeled, sponsored by VFC, the famous UK vegan fried …


Symrise chickpea and aquafaba products

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Symrise Introduces Chickpea Range Including Vegan Egg Yolk Alternative Aquafaba Flakes

Symrise, a global supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients, and raw materials, with a reported € 4.6 billion in 2022 sales, launches a range of diana foodTM chickpea and aquafaba ingredients including aquafaba flakes. According to the German company, which is represented in more than 100 locations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the United States, and Latin America, the aquafaba (chickpea water) flakes act as a vegan alternative to egg yolk allowing for clear labeling. The product offers texture for vegan products while offering water and oil retention properties, providing comparable texture and taste to mayonnaise and salad dressings.  Additionally, the company produces chickpea flakes, which bring texture and juiciness to a wide range of applications, including falafels, healthy snacks, and dips …


Precision fermentation egg products by Formo

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Formo to Launch “New Class of Products” With Precision Fermentation Eggs

A peer-reviewed study conducted by Formo in partnership with Singapore Management University has found considerable demand for precision fermentation eggs, as the company prepares to launch what it describes as a “new class of products”. Through its existing protein production platform, which is already used to produce precision fermentation dairy proteins, Formo will use bio-designed microbes to make animal-free eggs. Since fermented proteins have a precedent of consumption in the EU, they are not considered a novel food, meaning Formo could introduce its first fermented egg products as early as this year. Curiosity The study surveyed over 3,000 consumers from Germany, the US, and Singapore, finding that a majority (51-61%) would be willing to try the products across all three countries. German consumers were predominantly …


Le Papondu plant-based egg alternatives

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France’s Le Papondu Sells the Equivalent of 30,000 Plant-Based Eggs, Aims to Raise €300K

Le Papondu, a female-led French startup producing plant-based egg alternatives, recently reported a tenfold increase in turnover between June 2022 and May 2023. The company launched its first commercial product, an alternative to beaten eggs, last year. Since then, it has sold a quantity equivalent to over 30,000 chicken eggs, and has been named a “startup to follow” by LSA. Le Papondu now aims to surpass €1 million in annual turnover in 2025. The startup is also currently raising funding, with the hope of securing €300,000 by the end of this month. Le Papondu previously received €30,000 from the French Tech grant last year, but further capital is needed now that the company has moved from laboratory to production scale. According to Maddyness, the funding …


Umami United raises funds to develop an egg white replacer for bakery and confectionary applications

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Umami United Secures Funds to Develop Egg White Replacer, Bringing Total Raised to JPY 240M

Japanese food tech company Umami United announces the closure of a Pre-Series A round as Japanese interest in egg alternatives continues to thrive. The round was led by Beyond Next Ventures, a VC supporting early-stage entrepreneurs across Japan and India. Genesia Ventures, a Tokyo-based investor focusing on sustainability, also backed the food tech in this round. The total investment that Umami United has received to date is JPY 240 million. Headquartered in Singapore, Umami United develops plant-based eggs for the food industry. The company claims its product replicates the sensory attributes and functionalities of eggs, offering multiple applications for prepared foods and confectionery goods. With the new capital, the company will increase its R&D capabilities to develop an egg white replacer for the bakery and confectionery …


JUST Egg becomes popular at US colleges

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JUST Egg Now Served at 45% More US Colleges Than a Year Ago

JUST Egg has reported a 45% growth in US college and university food service accounts over the past year, with over 40 new campus partners added since January 2023 alone. This takes the total number of higher education institutions offering the plant-based egg alternative to 120. College caterers are said to be using JUST Egg in a wide range of dishes, including sandwiches, flatbreads, wraps, grain bowls, salads, and baked goods. JUST Egg has also continued to expand throughout other US locations, with distribution up 14% since last year. The company’s food service business has seen particular success, growing 15% in Q1 of 2023 and 39% in Q2. Making plant-based the default The news comes as students and higher education establishments increasingly embrace plant-forward food. …


JUST Egg X Unlimeat kimbab

JUST Egg X Unlimeat

JUST Egg & UNLIMEAT to Co-Produce Innovative Vegan Egg Products for Asian Market

South Korea’s UNLIMEAT announces it is to introduce new plant-based egg products for the Asian market in collaboration with US alt egg leader JUST Egg. The two companies will together create co-branded innovations based on the JUST Egg folded egg format to include UNLIMEAT’s plant-based meat and cheese products. JUST Egg first entered the Korean market in summer 2021 as the country began to experience egg shortages, initially rolling out into leading bakery café franchises Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant. Eggs are ubiquitous in South Korean cuisine, as with Japanese, and are added to a majority of traditional Korean dishes. Vegan kimbap & breakfast sandwich coming to Korea One of the most popular foods in Korea which incorporates egg, is kimbap (also often anglicized as …


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Plant-Based Brand Hegg Enters Egg Section of Cold Storage Stores Across Singapore

Singaporean egg alternatives brand Hegg has announced a partnership with the country’s largest egg distributor, Dasoon. The collaboration will see Hegg launch at supermarket chain Cold Storage, stocked in the egg section. This is Hegg’s first supermarket launch, and also marks the first time Dasoon has entered the plant-based industry. Hegg’s flagship product, Eggless Egg, is a plant-based egg powder made from a proprietary protein blend. It has 93% less fat than a chicken egg, no major allergens, and a protein content close to that of conventional eggs. Ten grams of Eggless Egg powder are mixed with 40 grams of water to replace one egg. “We have observed the growing demand for plant-based food products and how Singaporean consumers have become more health conscious, especially …



Egg Alternatives Gaining Traction in Japan as Poultry Egg Prices Continue to Rise

A recent article published by Japan News describes the increase in popularity of egg substitutes in the country, citing the rising cost of poultry eggs as the primary driver. “A survey conducted in May by Teikoku Databank Ltd. found that 29 of the 100 major restaurant operators had withdrawn egg-based menu items […] The trend of rising egg prices may continue for a prolonged period, so it’s crucial for restaurant operators to develop alternative menus,” state the authors. Clearly this situation represents a huge opportunity for producers of more sustainable, animal-free alternatives in Japan. There are a few producers currently on the Japanese market: Kewpie released HOBOTAMA, a soy-based egg launched in 2021 for use in the Horeca channel; 2foods’ Ever Egg was introduced in …


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How to Overcome Barriers in the Alternative Egg Industry

Like many emerging industries, the growth of the alternative egg sector is slowed by marketplace challenges and consumer barriers. We can only overcome these to maximise plant-based egg sales if we can recognise and understand them. So, what are some of the main issues? As part of the New Food Hub series on alt eggs, ProVeg International’s latest article uncovers the top challenges facing the industry. Steep pricing As consumers continue to grapple with the cost of living crisis, price is a primary factor influencing their purchasing decisions. With this in mind, the high cost associated with plant-based egg products and the lack of price parity with animal-based egg products is one of the major factors limiting industry growth. A recent ProVeg survey found that …


Ouvegg packaging shot

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Global Plant-Based Egg Market to Grow at 20% CAGR, Reaching $9Bn by 2030

A report by Data Bridge Market Research has predicted that the value of the plant-based egg market will grow from $1.99 billion in 2022 to $9.02 billion in 2030, representing a significant CAGR of 20.78%. The rise of veganism worldwide and increased awareness of the environmental impact of animal agriculture will be the main market drivers. Technological advancements will also provide a boost, helping to improve and scale up products. However, the limited availability of plant-based eggs in many areas, along with their higher cost compared to conventional eggs, will restrain the market. North America currently dominates the plant-based egg market, due to product innovation, rising health consciousness, and significant investments. The Asia Pacific region is expected to have the highest growth rate over the …


Vegan burger with sunny side up egg at Veggie Grill

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Yo Egg Partners with Veggie Grill for US National Launch of Plant-Based “Runny Eggs”

Israeli startup Yo Egg announces its award-winning plant-based whole eggs are launching at all Veggie Grill locations across the US, marking the company’s first nationwide launch.  Available for a limited time, Yo Egg’s innovative runny eggs will be featured in three exclusive items at Veggie Grill:  The Yo Poached Egg Avocado Toast, Huevos Rancheros Bowl with Yo Sunny-Side-Up Egg, and the Yo Egg Kimchi Burger. Descriptions include: Yo Poached Egg Avocado Toast – A vegan spin on trendy avocado toast with toasted sourdough, sliced avocado, chopped tomatoes and a Yo Egg poached egg encrusted in everything bagel seasoning. Huevos Rancheros Bowl with Yo Sunny-Side-Up Egg – A blend of brown rice, ranchero beans, fried corn tortillas, vegan pepper jack cheese, Yo Egg’s sunny-side-up egg, salsa …


Vegan WunderEggs

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Plant-Based Egg Market to Grow With 28% CAGR Through to 2032

A report by business and competitive intelligence provider Fact.MR has predicted significant growth for the plant-based egg market in the coming years. The market was valued at $2.11 billion last year and is expected to be worth $24.9 billion by 2032, exhibiting a CAGR of 28% over the forecast period. Growth will be driven by food safety concerns regarding chicken eggs, along with increased environmental awareness; plant-based eggs are said to require 98% less water than conventional eggs and generate fewer carbon emissions. The rise in veganism worldwide will also help to boost sales, along with improved distribution and increased awareness of the health benefits of plant-based proteins. Several new brands and products are expected to enter the market, providing further growth opportunities. However, the …


Vegan Breakfast Bagel on United Airlines

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United Airlines Now Offering a Vegan Breakfast Bagel Featuring JUST Egg

United Airlines has expanded its plant-based food options with a new Vegan Breakfast Bagel on US domestic flights. Featuring a JUST Egg patty, the bagel is available on flights exceeding 1,190 miles.  Warm meal option According to United Airlines, the Vegan Breakfast Bagel is made with JUST Egg, vegan cheese and a harissa spread served on a bagel. The item is featured in the airline’s “Bistro on Board” menu and according to JUST Egg parent company Eat Just, the bagel has already received very positive feedback from consumers. The item is the latest plant-based offering by United Airlines, which in 2022 announced plans to begin providing airline customers with more plant-based options.  Last year, the airline partnered with Impossible Foods to introduce Impossible Meatballs to …


Plantible launches plant-based egg replacer made from duckweed protein

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Plantible Foods Launches Egg Replacer Made of Duckweed That Outperforms Poultry Eggs

Plantible Foods, a duckweed protein ingredients developer, announces the launch of its first product, Rubi Whisk — a plant-based egg replacer for baking goods, gluten-free products, pasta, and other applications.  Founded in California in 2018, Plantible Foods has developed a technology to extract a particular protein dubbed RuBisCO from the highly sustainable aquatic plant Lemna, commonly known as duckweed. RuBisCO contains all nine essential amino acids and can mimic and replace animal proteins. Rubi Whisk is the first of many plant-forward solutions to replace animal proteins in meat and dairy alternatives, sports, and adult nutrition products, explains the duckweed company. “For too long, consumers have had to make trade-offs when choosing plant-based or gluten-free foods, compromising on taste and texture and often settling for less …