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Ingredion and InnovoPro Partner to Distribute Chickpea Protein Across North America

Ingredion Inc., a global provider of food ingredients solutions, has signed an exclusive partnership with chickpea specialist InnovoPro to distribute chickpea protein concentrate in the US and Canada.  The partnership will increase the availability of chickpea protein while helping food and beverage manufacturers meet ther demand for sustainable and nutritious plant-based products. A recent study commissioned by Ingredion revealed that chickpea proteins enjoy above-average consumer awareness compared to other plant-based alternatives, and are perceived as a healthier option.  Extracted from chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), chickpea protein is said to offer a neutral color and flavor profile as well as emulsification properties that provide a rich, creamy texture. These qualities make it ideal for a broad range of applications, including dairy and meat alternatives, …



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AGRANA Showcases Plant-Based Solutions at Food Ingredients Europe

AGRANA is set to appear at Food Ingredients Europe, a leading trade fair for the food processing sector, to showcase a range of novel solutions for use in plant-based foods. The global food group has developed products such as nut and coconut-based vegan yogurts and desserts, inspired by the growing trend towards eating nuts as a healthy snack. The yogurts can be made from almonds or cashews, and can optionally be combined with fruit. AGRANA has also created a plant-based soft-serve ice cream made from rice. The product is naturally low in sugar and high in fibre, and can be used in a standard ice cream machine. Additionally, other types of plant-based ice cream will be on display, as well as an oat-based pannacotta using …


Fermented mushroom protein


MycoTechnology and IFF Partner to Develop Innovative Alt-Proteins for European Market

Mycelium solutions company MycoTechnology and IFF announce a partnership to co-develop alternative proteins and next-generation food and beverage products for the European market.  The new agreement will allow MycoTechology to capitalize on IFF’s RE-IMAGINE PROTEIN innovation program and use its state-of-the-art facilities in Brabrand, Denmark, including the Culinary Design Center, which specializes in novel plant-based foods.  The two companies have previously partnered in the US to combine MycoTechnology’s mycelial fermentation with IFF’s technical expertise. “This is an exciting new level of collaboration,” said Alan Hahn, CEO of MycoTechnology.”IFF understands the importance of innovation and using it to build a better, more sustainable food system. We’re delighted to embark on a new journey together to create the cutting-edge solutions consumers demand for taste, nutrition, and sustainability.” …


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ChickP Develops Plant-Based Ice Cream Prototype with ‘Dairy’s Full Sensory Experience’

ChickP, the Israeli food tech company specializing in chickpea protein, has introduced protein isolates customized for dairy-free ice cream. The company claims to have developed a creamy plant-based ice cream prototype that offers the full sensory experience of dairy.  ChickP states that its protein isolates will help manufacturers overcome the challenges of texture, flavour, and use of additives when making dairy-free ice cream. The development follows the successful use of the company’s isolates in creating a nutritious chickpea-based creamer for cappuccino and an egg replacement for vegan mayonnaise. Creating dairy-free ice cream The plant-based ice cream prototype was developed in collaboration with VANIGLIA, a premium international ice cream chain headquartered in Israel that uses 100% natural ingredients without artificial colors or preservatives.  According to ChickP, …


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Ingredients Experts CP Kelco & Chr. Hansen Develop “Next Level” Shelf-Stable Vegurts

CP Kelco and Chr. Hansen, two leading ingredient solutions companies, have collaborated to develop shelf-stable plant-based yogurt alternatives called vegurts. The companies say they have developed industrially validated prototypes of “next level” drinkable and spoonable shelf-stable vegurts that will allow manufacturers to respond to the growing demand for great-tasting plant-based dairy. “This collaboration represents a new way of helping our respective customers accelerate their product development and access technical application support globally,” said Anne Sinha, marketing director at CP Kelco, on behalf of the two companies. Chr. Hansen coined the term vegurt upon the launch of its fermentation solutions for plant-based products in 2020. The Danish ingredient expert, which also offers results for other plant-based products, recently launched a range of cultures to keep alt meat …


CanolaPRO canola seed protein


DSM Unlocks Complete Protein from Canola Seed After a Decade of Research

After over ten years of research and development, DSM has succeeded in producing a high-quality protein isolate from canola seeds. Otherwise known as rapeseeds, canola seeds contain all nine essential amino acids and are free of major allergens. But DSM’s new product, Vertis™ CanolaPRO®, is not just a source of protein — it is also a functional ingredient that improves the texture of meat and seafood alternatives and gives dairy alternatives a smoother mouthfeel. Vertis CanolaPRO is highly sustainable as it is made from canola meal, a co-product of canola oil production. This means that no additional farmland is required to produce the protein, and the production process uses minimal water and no solvents. The ingredient is produced in collaboration with vegetable oil and protein …


Coronation Chicken Ingredion

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Ingredion to Showcase Vegan Coronation Chicken at PBWE London Next Week

Global Ingredients giant Ingredion is set to showcase its latest plant-based prototypes at Plant Based World Expo 2022 next week from 30 November to 1 December, alongside KaTech Ingredient Solutions, which the company acquired last year. The prototypes will available for attendees to sample on-stand, with the hero product being a plant-based coronation chicken filler with plant-based mayonnaise, created with Ingredion’s VITESSENCE® Pulse range of proteins, with a base of pea protein and fava beans, also commonly known as faba or broad beans, an ingredient that has been trending in plant proteins over recent years. According to Ingredion, the chicken alternative is a clean-label product developed with a new technology that does not include methylcellulose or any other gums. This technology does not utilise high …


Givaudan Wins Two Best Ingredients Awards for PrimeLock+ Vegan Fat Solution

Givaudan‘s PrimeLock+, a vegan-friendly solution that mimics animal fat cells, enabling food companies to develop more taste-realistic plant-based meat, has received two Best Ingredients Innovation awards this year. The Gulfood 2022 Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards, which recognizes innovative products and technologies that make sustainable contributions to the food manufacturing industry, selected the vegan-friendly fat solution as this year’s Best Ingredients Innovation. The International V-Label Award, the first award scheme to promote and celebrate innovation in the plant-based industry, recognized Primelock’s positive impact, quality, and innovation, bridging the gap between animal and plant protein and making healthier products. According to Givaudan, PrimeLock+ encapsulates, protects, and locks flavour and fat in plant-based meat substitutes, providing a “first juicy, beefy bite.” The innovative ingredient food enables manufacturers to …


Nepra Egg White Replacer

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Nepra Foods Launches Commercial Production of Egg White Replacer for Baking

Colorado-based Nepra Foods announces it has begun commercial production and in-plant trials of its Essential brand Egg White Replacement Powder (EPB-ER1), a proprietary egg white replacer for wholesale bakeries. According to Nepra, which produces a range of nutritious and allergen-friendly foods, the plant-based powder is intended for producers who want to remove or reduce eggs in an existing product formulation.  Lowering costs While most plant-based egg products on the market replace the taste and texture of whole cooked eggs, such as scrambled eggs, Nepra’s EPB-ER1 is designed for commercial bakers that use a chicken-based egg white powder, but are looking to switch to an animal-free alternative.  Egg white powder is an important ingredient for large bakeries, which often rely on the unique structural and binding …


Bright Biotech founder Mohammad El Hajj

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Bright Biotech Closes Oversubscribed Round for “Game-Changing” Plant Chloroplast Technology

UK-based Bright Biotech has secured $3.2 million in funding in an oversubscribed seed round. The startup’s technology harnesses valuable proteins in the chloroplasts of plants that can help cultivated meat companies achieve industrial production affordably. More expensive than diamonds Growth factors make up at least 55% of the marginal cost of cultivated meat. According to Bright Biotech, astonishingly, growth factors can cost several million dollars per gram making them more expensive by weight than diamonds. As a solution to this bottleneck, the Manchester startup says it can manufacture and supply premium growth factors at minimal cost using proteins produced by plants, through an innovative technology that harnesses chloroplasts to express large amounts of high-value proteins with large yields. It adds that its chloroplast-based expression is light-driven, …


Green Boy New Managing Director

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Green Boy Group Hires Former Interfood CEO Jeroen van den Heuvel as Managing Director

Plant-based protein supplier Green Boy Group announces it has hired Jeroen van den Heuvel, former CEO of global dairy supplier Interfood, as its new managing director.  In addition to managing Green Boy’s daily operations, Jeroen will oversee hiring and provide strategic input to increase the company’s commercial activities.  “I was connected to Green Boy the last two years via the advisory board which allowed me to get to know the company pretty well,” said Jeroen. “The energy and creativity that the team at Green Boy brings to the table is amazing. I’ve never seen a company grow so fast and have such a positive impact on the food industry. It is really exciting to be able to contribute with my experience in a meaningful way …


new zealand's biotech company opo bio's team in a photo shoot outdoors

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NZ’s Opo Bio Emerges From Stealth With $1.5M Seed for Cultivated Meat Ingredients

Opo Bio, a New Zealand-based biotech startup developing what it refers to as next-gen cultivated meat ingredients to supply producers of cultivated meat, announces the launch of its first product, Opo-Moo, a primary bovine muscle cell line. Opo Bio concurrently announces a NZ$1.5 million Seed capital round led by Matū Karihi, syndicated with The University of Auckland Inventors’ Fund, Booster Innovation Fund, and angel investors. Cell lines supplier Opo Bio is a B2B cultivated meat biotech company founded in July 2022 by Dr. Olivia Ogilvie, Dr. Laura Domigan, and Dr. Vaughan Feisst using previous research carried out by Dr. Domigan at The University of Auckland. The company aims to become the leading developer and supplier of cell lines for large-scale cultivated meat production. Its initial focus …


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Create a Stir With Plant-Based On-Trend Ingredients

Capitalize on the growing flexitarian lifestyle with elevated plant-forward food and beverage creations. Consumers around the globe desire products that deliver great taste while also meeting evolving nutritional needs. ADM is at the forefront of innovation, with a broad portfolio of wholesome ingredients from a single supplier to food and beverage solutions that deliver a neutral-tasting, clean profile. Download ADM’s new infographic to see how our vertical integration and clean label processing can help create on-trend products with consumer-preferred taste, functionality and nutritional quality. Discover 8 of the key NutriStemTM wholesome ingredients that can help address the growing consumer trend of plant-forward eating. DOWNLOAD NOW  

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Sternchemie Launches Coconut Milk Powder for Vegan Ice Cream, Pralines & More

German ingredients supplier Sternchemie has launched SternCream, a coconut milk powder described as a “functional alternative to traditional milk products”. With a very high coconut milk content, SternCream is said to be ideal for use in creamy products such as pralines, wafer fillings, and ice cream, along with other applications such as soups and sauces. The powder rapidly dissolves in water, attaining a smooth consistency. The coconut milk powder is made by washing, mincing, and pressing ripe coconuts, then double-filtering the extracted coconut milk. The resulting liquid is pasteurised and spray-dried, achieving a shelf life of 24 months with no preservatives required. Sunflower lecithins Sternchemie is best known for its lecithins, which are used for food applications such as smoothing textures and emulsifying. Last year, …


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Why Creapure® is so important for vegans and vegetarians

Creatine occurs naturally in the human body and is crucial for storage and transport of energy in every single cell of the human body. This makes creatine essential for physical and mental health and for the proper function of the immune system. The human body can cover about half of the daily creatine requirement through its own biosynthesis. The remaining amount must be taken up through nutrition. Only animal products like meat, fish and in small amounts, dairy products, contain creatine naturally. Plant-based foods, on the other hand, do not contain any creatine. Studies show that vegetarians and vegans, therefore, have lower creatine levels, for example in their muscles and red blood cells, compared to non-vegetarians. In order to ensure a sufficient supply of creatine …