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Ex Tyson Foods CEO Joins Former Impossible Foods’ Rachel Konrad at California’s Shiru

Shiru, a biotech startup that creates novel plant-based ingredients for the global food industry, appoints three new advisors including former president and CEO of Tyson Foods Dean Banks. Banks joins a list of industry veterans at the company including Rachel Konrad, ex-Chief Communications Officer of Impossible Foods. Founded in 2019 and based in Emeryville, California, Shiru aims to reduce the world’s reliance on animals for food by providing sustainable, plant-based …


white rice in bowl

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Beyond Meat Supplier Roquette Launches New Rice Proteins

France and Canada-based Roquette – a family-owned company with a turnover of around €3.5 billion which supplies pea protein to alt meat producers such as Beyond Meat – announces the launch of two rice proteins, adding a new botanical origin to its current portfolio. The move follows last autumn’s announcement that Roquette is to open what it claims to be the world’s largest pea protein plant in Canada. Just this …


Chinova Bioworks

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Chinova Closes $6M Series A to Expand Chiber – A Novel Preservative Made from Upcycled Mushrooms

Canadian food tech startup Chinova Bioworks announces it has secured $6M in Series A funding to expand production of Chiber™– a novel clean-label preservative extracted from mushrooms. The funding will also be used to grow Chinova’s team, create new products and enhance its production capabilities on Prince Edward Island.  Derived from the stems of upcycled white mushrooms, Chiber is a natural, allergen-free fiber that helps improve the quality, freshness and …


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New Zealand Urged to Invest in Plant-Based Protein 

Kiwi plant-based producer Off-Piste Provisions is calling on the New Zealand agri-food and ingredients sectors to invest in pea and fava protein. The vegan outdoor foods brand has commissioned a new report to highlight the opportunities for pea and fava bean extraction in the country.  Entitled “Feasibility of Pea and Fava Bean Protein Extraction in New Zealand” and undertaken by PwC New Zealand, the report set out to understand the …


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NextFerm Technologies Launches Yeast-Based Vegan Protein

Israeli foodtech company NextFerm Technologies has announced that it will begin commercially producing its yeast-based vegan protein, ProteVin™. In the coming weeks, NextFerm will begin supplying ProteVin to various food and supplement companies. The announcement comes as the commissioning period for the company’s Canadian facility comes to an end, with the first batches of ProteVin having now been successfully produced. ProteVin is said to be suitable for a range of …


Applied Food Sciences hemp

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Applied Food Sciences Launches Hemp Seed Protein for “Juicy, Firm & Authentic” Alt-Meats

Texan company Applied Food Sciences (AFS) has launched a hemp seed protein ingredient called PurHP-75™. Made with hemp hearts, the ingredient is organic and contains 75% protein, including all nine essential amino acids. While traditional hemp ingredients often have a bitter taste and gritty texture, AFS removes the outer shell and casing of the hemp seed to get to the inner part of the grain (the heart). The resulting protein …


Moolec Science

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$504M Moolec to Become “World’s First” Molecular Farming FoodTech Listed on Nasdaq

Moolec Science has entered a new business agreement that will see it become the first molecular farming foodtech to be listed on Nasdaq. The foodtech ingredient pioneer is aiming to become a category creator in the alternative protein landscape and has entered a definitive business combination agreement with LightJump Acquisition Corp, a special purpose acquisition company. UK-based Moolec focuses on developing real animal proteins in plants using molecular farming; a …


The Live Green Group

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Live Green Group and Sigma’s FoodForms Collaborate to Develop Plant-Based Food Additives

Plant-based foodtech startup Live Green Group is to partner with FoodForms, an internal startup by multinational food company Sigma. FoodForms was created to offer alternative food recipe solutions for third parties. Through the new collaboration, the two startups will develop replacements for common food additives. This will involve using Live Green’s AI/ML recommendation engine, Charaka™, which has a database comprising 15,000 plants and over 500,000 data points. Using this data, …




ProteinDistillery Launches Customizable Vegan Protein from Upcycled Brewer’s Yeast 

ProteinDistillery is a German biotech startup producing what it claims is the first customizable vegan protein to fully substitute all functionalities of animal protein. The innovative proteins are obtained from upcycled brewer’s yeast, using by-products from Germany’s famous beer industry and contributing to a sustainable circular economy. Not requiring the addition of fillers or stabilizers such as methylcellulose, ProteinDistillery says its microorganism-derived proteins are designed to offer solutions across multiple …


Prosur at IFFA


Pokel Vegan “Looks, Smells and Tastes Like Meat, But is Not Meat!” Says Spain’s Prosur

Prosur, a food biotech business based in Murcia, Spain, recently unveiled Pokel Vegan, a ready-to-mix blend which can be used 100% vegan or in hybrid meat products, at the IFFA fair in Frankfurt. Prosur is a family-owned and operated company which was founded in 1965 as a Spanish spice manufacturer and evolved into a self-proclaimed international pioneer in clear label food technology. CEO Juan de Dios Hernández and his team …


Greg Erdei ©Lallemand Bio-ingredients

Lallemand Bio Ingredients: “We Provide High Value Yeast Ingredients to Key Players in the Plant-Based Marketplace”

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients, a yeast specialist based in Canada, follows a customer-centric strategy and strengthens its business relationships worldwide by visiting several expositions and summits. We spoke to Greg Erdei, Business Development Manager – Plant Based Nutrition, about customer relationships and yeast extracts that bring an umami taste profile to plant-based products. Who is Lallemand and what does the company stand for in the plant-based sector? Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (LBI) is first …


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Roquette Launches NUTRALYS Pea and Fava Organic Range of Textured Protein 

Roquette, the French plant-based ingredients specialist, announced today the launch of its new NUTRALYS range of textured proteins made from pea and fava. Produced for European markets, Roquette claims the pea and fava range offers new organic solutions for alt protein food brands.  On a mission to become a leader in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of plant proteins, Roquette is launching NUTRALYS as more and more consumers are looking …


alt-fish with golden chlorella

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Duplaco Launches Golden-Coloured Chlorella to Discreetly Fortify Plant-Based Foods

Dutch manufacturer Duplaco has developed a new variety of golden-coloured chlorella, making it possible to add nutrients to plant-based foods without the green colour associated with the regular variety. Duplaco Gold is 40% protein (including all the essential amino acids), and rich in vitamins and minerals. This includes some that can be more challenging to obtain on a plant-based diet, such as iron and B12. The product is already being …


Jan Bebber Ohly

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Ohly: “We Aim to Delight Our Customers With Innovative & Functional Ingredients Solutions”

Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast-based ingredients and culinary powders for the global food, fermentation, human and animal health markets. Ohly offers a wide range of products such as yeast extracts, inactive dry yeast, yeast cell wall derivatives, probiotic yeast and autolysed yeast, based on baker’s, torula yeast and specialty powders.  We spoke with Jan Bebber, Global Platform Director – New Business, about the Hamburg-based ingredients …



WOA Signs Supply Agreement with Food Giant Monde Nissin for Australian Lupine Protein 

Wide Open Agriculture announces significant milestone in commercializing its Buntine Protein after locking in supply agreement with noodle giant Monde Nissin Australia Wide Open Agriculture (WOA), an Australian company whose subsidiaries include Dirty Clean Food and OatUP, has signed an agreement with Monde Nissin Australia to supply its plant-based Buntine Protein. Buntine is a lupin-based protein concentrate that WOA claims can be used as a main ingredient to replace animal-based …