NuCicer Chickpeas/ Legumes


Agtech Startup NuCicer Closes Additional Seed Round for Ultra-High Protein Chickpeas

Agtech company NuCicer, which is creating ultra-high protein chickpeas using wild chickpea varieties, announces the close of an additional seed funding round led by Leaps by Bayer, the impact investing arm of Bayer AG.  The investment will allow NuCicer to scale production of its high-protein chickpeas, which contain 75% more protein than conventional chickpeas. The company also aims to reduce chickpea protein ingredient costs by 50% as it works to bring consumers more affordable plant proteins in 2023.  40X more diversity Co-founded by UC Davis Professor and CTO Douglas Cook, a world-renowned expert on chickpea genetics, NuCicero harnesses the extensive natural biodiversity of wild chickpeas using a machine learning and genomic breeding platform.  Wild chickpeas contain 40X more genetic diversity than commercial varieties, and NuCicer …


plants for organic pea ingredients

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Roquette Launches New Organic Pea Ingredients for Healthy and Sustainable Foods

Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients, launches a new organic pea ingredients line with a range of organic pea starch and isolated pea proteins adapted for specialized nutrition, non-dairy or alternative meat categories. The new line is part of the company’s solutions for customers focusing on developing products with organic ingredients to keep up with the growing demand for healthy and sustainable foods. Earlier this year, the company launched NUTRALYS, another range of organic textured proteins for EU and US markets. Senior Vice President of Plant Proteins at Roquette, Jeremy Burks, said: “Our teams created these great products based on consumer needs by leveraging our longstanding expertise in plant proteins and peas. This launch, just five months after NUTRALYS® organic textured protein, reflects Roquette’s …


Nojo plant-based cooking sauces

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Award-Winning Brand Nojo Launches Plant-Based Cooking Sauces at Co-op UK

London-based brand Nojo has launched three of its plant-based cooking sauces — Tahini Noodle, Teriyaki, and Sesame — at 114 Co-op stores across the UK. The Teriyaki sauce has previously proven especially popular — it is the top Amazon’s Choice product in the category and the highest-rated sauce on Ocado. All three sauces are free of gluten, refined sugar, and artificial additives. Recently, Nojo won the Small Business 100 Award and collaborated with Holy Carrot, a London restaurant that opened last year with the aim of changing perceptions of plant-based food. The company is a certified B-Corp with a focus on sustainability, using entirely recyclable and plastic-free packaging. Vegan sauces Co-op has previously supported other plant-based sauce producers, such as The Vurger Co. — the …


Flavor research award

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Giract Announces 13th Edition of Best PhD Thesis Award in Flavor Research with Ingredients Industry Support 

Giract, a market research and business consultancy for the food and beverage ingredients industry, announces the 13th edition of the Best PhD Thesis Award in Flavor Research. The award is a unique and innovative program created to promote flavor research among PhD students across various universities and institutes in Europe. Each year’s edition of the Best PhD Thesis Award is sponsored by ingredients industry companies that fund the winning prize. This year’s sponsors will continue to be Givaudan, Kerry, Lesaffre International, Lallemand, and Pepsico, as announced by Giract who says that previous editions of the award have been a success for students and sponsors, allowing the program to continue. For the sponsoring companies, the Best PhD Thesis Award is an opportunity to raise awareness of the industry and its career opportunities, …


Purdue Soy Innovation

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Purdue University Receives $1.1M Grant to Advance Soy Product Innovation

The United Soybean Board (USB) announced it has awarded $1.1M to the Purdue University Food Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Institute (FEMI), in partnership with the University of Arkansas and the University of Missouri. The joint project, which launched on Oct. 1st, seeks to build infrastructure and connectivity for small- and medium-scale processing of soy-based value-added products.  Co-funded by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, a federal organization focused on addressing key problems in agriculture and food security, the year-long project will be led by Purdue associate professor and FEMI director Dharmendra Mishra. According to Purdue, the project was born out of a national discussion on the soybean value chain. Its work will concentrate on phenotyping for compositional traits in novel value-added applications, trials to eliminate …



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Ingredients trends: H&F Pectin improves starch-based vegan gummy confectionery

Gummy and jelly confectionery is a large and important segment of the confectionery industry. Manufacturers and consumers have particularly high demands on the taste, texture, and appearance of vegan alternatives. Starch is often the main ingredient used to gel vegan gummy confectionery. In contrast, the combination of starch with pectin offers a perfect alternative with many advantages over purely starch-based products: ✓ Shorter moulding time ✓ Less stickiness ✓ Better flavour release ✓ Increased throughput ✓ Earlier achievement of product firmness ✓ Reduced energy and storage costs You can save up to 5% starch and replace it with just 1.1% pectin without losing any of the essential texture properties! In addition, there are further advantages: ✓ The use of pectin leads to a less sticky …


vegan pakes made with the happy mix

© The Happy Mix Co.

The Happy Mix Co’s Just Add Water Vegan Pancake Mix Inspired by the Caribbean

Happy Mix Co. is a UK vegan brand that sells vegan pancake mixes that only require you to add water. The company was founded by Ramon Marshall in 2021, on a mission to offer the best vegan foods ever.  Coming from Barbados, where buttermilk pancakes are part of the food culture, Marshall decided to debut on the market with an easy-to-make vegan pancake mix, that offered a similar taste to the original buttermilk pancakes.   In April this year, the company launched its first product, American Style Buttermilk Pancake Mix, through its website and social media. In its ongoing Facebook campaign, the company promises customers that its easy mix delivers the tastiest, fluffiest pancakes ever. Vegan pancake mix with a short ingredients list The Happy Mix Co. …


DSM life's Omega


DSM’s “Game-Changing” Vegan Omega-3 Oil Gets EU Regulatory Approval

DSM announces that its life’s™OMEGA product, an algae-derived source of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids, has been approved for use in meat and fish alternatives by the European Commission across the European Union. DSM claims that life’s™OMEGA is the first commercially available single-source, algae-derived vegan omega-3 oil in the EU. According to DSM, life’s™OMEGA is a significant development for the plant-based industry because it will allow food manufacturers to improve the nutritional profile of fish and meat alternatives with EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids similar to those in fish, and “opens an opportunity for the next generation of nutritious plant-based alternatives”. Gilbert Verschelling, director of business development & innovation, savory ingredients at DSM, said: “The regulatory approval of life’s™OMEGA in the EU is a game-changer for …


Malt ingredients PlantMalt

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Muntons Launches PlantMalt Clean Label Ingredients for Meat Alternatives

Muntons, one of the world’s most significant malt and malted ingredients companies, announces the launch of PlantMalt, a new line of grain, liquid, and powdered malt extracts to be used in plant-based foods to make better meat analogs. According to Muntons, PlantMalt has been developed to help manufacturers achieve succulent flavours, texture, colour, and mouthfeel of meat alternatives. PlantMalt’s line was created by consulting alternative protein experts and adding Muntons’ extensive knowledge of malts. Richard Platt, the senior product development technologist at Muntons, said: “As a team, we fully immersed ourselves into the plant-based category, benchmarking the existing products, we were able to understand the challenges that manufacturers are facing. We identified the common ingredients used and understood their functionalities before creating our own plant-based burger, sausage, …


Mind Blown w/ Kelp Seaweed

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Mind Blown Seafood to Debut New Shrimp, Scallops and Crab Cakes Made with Atlantic Sea Farms Kelp

Alt seafood brand Mind Blown Plant-Based Seafood and kelp producer Atlantic Sea Farms announce they are partnering to incorporate new kelp ingredients in Mind Blown’s award-winning product line.  Beginning in mid-October, Atlantic’s umami-rich kelp will be added to Mind Blown Dusted Shrimp and Dusted Scallops, followed by Mind Blown Crab Cakes in 2023. The new products will launch at all 300+ Sprouts Farmers Markets across the US.  Grown via Atlantic’s regenerative aquaculture, kelp is a carbon-negative and hyper-efficient crop that requires zero inputs from fertilizer, pesticides, feeds or fresh water. Kelp seaweed is also one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, with high levels of iodine, antioxidants, potassium, iron, and the highest natural concentration of calcium found in any food.  Both Mind Blown …


Woman drinking oat milk


DSM Launches ‘Delvo Plant Go’ to Help Oat-Based Dairy Manufacturers Reach Sustainability Goals

DSM announces the launch of Delvo®Plant Go, an enzymatic solution developed to help manufacturers achieve a simpler, sustainable, and efficient oat drink production process. DSM claims that its new solution simplifies the production of oat-based products and reduces hydrolysis time by up to 30%, thus saving energy.  Ben Rutten, global business manager for milk & plant-based dairy alternatives at DSM, said: “The oat-based dairy alternatives category is in a sustained period of high growth. Now is the right time for producers to simplify their production processes to keep pace with this fast-moving market.” Manufacturers of oat-based dairy alternatives face many challenges. There is a need to increase capacity to keep up with high demand. Producers also need to simplify processes and improve efficiencies to remain profitable in …


Plant-based burger

@ Photographer Yuval Gruda

Food Tech Startup Meala Develops Vegetable Protein to Replace Methylcellulose 

Many food formulators working with plant-based alternatives are looking for binders and gums that count as clean-label ingredients to add to their products. Meala, a food tech startup born in Israel, recently revealed it has developed a proprietary platform that creates ‘functionally activated proteins’ designed to replace methylcellulose and gums widely used as binding and gelling agents. The startup claims that its proteins bring the possibility of upgrading to clean label most plant-based meat alternatives while boosting its sensory attributes. Meala was founded in 2020 by Product Innovation Specialist Hadar Ekhoiz Razmovich, Dr. Tali Feldman Sivan, a serial entrepreneur and business strategist, and Liran Gruda, an expert in culinary arts and molecular cuisine. The startup’s mission is to make healthy vegan products and break down the …



Magnus Kagevik, Group President and CEO of Lantmännen © Lantmännen

$91 Million Investment for Pea Protein Facility in Sweden Strengthens Local Production in Northern Europe

The investment of over SEK 1 billion ($91 million) in a new large-scale production facility for pea protein in Sweden strengthens Lantmännen’s leading position in the market for plant-based proteins in the Northern European market. Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, and food products. Owned by 19,000 Swedish farmers, the cooperative has a yearly revenue of about SEK 48 billion ($4.4 billion). Moreover, the Northern European food leader counts 10,000 employees and is active in more than 20 countries.  The pea proteins will complement Lantmännen’s range of sustainable grain-based proteins from wheat and oats. The new production facility is expected to be completed in early 2026. Large-scale production facility Lantmännen is now starting the detailed design of a …


plant-based taco sauce

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Macphie Launches Plant-Based Taco Sauce for Foodservice

Scotland-based global ingredients manufacturer Macphie has added to its vegan range with a plant-based taco sauce. The sauce is said to be “smooth, smoky and mildly spicy”, and has a range of potential applications including dips, nachos, hot dogs, and pasta sauces. It is free of hydrogenated oils and artificial colours. Foodservice clients can now preorder the sauce, which has been certified as vegan by The Vegetarian Society. The launch is timely, as the market for vegan sauces and dressings is growing rapidly — it is expected to be worth $327 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7%. About Macphie Founded in 1928, Macphie started out as a craft baker and developed into an ingredients producer. The company says its aim is to …


Meurens Natural: “We Were the First to Produce Oat Syrups That Can Be Used to Produce Oat Drinks”

Meurens Natural, a Belgian company specialized in clean label extracts made from oat and other cereals, offers organic ingredients for plant-based products and therefore has developed a range of high protein brands. Tim Van de Gehuchte, International Sales & Marketing Manager at Meurens Natural, talks about possible applications and how they contribute to a healthy and sustainable way of life. Who is Meurens Natural, and what does the company stand for? Meurens Natural is a family-owned Belgian company that processes cereals and dried fruits into organic and natural ingredients for the food processing sector. Meurens Natural has been a pioneer in the organic sector with the Sipal® brand, for over 30 years. Throughout the years, we have developed a unique production know-how that is 100% …