Lypid Vegan Fats & Louisa Coffee Plant-Based Meats


Lypid Partners with Taiwan’s Louisa Coffee For New ‘Juicy’ Plant-Based Meat Lineup

Lypid, a startup specializing in plant-based fats, announces a partnership with Louisa Coffee, Taiwan’s largest coffee chain, to serve new plant-based burgers made with Lypid’s animal-like vegan fat, PhytoFat.  Available at 500 locations across Taiwan, the collaboration will feature six sandwiches, rice burgers, muffins, and bagels made with the special burger patties. According to Chris Huang, Founder and Chairman of Louisa Coffee, the “juicy” new burgers are intended to make alternative protein options more accessible and “provide delicious food that is better for the body and the planet.” Made from 97% vegan oils and water, Lypid’s PhytoFat is a culinary-friendly alternative to animal fats. By maintaining important fat qualities when heated above 329 degrees Fahrenheit (165 Celsius), Lypid says PhytoFat enhances the textures and flavors …


Chinova Bioworks Chiber Yogurt Preservative

©Chinova Bioworks

Chinova Bioworks’ Chiber Mushroom Preservative Receives FDA GRAS Status

Canadian food tech startup Chinova Bioworks has received a No Questions Letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding its Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) application for Chiber Mushroom Fiber. The letter indicates the ingredient is now permitted for use in food applications.  Acting as a natural food and beverage preservative, Chiber is derived from the upcycled stems of white button mushrooms. According to Chinova, it can improve the quality, freshness and shelf-life of many food and beverage products including plant-based meats, baked goods, hummus and dairy-free yogurt.  Prior to receiving the No Questions letter, Chinova worked with an independent panel of scientists and consulted with Intertek, a top quality assurance and testing provider, to develop and implement the testing needed for its …


Image courtesy Kerry Foods

Spore-Forming Probiotic BC30 Improves Protein Absorption from Plant Sources

With various studies suggesting animal proteins are absorbed by the body better than plant proteins – at about 2% difference – a new clinical study has shown leading spore-forming probiotic BC30 can improve protein absorption from plant sources. Part of Kerry’s ProActive Health Portfolio, BC30 is a patented spore-forming probiotic which can be used in a range of food and beverage products. The findings are significant for food and beverage manufacturers because they demonstrate the potential to offer an additional benefit in plant-based products containing BC30.  Irish food giant Kerry claims there may be opportunities for products targeting seniors – who typically require higher protein intake to maintain muscle mass – as well as vegetarians, vegans, and athletes. In the clinical study, subjects in the …


BAIA Honey Panna Cotta

©BAIA/ MeliBio

MeliBio Partners with San Francisco’s BAIA to Debut Exclusive Bee-Free Honey Menu

MeliBio, a startup making real honey without bees, announces its groundbreaking honey is now available at San Francisco’s BAIA restaurant for a limited time. From July to September, guests at BAIA can order the startup’s award-winning honey in two exclusive summertime dishes. The new collaboration comes ahead of MeliBio’s official launch at select US restaurants later this year.  BAIA will feature the honey, which MeliBio says is indistinguishable in taste and texture from conventional honey, in two plant-based menu items – a bruschetta appetizer with tomato, chili and basil and bee-free honeycomb panna cotta.  Filling a “critical gap” in flavor According to BAIA Executive Chef Joshua Yap, the brand’s honey helps to fill a critical gap in flavor. “Many times while developing a new plant-based …




BENEO is Showcasing New “Future-Proof” Fava Bean Protein at IFT FIRST Expo in Chicago

Leading functional ingredients producer BENEO is showcasing its new fava bean protein concentrate at the 2022 IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo under the theme “Rooted in Nature – the Power of Plants”. Fava bean protein production continues to gain traction in the alt protein industry as the sustainable crop offers numerous advantages for plant-based producers.  Taking place currently at McCormick Place in Chicago, visitors to BENEO’s booth will have the opportunity to learn how its fava bean ingredients can help manufacturers improve texture in meat and dairy alternatives, as well as protein enrichment, according to the company.  BENEO claims its fava bean ingredients are suitable for animal or soy protein replacement, with a mild taste, excellent amino acid profile, high solubility, and emulsifying properties. …


Henrik Hetzer, Loryma

Henrik Hetzer Managing Director Loryma GmbH ©Crepel&Deiters

Loryma: “It Continues to Inspire Me” – Interview With a Wheat Enthusiast

We talked to Henrik Hetzer about the future of plant-based food. As the managing director of Loryma, Hetzer says he is convinced that his company must continue to broaden the scope of its meat alternatives in order to maintain sustainability goals,  both for the business and the future of the planet. Loryma, a subsidiary of the Crespel & Deiters Group, specialises in the production of wheat proteins, wheat starches, extrudates and wheat-based functional blends, and is presently attending the IFT in Chicago for the first time, which takes place 10-13 July. Would you say that the food industry is in a state of great change? A predominantly plant-based diet was a fringe phenomenon just ten years ago. Back then, at a barbecue you’d be lucky …



Image: Lallemand

Lallemand Receives Authorization For Non-Animal Vitamin D Yeast in the EU

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients, a yeast specialist based in Canada, announces that the EU Regulation authorizing the use of its Lalmin® non-animal vitamin D yeast in 22, consolidated, new food categories, has now been published. Vitamin D is vital for human health; it is obtained by sunlight and some foods, and supplements are recommended for those in countries with less sunshine. Many vitamin D products come from animal sources including eggs and lanolin. Previously, Lallemand‘s vitamin D yeast was permitted for use in baked products and food supplements. In April of last year, Lallemand received a favourable opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for the use of vitamin D yeast in additional categories, including fermented milk or cream, and meat or dairy analogues. The EU …




HLTHPUNK: Disrupting The Sauce Industry with Punk-Inspired Vegan Flavor

When it comes to making condiments, most brands stick to a familiar formula of traditional ingredients and flavors. But at least one art-inspired brand, HLTHPUNK, is setting out to bring a plant-based “punk revolution” to the conventional sauce industry.  World’s first oat mayo Founded by designer Richard LaSalle, HLTHPUNK produces a cult-favorite line of organic, clean-label sauces crafted with superfood ingredients. Along with the popular UFO Burger Sauce, the brand sells Bionnaise, the world’s first oat-based vegan mayo, as well as signature mustard, smoked harissa and tomato paste.  According to HLTHPUNK, all of its creations meet strict US and European organic standards, and are crafted without gluten, soy, lactose, or preservatives. To sweeten its products, HLTHPUNK uses licorice, oats, date syrup, or raw cane sugar …


Jellatech Inc. 3 team shot


BREAKING: Jellatech Reveals its First Animal-Free, Cell-Based Collagen

Today, June 27th, Jellatech reveals a major milestone in its mission to eliminate animals from the food system, starting with collagen and gelatin: after just two years of existence, the North Carolina team announces the successful development of a full-length, triple helical and functional collagen made from its own proprietary cell lines.  Founded in 2020 by Stephanie Michelsen, who was included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2022, the company secured $2 million in seed funding last year and just recently received a strategic investment from cellular-focused VC firm CULT Food Sciences. Collagen — a by-product of the meat industry — is widely used across various categories in a highly lucrative market totalling around $8.4 billion. Demand for the ingredient is increasing due …


© Shiru

Ex Tyson Foods CEO Joins Former Impossible Foods’ Rachel Konrad at California’s Shiru

Shiru, a biotech startup that creates novel plant-based ingredients for the global food industry, appoints three new advisors including former president and CEO of Tyson Foods Dean Banks. Banks joins a list of industry veterans at the company including Rachel Konrad, ex-Chief Communications Officer of Impossible Foods. Founded in 2019 and based in Emeryville, California, Shiru aims to reduce the world’s reliance on animals for food by providing sustainable, plant-based alternatives. The company is currently developing ingredients for gelation, egg replacement, and structured fats functions. Shiru raised $17 million in a Series A round last October and was previously named winner of the DSM Meat Replacement Innovation Challenge. The three additions as announced today will comprise the Shiru advisory board, while Rachel Konrad along with …


white rice in bowl

Image courtesy of Roquette

Beyond Meat Supplier Roquette Launches New Rice Proteins

France and Canada-based Roquette – a family-owned company with a turnover of around €3.5 billion which supplies pea protein to alt meat producers such as Beyond Meat – announces the launch of two rice proteins, adding a new botanical origin to its current portfolio. The move follows last autumn’s announcement that Roquette is to open what it claims to be the world’s largest pea protein plant in Canada. Just this month, the French company launched a new range of textured proteins made from pea and fava for European markets, as pea and fava proteins continue to thrive. NUTRALYS® rice protein will be presented for the first time during the IFT FIRST event, July 10-13, in Chicago. The company states that, with a fine particle size …


Chinova Bioworks

Co-founders David Brown and Natasha Dhayagude ©Chinova Bioworks

Chinova Closes $6M Series A to Expand Chiber – A Novel Preservative Made from Upcycled Mushrooms

Canadian food tech startup Chinova Bioworks announces it has secured $6M in Series A funding to expand production of Chiber™– a novel clean-label preservative extracted from mushrooms. The funding will also be used to grow Chinova’s team, create new products and enhance its production capabilities on Prince Edward Island.  Derived from the stems of upcycled white mushrooms, Chiber is a natural, allergen-free fiber that helps improve the quality, freshness and shelf-life of a wide variety of foods. It can be incorporated into plant-based meats and dairy, as well as baked goods, beverages and sauces, the company states. In the application of dairy-free yogurt, the startup says Chiber is the first clean-label ingredient that protects probiotic cultures and inhibits spoilage. Reducing waste To source its mushrooms, …


©Off Piste Provisions

New Zealand Urged to Invest in Plant-Based Protein 

Kiwi plant-based producer Off-Piste Provisions is calling on the New Zealand agri-food and ingredients sectors to invest in pea and fava protein. The vegan outdoor foods brand has commissioned a new report to highlight the opportunities for pea and fava bean extraction in the country.  Entitled “Feasibility of Pea and Fava Bean Protein Extraction in New Zealand” and undertaken by PwC New Zealand, the report set out to understand the current market situation and opportunities that exist for pea and fava bean protein extraction in New Zealand. The report suggests a sizeable opportunity is present for investors and the local agri-food and ingredients sectors. Interestingly, Off-Piste Provisions – producer of on-the-go plant protein such as jerky – is funded by the New Zealand Ministry for …


© NextFerm

NextFerm Technologies Launches Yeast-Based Vegan Protein

Israeli foodtech company NextFerm Technologies has announced that it will begin commercially producing its yeast-based vegan protein, ProteVin™. In the coming weeks, NextFerm will begin supplying ProteVin to various food and supplement companies. The announcement comes as the commissioning period for the company’s Canadian facility comes to an end, with the first batches of ProteVin having now been successfully produced. ProteVin is said to be suitable for a range of alt-protein applications, including plant-based milks and meats along with sports and nutrition products. According to NextFerm, ProteVin does not have the aftertaste associated with many plant-based proteins. “The alternative protein market is the main growth engine of the global food industry, and we expect high demands for ProteVin™, as a proprietary vegan protein source for …


Applied Food Sciences hemp

© Applied Food Sciences

Applied Food Sciences Launches Hemp Seed Protein for “Juicy, Firm & Authentic” Alt-Meats

Texan company Applied Food Sciences (AFS) has launched a hemp seed protein ingredient called PurHP-75™. Made with hemp hearts, the ingredient is organic and contains 75% protein, including all nine essential amino acids. While traditional hemp ingredients often have a bitter taste and gritty texture, AFS removes the outer shell and casing of the hemp seed to get to the inner part of the grain (the heart). The resulting protein has a neutral taste and smooth texture. PurHP-75™ is said to be ideal for use in meat alternatives, where it is described as producing a “juicy, firm, and authentic” texture. The protein can also be used in plant-based and keto-friendly baked goods, as well as alt-dairy products. Hemp-based foods The potential of hemp as an …