Nora Khaldi Nuritas CEO

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Nuritas Reveals New Headquarters Near Yale to Expand Plant-Based Peptides Research

Dublin-based biotechnology company Nuritas announces its new North American headquarters will be built in Connecticut, near Yale University. Founder and CEO Dr. Nora Khaldi will relocate to the US to lead the company as it enters a major stage of expansion, and prepares to launch key products. For its new office, the company is also hiring for leadership roles in business development, marketing, science and other areas.  The Peptide Finder A pioneer of researching and commercializing plant-based bioactive peptides, Nuritas says it has created the world’s largest database of peptide knowledge through its AI and genomics platform, Nπϕ™ (Nuritas Peptide Finder). The platform is able to analyze billions of peptides within plants and other natural sources to predict how they affect health and interact with …


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Native yeast protein to replace eggwhite – Ohly showcases new gelling protein prototype

One of the toughest challenges that all manufacturers of meat alternatives are commonly facing is the combined need for an appealing and consistent texture as well as a consumer-friendly ingredient deck. To support customers meeting this challenge, and address many more opportunities, Ohly has developed and patented a brand-new type of yeast-based functional ingredient. Rooted in our decades of experience in yeast and its derivatives, we created a native yeast protein concentrate with inherent gelling function. Based on our prime grown baker’s yeast, it is produced without the use of any chemical modification process. Being fully soluble, this protein can be easily incorporated into many types of matrices & formulations. It will irreversibly gel in the matrix upon heating, and therefore nicely mimic meat or …


Brightseed Plant Science


Brightseed Completes $68M Series B to Commercialize Novel Hemp Ingredients

Brightseed, a pioneer in tech-based phytonutrient research, announces it has raised $68M in Series B funding to accelerate its plant nutrient discovery and bring new ingredients, including special hemp-derived compounds, to market. The company’s first hemp compounds, NCT and NFT, are derived from upcycled seed hulls and are expected to launch in the next nine months.  Hemp may lower fat Using its Forager AI platform, Brightseed is able to identify and map plants’ bioactive compounds and relate them to human health benefits with rapid speed, reports NutraIngredients-USA. Forager technology has so far mapped 2 million plant compounds, including N-trans caffeoyltyramine (NCT) and N-trans-feruloyltyramine (NFT) from hemp hulls. Preclinical research suggests the hemp compounds help to reduce liver fat and regulate lipid levels. To commercialize these …


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Sweet Lupines – for Prolupin it is the future protein source!

The future of plant-based protein supply is growing right at our doorstep: the sweet lupine. Its seeds are some of the most protein-rich edible plants around. We recognized that early on – and since then we process varieties of the sweet lupine specially adapted to the requirements of the food industry. Lupines can be used as a premium ingredient for a wide range of products across all market segments. Our LupiPrime protein, with a protein content of more than 90%, forms the perfect basis for cheese and sausage alternatives as well as health food products. Rich in protein with a neutral taste and a color coming close to the original – Cheese Alternatives with LupiPrime protein Unlike animal cheeses from cows, sheep or goats, which …


Motif FoodWorks Burger

©Motif FoodWorks

Motif FoodWorks Strategically Invests in NemaLife to Speed Up Food Ingredient Testing

Motif FoodWorks, a Boston food tech company, is partnering with microfluidics company NemaLife to utilize the latter’s platform for in-vivo testing and protein characterization. Motif also invested in NemaLife for an undisclosed amount. Motif states microfluidic screening is new to the food and beverage space and can help quickly identify Motif’s next food tech breakthrough.  Using an AI-assisted microfluidics screening platform, NemaLife is able to test and categorize bench-scale proteins using only a fraction of the sample size typically required for ingredient testing. By effectively screening small amounts of ingredients in a matter of weeks, Motif will be able to de-risk and accelerate its product pipeline to create safe and functional food technologies, it says. NemaLife’s streamlined screening platform will also help Motif to generate …




Smallfood Launches Protein-Rich Omega3 DHA Complex for Alt Seafood Industry

Smallfood, a microbial food company based in Nova Scotia, Canada, is set to target the alt seafood market with its novel marine-based wholefood ingredient. The biotech company claims its protein-rich complex contains the much sought-after long-chain omega-3 fatty acids as well as a natural seafood flavor. Smallfood has spent over ten years and $20 million in research evaluating over 20,000 microbes, looking for its solution to deliver non-GMO vegan protein concentrates and isolates with amino acid profiles rivaling animal-based proteins. It now claims its 3-in-1 ingredient solution provides high-quality protein, omega-3 EPA+DHA, and a naturally present seafood flavor while ensuring price accessibility for end consumers. Based in Halifax, Smallfood holds Nova Scotia’s only aquaculture license for single-celled marine microalgae. By unearthing its new wholefood ingredient …


Fava or broad beans

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NUTRIS Opens “Europe’s First Fava Bean Protein Facility” in Croatia

NUTRIS Group has opened what it claims is the first factory in Europe for the production of fava bean protein isolate. Located in Novi Senkovac, Croatia, the facility will also be able to produce potato-based ingredients. In conjunction with Denmark’s SiccaDania, NUTRIS has invested €30 million in the new site. The technology used at the facility was developed by the University of Copenhagen over a ten-year period, and has been further improved by the two companies. Ultimately, NUTRIS plans for the site to be part of a state-of-the-art agro-industrial hub called NUTRIS.park™, which should be operational by 2030. Fava bean steadily gaining popularity plant-based Fava bean protein is growing in popularity as an ingredient in alt-protein products. The protein is functionally similar to soy, but …


Molendum protein

©Molendum Ingredients

Dacsa-backed Molendum Ingredients is Pea Protein Leader in Spain 

Molendum Ingredients, backed by Dacsa Group – the largest corn producer in Europe – is producing wet textured pea protein at a large scale in the first plant of its kind in Spain. The 100% natural vegan pea protein is being exported to plant-based producers across Europe and has also revolutionized a local restaurant. Based in Zamora, Castile and Leon – a traditionally conservative region famed for meats – Molendum is run by brothers Esteban and Carlos Fernández. The success of the company drew the attention of the Dacsa group, a multinational corn and rice giant based in Valencia. One of Dacsa’s companies, Productos Florida – a major chicken meat producer – has now launched a plant-based meat line called Hi Vegs made with Molendum’s …



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Chickpea Ingredients Producer Nutriati Acquired by Tate & Lyle

Tate & Lyle, originating in Britain 1859 as sugar refinery Henry Tate & Sons, most known for its emblematic Golden Syrup, was acquired by American Sugar Refining, Inc (ASR) in 2010, ending its long association with refined sugar production. The company now announces it has purchased US chickpea ingredients producer Nutriati. The multinational ingredients supplier said it had acquired “substantially all” of Nutriati’s assets. Established in 2018, Nutriati offers chickpea flour and protein under the Artesa® brand. The products are used by a range of leading plant-based and gluten-free companies, mainly in North America. Prior to the acquisition, Nutriati had signed an agreement making Tate & Lyle its sole distributor. The companies have not revealed the terms of the acquisition. Funding round In December 2019, …


hands_grapes CrushDynamics

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Canada’s CrushDynamics Raises $3.6M to Upcycle Wine Industry Waste For Alt Protein

CrushDynamics, formerly Winecrush Technology Inc, contacts vegconomist to report it has raised $3.6 million in Seed 2 financing.  The British Colombia based company is upcycling grape derivatives to produce nutritious plant-based foods. Interestingly, CrushDynamics reports that it has partnered with Protein Industry Canada, Lumi Foods and Save-On-Foods in an “initiative to create the next generation of plant-based cheese using Canadian-grown oats, legumes and pulses.” The company’s mission is to turn high quality,  grape derivative material into healthy foods, stating that discarded grape pomace, even after pressing during the winemaking process, is still exceptionally rich in phenolic compounds, fiber, and antioxidant properties. After working with some of the leading wine scientists in Canada, CrushDynamics is pioneering a new, proprietary process for transforming these derivatives into valuable …



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SternVitamin to Launch Micronutrient Mixes at Vitafoods

At this year’s Vitafoods, SternVitamin is presenting individual micronutrient premixes for various consumer demands and applications. These products enable customers to enter the functional food market faster. The focus is on concepts for immune health and mental performance and well-being. Solutions for plant-based products are a further area. Industry attendees can learn more about these concepts at SternVitamin’s booth K110. The immune health growth market Food supplements and fortified products for immune health are gaining in importance. According to Innova Market Insights, since early 2015 more than 8,500 new product launches in the immune health space have taken place worldwide. Vitamin and mineral supplements are by far the largest category, especially in the form of gummy supplements, followed by dairy products and beverages with immune-boosting …


Plant-Based Milks

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Why Creatine Monohydrate Should not be Missing in Any Dairy Alternatives

A supplement with creatine contributes to the maintenance of physical and mental performance. Creatine does not naturally occur in a plant-based diet. So, the body needs to synthesize all the daily creatine requirement or can be supported through food that is enriched with creatine. Besides meat substitutes, also dairy alternatives can and should be enriched with creatine monohydrate. Fortifying dairy substitutes with creatine monohydrate offers two benefits: The nutrient profile is completed and the gap to the original milk/dairy product is closed The consumer is supplied with the important vital substance creatine in a sustainable, plant-based diet without consuming animal products or dietary supplements. Simple and natural. When selecting ingredients for food, purity and quality are a prerequisite. That’s why Creapure®, creatine monohydrate produced in …


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SipaPro-Oat, the World’s First Organic Oat Protein Concentrate

Protein fulfills many roles in our body. It is crucial for building and repairing tissues, allows for signal transmission, plays a vital role in many metabolic reactions and coordinates numerous bodily functions. In addition, proteins also maintain proper pH and fluid balance. Veganism is on the rise, and with it, the search for new alternative plant-based proteins. Food and beverage manufacturers are looking for proteins to create and enrich new high protein formulations. The choice of protein type mainly depends on the organoleptic properties such as taste but also the price, availability and sustainability are decisive factors. SipaPro-Oat is a perfect candidate to fulfill all those requirements. SipaPro-Oat is an oat protein concentrate that guarantees minimum 56% of proteins, 26,5% of carbohydrates, of which 15% …


sliced beets

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EXBERRY, Creator of Food Colors From Plants, Sets Out to Become Sustainability Leader

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods supplier GNT, which produces around 11,500 metric tons of EXBERRY® concentrates from edible fruit, vegetables, and plants, releases a new report detailing its plans to become the leader in its field in terms of sustainability. The company says it has unveiled a sustainability roadmap to optimize its environmental and social impacts, including 17 targets for 2030, including cutting the environmental footprint for EXBERRY product ranges by 25% and reducing the intensity of its  CO2-equivalent emissions by at least a half. Additionally, the company states it will soon report on greenhouse gas emissions for 80% of EXBERRY products. Revolutionizing the food coloring industry Frederik Hoeck, Managing Director at GNT Group, states: “Since GNT was founded in 1978, we’ve been revolutionizing the food coloring industry with …


New culture range will keep alt-meat products fresh

© Chr. Hansen

Chr. Hansen Launches Culture Range to Keep Alt-Meat Products Fresh for Longer

Global bioscience company Chr. Hansen has launched the VEGA™ SAFEPRO® range, which keeps alt-meat products fresh and safe for longer. The range features three cultures that can be used either alone or in combination, using fermentation to prevent the growth of yeast, mould, and contaminants. According to Chr. Hansen, the new cultures could also help manufacturers reduce the amount of sodium in their products, as salt is currently often used as a preservative. This is Chr. Hansen’s first foray into alt-meat, after the company previously launched the VEGA™ Culture Kit for dairy alternatives in 2021. Plant-based solutions by Chr. Hansen In April 2020, Chr. Hansen announced it was participating in MISTA, a startup optimiser developing sustainable, innovative foods. Through the collaboration, Chr. Hansen planned to …