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Lantmännen Foods Introduces PrOatein, World’s First Oat Protein Concentrate

Oats are riding an unprecedented wave of popularity in recent times thanks to the mass appeal of oat milk. Now, oat-based meat may become the next major trend with the launch of PrOatein, the first concentrated oat protein on the market.  Developed by Lantmännen Functional Foods, PrOatein is made from non-GMO Swedish oats and can be used to create a wide variety of nutritious plant-based meat, dairy and egg products. As an ingredient, PrOatein is clean-label, made up of 55% oat protein concentrate and rich in essential amino acids. The product is vegan-friendly and carries a light, familiar “oaty” taste that doesn’t require disguising with additional ingredients, the company states. For plant-based foods that may require more texture and functionality, such as burgers, the oat …


Mikuna Lupin Protein Powder Range

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Mikuna Introduces Chocho, First Lupin-Based Protein Powder to US

Mikuna, a plant-based nutrition company, has launched Chocho – a lupin-derived protein powder that is already outselling pea and soy protein in regional retail stores. Mikuna is the first supplier of Chocho lupin protein in the US, introducing the many benefits of this little-known superfood to a wide American audience for the first time.  Grown in the Andean mountains at elevations of 11,000 to 14,000 feet, Chocho – the local Andean name for the plant – boasts a long list of nutritional attributes. Composed of 54% protein, Chocho offers more protein per serving than virtually any other plant source, outcompeting both soy (36%) and pea (34%) while offering all nine essential amino acids. The product is also high in fiber and provides omegas, iron, calcium …


Heme Made From Algae! Triton Algae Innovations on the PBH

Miller Tran, VP of Research and Development and Founding Member of Triton Algae Innovations, discusses heme made from non-GMO algae and if it will replace animal heme, with Elysabeth Alfano on The Plantbased Business Hour.   Specifically, they discuss, Heme made from algae, Algae as a carbon sink, Minimizing waste streams, and Algae-tech: is it here,  scalable, and non-GMO. Below is a clip and transcription from their conversation. Here is the podcast. Display content from YouTube Click here to display content from YouTube. Learn more in YouTube’s privacy policy. Always display content from YouTube Open “The One Thing Every Entrepreneur Should Know In Otder To Succeed.” directly Elysabeth: I’m wondering what you wish you knew ten years ago that you know now? Miller Tran: I wish I …


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ITS Launches “Buttery” Animal-Free Flavour Enhancers Vegan Boost

British flavour house International Taste Solutions (ITS) has developed animal-free flavour enhancers that can be used to replicate the richness of dairy and eggs in baked goods. Called Vegan Boost, the new product range comes in liquid and powder form, with both regular and high strength varieties available. The enhancers work by accentuating the creamy and buttery flavours in cakes, cookies, and pastries. A straightforward alternative Vegan Boost was developed in response to requests from ITS’ bakery customers, who wanted to improve the flavour of their plant-based products. While similar ingredients are available from other flavour houses, ITS describes Vegan Boost as a “straightforward alternative”. To confirm the functionality of the animal-free flavour enhancers, ITS asked taste testers to compare vegan cupcakes and brioches — …


HealthyCell supplements

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Global Plant Based Protein Supplements Market (2021 to 2027)

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global Plant Based Protein Supplements Market By Product, By Raw Material, By Distribution Channel, By Application, By Regional Outlook, COVID-19 Impact Analysis Report and Forecast, 2021 – 2027” report has been added to’s offering. The Global Plant-based Protein Supplements Market size is expected to reach $9.2 billion by 2027, rising at a market growth of 8.4% CAGR during the forecast period. Protein-based protein supplement products refer to the Protein supplements that are processed and extracted from various kinds of nutritional plant sources. Some of the main plant-based sources used as key ingredients for plant protein supplements include chickpea, soy, brown rice, pea, and others. The growth of the plant-based protein supplement market is expected to be fueled by the increasing popularity and …


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Solar Biotech Expands Partnership With Motif Foodworks After “Groundbreaking” HEMAMI Reveal

Solar Biotech, the SynBio technologies and products development startup, announces an expanded partnership with US food-tech company Motif FoodWorks. This announcement comes on the heels of Motif’s launch of the beef-like heme-binding protein HEMAMI last month. “The HEMAMI reveal is ground-breaking news in the plant-based and alternative protein food trade and we are proud to be a part of making this FoodTech milestone,” states Lisa Wade, Communications and Social Development Manager at Solar Biotech. Motif’s strategic partnership with Solar Biotech began in 2020, when Motif turned to Solar Biotech to increase its production capacity. Motif utilized Solar Biotech’s development and precision fermentation capabilities for pilot-scale production of HEMAMI™. The breakthrough food-tech is a yeast-derived heme protein that brings an umami flavor and meaty aroma. HEMAMI …




New ChickP CEO Completes $8M Series A as Production Doubles 

ChickP, the Israeli food tech specializing in chickpea protein, has announced a new CEO as its $8 million Series A funding round comes to a close. Liat Lachish Levy comes on board as CEO as the startup also announces a doubling of annual production capacity.  With ChickP recently expanding into the APAC region with the launch of a new office in Singapore, the $8 million Series A funding round, plus earlier investments totaling $10M, will allow the company to accelerate growth and reach its global goals. ChickP recently doubled the annual production capacity of its concentrated non-GMO, chickpea protein isolate, as it scaled up products such as its one-to-one egg yolk replacement. The funding round included new investors and was backed by strategic partner Growthwell …


Watson's New Seasoning Line

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Watson’s Seasoning Blends Launches to Make Plant-Based Cooking Easier

Watson’s Seasoning Blends has introduced a new line of culinary spice blends to create indulgent plant-based meals with minimal effort.  Founded by Lori and Jim Amos, Watson’s offers home cooks a series of premium, clean-label seasonings made from sustainably sourced ingredients. The 2020 pandemic created an enormous shift towards home-based and healthier meal preparation, with about 70% of Americans reportedly cooking at home more frequently. Unbeknownst to most shoppers, however, store-bought spice blends often contain unspecified “mystery ingredients”, synthetic additives and pesticides.  Sustainable spices To help consumers create more delicious and healthy meals plant-forward meals, Watson’s has launched six chef-crafted blends:  California Everything – A California-inspired, all-purpose seasoning Yumami – A smoky and savory blend featuring shiitake and porcini mushrooms Nudish – A lightly crafted …


Plant-Ex Invests £1.25M to Grow Natural Colours and Flavours Business

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Plant-Ex Invests £1.25M to Grow Natural Colours and Flavours Business

Plant-Ex, a UK manufacturer of plant-derived natural colours and flavours, is investing €1.5 million (£1.25 million) into its business. The investment is intended to improve the services the company provides and increase customer satisfaction. Founded in 2010, Plant-Ex has rapidly expanded from one employee to over 80 and is now active in 49 countries. Last year, the company added a new 18,000 square foot building at its main site in Avonmouth, containing four NPD laboratories for Natural Colours, Top Note Flavours, Extracts, and Food Protection Systems. The building also contains a Development Kitchen. Additionally, Plant-Ex has doubled the size of its production site and finished goods dispatch warehouse, making it better able to meet rising demand. A global player Last year, Plant-Ex added to its …


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Danone North America Supports Innovation Challenge Around Properties of Casein to Improve Vegan Cheese

Danone North America is partnering with Future Food Tech to launch an innovation challenge aimed at improving the properties of vegan cheese. Startups are invited to develop innovative solutions, including animal-free casein, to help solve for the functionality, including melt and stretch, of plant-based cheese alternatives. Casein is a milk protein that gives cheese its stretching and melting properties. While many companies have tried to replicate its properties with plant-based ingredients, most attempts have fallen short. Danone hopes the development of animal-free casein could be one solution to improve the quality of plant-based cheeses, though the company has no plans to change its current product manufacturing process. Precision fermentation technology has already made it possible to develop vegan versions of other milk proteins such as …