Canadian plant-based seafood startup Save Da Sea has secured CAD 650,000 in a seed II financing round to accelerate its US expansion and hire additional team members in Victoria.

© Save da Sea

Save Da Sea Secures Funds for Expansion, Proving that “Profit with Purpose” is Possible

Canadian plant-based seafood startup Save Da Sea recently secured CAD 650,000 in a seed II financing round to accelerate the US expansion of its salmon and tuna alternatives and hire additional team members at its headquarters in Victoria. The startup made its US debut at Market of Choice, a retail chain with 11 locations throughout Oregon, last week, as reported by Betakit. Meanwhile, its US expansion plans include other listings following a strategy to concentrate on natural foods retailers in the Pacific Northwest. Last year, CEO and founder Aki Kaltenbach reported that the company’s revenue in the Canadian market had tripled year over year, encouraging a US launch of its fresh refrigerated smoked salmon and tuna products. The round was led by the Business Development Bank …


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Revo Foods Unveils Plant-Based Salmon 2.0 with Revamped Recipe & New Flavours

Austria’s Revo Foods has launched Version 2.0 of its plant-based smoked salmon slices, featuring an optimised recipe and a new name — SMOKEY SLICES. The products are available in the flavours “Smokey Style” and “Dill & Lemon Style”. The revamped recipe contains microalgae oils and is claimed to provide more omega-3 fatty acids than some aquacultured salmon products. Other ingredients include pea protein, sea salt, fibres, and the essential vitamins E, B12, and B6. The salmon alternatives are said to have excellent bioavailability, meaning the proteins they contain can be easily absorbed by the body. Widespread launch in mainstream retail The SMOKEY SLICES will be available from Revo Foods’ online store in most European countries from May 15. The products are also set to launch …


Plant based grilled burger patty with grill marks and rock salt isolated on white. Top view.

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Researchers Discover Ideal Fava Bean Blend for Tasty & Fibrous Plant-Based Meat

Scientists from the University of Helsinki have discovered a promising protein blend for plant-based meat: whole fava bean (also commonly known as fava or broad bean) groat flour (hulled husks) combined with pea protein isolate (PPI). Fava beans are a promising ingredient for producing meat analogs. However, the researchers argue that protein concentrate from these beans has been hindered by its bitter taste, which is attributed to compounds such as free phenolics, vicine, convicine, saponins, and oxidized fatty acids. To overcome the bitter challenge so disliked by consumers, they explored in a new study the feasibility of using two different types of fava bean ingredients instead of concentrates: flour from germinated, gently heat-treated beans and groat from non-germinated, roasted beans. According to the researchers, both heat …


THIS plant-based chicken thighs


THIS Launches Hyper-Realistic Plant-Based Chicken Thighs With Seaweed “Skin”

UK plant-based meat brand THIS has launched what are claimed to be the first plant-based chicken thighs to be available in supermarkets across the country. Described as “hyper-realistic”, the plant-based thighs combine three patent-pending technologies to replicate the complex three-dimensional structure of meat. Extrusion technology is used to give soy and fava bean protein a fibrous meat-like texture, olive oil-based fat provides juiciness, and a seaweed layer replicates the structure and texture of chicken skin. The plant-based chicken thighs are sold in packs of four and can be pan-fried or oven-cooked. They are high in protein and fibre, and can be used in dishes such as traybakes, burgers, and curries. “Reinventing plant-based dining” THIS has already launched three other plant-based chicken products this year — …


Oshi plant-based salmon fillet

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Oshi to Unveil 2nd Iteration of “Groundbreaking” Plant-Based Salmon Fillet at NRA Chicago

Food tech company Oshi has announced it will unveil the latest version of its “groundbreaking” plant-based salmon fillet at the upcoming National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago, which takes place from May 18-21. Oshi has also revealed that it has secured US-wide distribution for its flagship cooked salmon fillet through restaurant supply company Webstaurant, along with distributors Earthly Gourmet in the Pacific Northwest and Ace Natural Inc. on the East Coast. Oshi says the exhibition of the updated salmon alternative will mark a significant step in its US expansion, which began in 2023 after the company rebranded from its previous name, Plantish. The upscale vegan Italian restaurant Coletta in New York City was the first US location to offer the plant-based salmon fillet. Last …


NH Foods from Japan will introduce a plant-based tuna sashimi.

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Nippon Ham Sees Demand From Hotels & Restaurants After Launching Plant-Based Tuna Sashimi

In January, Japanese meat producer Nippon Ham announced it was developing plant-based tuna sashimi. The product has now launched, and the company reports that it is already seeing interest from hotels and restaurants. Nippon Ham told news outlet that if demand continues to rise, it will increase production of the sashimi. The seafood alternative keeps for up to a year when frozen, making it attractive to food service providers. It was also reported in January that the product would be cheaper than conventional tuna. Nippon Ham said that developing the plant-based sashimi had been very challenging, particularly with regard to achieving a texture that is not too firm but will not fall apart. The primary ingredient is konjac, a starchy Asian plant, combined with …


Verstegen's legume mix for meat alternatives over baked eggplants.

© Verstegen Spices & Sauces

Dutch Spice Specialist Verstegen, Flavoring Meat Since 1886, Enters Plant-Based Meat Market with Ready Mixes

After three years of R&D, Verstegen Spices & Sauces, a Dutch family business flavoring meat, chicken, and fish since 1886, has launched Kneed & Klaar, a new range of 100% plant-based meat mixes at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands and Belgium.  Described as convenient and perfect for preparing a quick and delicious meal any time, the Kneed & Klaar mixes allow customers to prepare a meat alternative in minutes by simply adding water and oil, kneading, and cooking.   “This way you can grab a plant-based meat substitute from your pantry at any time!” Verstegen says.  Unique taste profiles The Kneed & Klaar lineup includes Plant Burgers in Classic and Jalapeño flavors, Easy Meatballs in Classic and Indian spices, and Legume Mince in Classic, Italian, and Spicy options, each offering a “unique” taste …


Tuna pizza by Yanten Vegan Food

Tuna pizza ©Yanten Vegan Food

Europe’s Largest Fishing Port is Home to Yanten Vegan Food, the “Evolution of Fishing”

In the Spanish city of Vigo, home to Europe’s largest fishing port and described as “the most important port for the commercialization of fish for human consumption on the continent, and a central point for trading in fish at European and world level”, Gabriel López Pose founded the startup Yantén Vegan Food. Using the tagline “The future of the sea,” Yantén’s products are said to mimic the taste and texture of seafood offering sustainable food products at competitive prices. “We want to reduce the stress on the world’s oceans through overfishing. According to the FAO, 90% of fish stocks are fully exploited or overfished, which means we are already taking all we can from the oceans (and in some cases, more) while demand for seafood continues to …


Vegan calamari rings on a plate

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Spanish Seafood Producer Aguinamar Partners with Vrave to Launch Vegan Calamari in Major Retailers

In another collaboration between a traditional food company and a food startup, the Spanish seafood producer Angulas Aguinaga Group, via its brand Aguinamar, has partnered with Grin Grin Foods (which recently rebranded to Vrave) to launch its first plant-based product, Aros de Mar, a vegan calamari. With Aros de Mar, Aguinamar is adding a vegan option to its lineup of easy-to-prepare seafood products, expanding into the growing plant-based seafood category. The new alternative will be available in Carrefour and Alcampo at the end of April. The product is konjac-based, providing quality and texture to the calamari alternative while offering a good amount of fiber and a few kilocalories. It is suitable for pan frying, baking, or air frying, allowing it to obtain a crunchy and firm texture. Konjac …


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Migros Launches Upcycled Meat Alternatives Made From Spent Brewer’s Grain

Swiss supermarket chain Migros has partnered with Circular Food Solutions to launch a new range of upcycled meat alternatives. The products are made from spent brewer’s grains, a byproduct of the barley used in beer production. The grains, rich in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and fibre, are combined with Swiss-grown peas and wheat to produce the meat alternatives. There are currently three products in the range: burgers, mince, and marinated pieces. The meat alternatives have been developed using Circular Food Solutions’ technology, which aims to help companies take advantage of the growing demand for plant-based foods while making better use of resources. The technology is said to produce alt meats with “a unique fiber texture, taste, and elasticity”. The new products are part of …


Berger-Schinken, a German firm with over 130 years of history in ham and sausage processing, and the Austrian upcycling and food tech company Kern Tech have partnered to launch a 100% cheese plant-based sausages.

© Kern Tec

Ham Producer Berger-Schinken & Upcycled Fruit Pit Startup Kern Tec Unveil Plant-Based Cheese Sausages

Berger-Schinken, a German firm with over 130 years of history in ham and sausage processing, and Austrian upcycling and food tech company Kern Tec, have launched a co-branded product: plant-based cheese sausages. The new vegan sausages are crafted from pea protein and feature Kern Tec’s most recent development — Berg-Gaudi — a plant-based cheese made from upcycled fruit pits.  This first-of-its-kind cheese launched in various flavors last year under Kern Tec’s brand Wunderkern, joining a range of no-milk drinks made with apricot kernels that became the most-sold product at vegan superstore BILLA Pflanzilla a few months later. Wunderkern also offers oils and chocolate spreads from waste seeds from the juice and jam industries.  The plant-based cheese sausages are gluten-free, lactose-free, certified vegan, and are available just in time for …


Thailand plant-based meat manufacturing

Image: PTT Public Company

Plant & Bean Opens New Plant-Based Meat Facility in Thailand

In 2021, Innobic (the life sciences arm of Thai state-owned energy company PTT) joined forces with plant-based food importer Nove Foods to form a joint venture called Nutra Regenerative Protein Co (NRPT). The new company then made an agreement with the UK’s Plant & Bean to establish a plant-based meat facility in Ayutthaya, with NRPT providing 51% of the investment and Plant & Bean providing the remaining 49%. The facility — which has a production capacity of 25,000 tons and is claimed to be Thailand’s first dedicated plant protein factory — appears to have recently opened. Plant & Bean Thailand told the Bangkok Post that it had already been approached by several food companies interested in collaborations, including US fast food chain Texas Chicken. The …


Better Balance launches Better Nera with Chunk Foods

© Sigma

Better Balance Launches Plant-Based Whole Cut ‘Better-Nera’ in Spain with Chunk Foods

Following the announcement this January that the company was to develop co-branded plant-based whole cuts for the Latin American market in collaboration with Chunk Foods, Better Balance now presents the 100% plant-based “Better-nera” cut for the Spanish market. Also co-developed with vegan steak specialist Chunk Foods, using a patented solid-state fermentation technology, this innovative cut of plant meat is a pioneer in its category in Spain, says Better Balance, a subsidiary of the Sigma group. Better-nera has a high protein content (21%) and is an excellent source of fibre, enriched with iron and vitamin B12. In addition, it is cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and sodium, and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. The product has been categorised with Nutriscore A and can be prepared …


Vegan Pulled Pork, M Food Group

Vegan Pulled Pork © M Food Group

EU Meat Producers Driving Plant-Based Market Growth in Europe, Part 2

After looking closely at meat producers in the Americas starting plant-based projects last year, this series now looks at the meat producers in Europe that have entered the plant-based market. As vegans, some consumers may prefer not to fund companies that are in the business of killing animals. However, it would be remiss not to acknowledge that large producers have the ability to mass-produce at scale and bring plant-based products into the mainstream, thus helping to lower prices. This will be the second of our three-part series, following the first installment as published last week, covering meat producers in Europe that have ventured into plant-based, in no particular order. Campofrio – Spain  Campofrío Food Group, a subsidiary of Sigma Alimentos, is a European leader in …


Rügenwalder Mühle new vegan ham

© Rügenwalder Mühle

Rügenwalder Mühle Further Expands Vegan Range After Discontinuing Animal Ham

Following the announcement that Rügenwalder Mühle was to discontinue its meat-based Schinken Spicker sausage to increase capacity for the vegan segment, the company now releases the next product in its vegan Schinken Spicker range. The family business, recently acquired by Pfeifer & Langen, is further expanding its vegetarian and vegan segment and is launching the new Vegan Ham Spicker type meat sausage with pea protein. With its strong and spicy flavour and a slight smoky note, it is modelled on a meat sausage in one piece. According to the company, the new product clearly stands out from the sliced Vegan Ham Spicker in terms of both flavour and range of uses. The Vegan Ham Spicker Meat Sausage can be prepared both hot and cold, is …



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EU Meat Producers Driving Plant-Based Market Growth in Europe, Part 1

Europe experienced some of the most significant growth in the plant-based food sector globally, with the industry expanding by a reported 49% between 2018 and 2020 amid the first bubble of hype, post-Beyond IPO. This surge didn’t go unnoticed by the EU’s leading meat producers. Possessing well-established brands, extensive marketing capabilities, and solid distribution channels—bolstered by government subsidies—these traditional meat companies have substantial resources for research and development. Their entrance into the plant-based market undoubtedly raises consumer awareness and accessibility of these alternatives. However, this shift can present a challenge for startups competing in the same space. After looking closely at meat producers in the Americas starting plant-based projects last year, this series now looks at Europe. The European market is characterized by its high …


THIS™ Isn’t Chicken Shawarma packshot


THIS and Planted Launch Plant-Based Chicken NPDs in UK as Vegan Chicken Market Soars

This week, two behemoths in the world of plant-based meats — THIS of the UK and Planted of Switzerland — this week both launch vegan chicken formats in the form of Asian rotisserie-style meat products. According to Global Market Insights, the market for plant-based chicken is projected to grow with a CAGR of 16% to 2032. THIS, the UK’s fastest-growing food brand (Alantra, Fast 50, 2022), this week reveals its latest NPD, THIS™ Isn’t Chicken Shawarma. Based on its THIS Isn’t Chicken Pieces recipe, THIS has leveraged its “chicken-iest” tasting vegan chicken pieces for the shawarma pieces, created with soy and fava bean protein, with a blend of spices including smoked paprika, cumin, coriander seed, cassia, ginger, mint and cayenne pepper. THIS claims that THIS …


A close up of a man's hands tearing apart a piece of 3D printer plant-based beef steak to show the muscle-like fibres.

© Steakholder Foods

Steakholder Foods Enters US Market with Ready Blends for 3D Plant-Based Meat and Fish

Israeli bioprinting technology expert Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH) has entered the US market with the launch of SHMeat and SHFish; blended dried extracts of ingredients ready for mixing to create 3D plant-based alternatives. The initial blends, Beef Steak and White Fish have been developed to replicate the taste and texture of traditional meat while delivering superior quality and flavor. Steakholder Foods plans to expand its plant-based offering with a range of other “exciting” blends to cater to various culinary preferences: Beef Asado, Beef Tenderloin, Beef Flank, Chicken Fillet, and Salmon. According to the announcement, all the ingredients of the new blends have already achieved Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status, underscoring the company’s dedication to consumer health and safety. This move marks the company’s first step …


Die Vegane Fleischerei team

© Die Vegane Fleischerei

German Vegan Butcher Die Vegane Fleischerei Launches €89K Crowdfunding Campaign

German vegan butcher shop Die Vegane Fleischerei has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext, with the aim of raising €89,000. The funding will be used to purchase equipment that will enable Die Vegane Fleischerei to scale up production, such as a vacuum sausage filler, a steam convection furnace, and a vacuum cutter. By making production more efficient, the equipment will allow the company to reduce the prices of its products, making plant-based meat accessible to more people. Die Vegane Fleischerei has a focus on sustainability and animal welfare rather than profit, and is therefore trying to finance itself independently from banks and traditional investors. Backers will receive surprise rewards. Controversial beginning Die Vegane Fleischerei currently has three stores — two in Munich and one in …


Beyond meat beef crumbles

© Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Launches Revamped Plant-Based Crumbles, Earning American Heart and Diabetes Association Certifications

Plant-based meat leader Beyond Meat has introduced an updated and expanded selection of Beyond Crumbles, now available in the freezer sections of grocery stores throughout the United States. This latest iteration of the company’s plant-based crumbles is offered in three flavors, and has notably received third-party certifications from both the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program and the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life Program. The revamped Beyond Crumbles range is available in: Beyond Beef Crumbles Original, Beyond Beef Crumbles Feisty, and a new addition, Beyond Sausage Crumbles Italian-Style, which will hit shelves this summer. The new crumbles can be prepared from frozen in minutes and each serving contains 12 grams of protein, less than one gram of saturated fat, and no cholesterol. …