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Planet Based Foods Will Debut Hemp-Based Taquitos at Expo West 2022

Planet Based Foods, maker of hemp-based meats, is entering the convenience foods category with new taquito products. Set to debut at this year’s Expo West, the taquitos are available in Original and Southwest varieties, and will feature the brand’s nutrient-dense hemp protein crumbles. The soy-free and non-GMO products are now available to foodservice and retail buyers, with a direct-to-consumer launch coming in May.  Additional product descriptions:  Original Taquitos – Hemp-based crumble seasoned with onion and vegan pepper jack cheese in a crunchy taquito shell.  Southwest Taquitos – A zesty Southwestern flavor with seasoned crumble, vegan pepper jack, sauteed yellow onion and serrano chiles.  Both items retail at a suggested price of $6.99 for six taquitos.  Reinventing hemp  In February, Planet Based Foods launched first-of-its-kind burgers, sausages …


Plantcraft Pepperoni Slices


Plantcraft Unveils New, Cleaner-Label Plant-Based Pepperoni

Plantcraft, a plant-based deli meat company, announces the launch of Plant-Based Pepperoni in Spicy and Mild varieties. Made with allergy-friendly green banana flour, the Pepperoni is the first product release from Plantcraft’s upcoming line of deli slices.  The brand says its Plant-Based Pepperoni will provide the same taste as traditional pepperoni with eight grams of protein per serving, five grams of fiber and no nuts, grains, soy, or eggs. The pepperoni also offers a clean label that is free from artificial additives and preservatives, with ingredients such as pea protein, green banana flour, faba protein, sunflower seed oil, salt and spices.  The Plant-Based Pepperoni is now available at Earth Fare Markets, a Southeast US-based chain with 20+ locations, followed by additional retailers. Each seven-ounce package will …


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Umami Meats Secures $2.4M Pre-Seed for Cultivated Seafood at Price Parity

Umami Meats, the Singapore-based food tech startup developing cultivated seafood, has secured pre-seed funding of $2.4 million. Umami Meats will leverage its plant-derived growth serum to enable cultivated seafood production at price parity, with the goal of drastically reducing the two trillion fish caught every year.  Creating healthy, sustainable seafood without damage to animals or the oceans, Umami Meats’ new funding will be used to further develop its low-cost production system for cultivated seafood. The brand hopes to pave the way for Singapore to host the leading technology platform for minimizing the cost of large-scale cell-based manufacturing.  The pre-seed funding round was co-led by Better Bite Ventures, an APAC-focused alt protein VC, and CULT Food Science amongst others. Umami Meats claims its low-cost, scalable production …


Oumph! Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl

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Oumph! & Chiquito Burrito Bowl “Out-Performing” Forecasts at 1000 UK Locations 

Oumph!, the Swedish alt meat sensation, has made a retail collaboration with Mexican restaurant Chiquito which is sold exclusively at over 1000 Iceland and Food Warehouse stores across the UK. Supermarket chain Iceland is now reporting the Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl’s success as the product out-performs against initial forecasts. “Since launch, the Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl is out-performing against our initial forecasts, with some incredibly encouraging reviews from customers both in-store and online” The Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl, which contains Oumph! Salty & Smoky soya protein retails at £4.00 (450g) and can be cooked straight from frozen – with the brand advertising it as ideal for snacking and packing on the go. Since 2019 Oumph! has featured in two popular vegan dishes on Chiquito’s menu.  It …


Mycorena’s mycelium-based protein Promyc

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Sweden’s Mycorena Closes “Largest Ever” Nordic Series A Investment in Alt Protein 

Mycorena – the Swedish startup developing mycelium-based protein from upcycled food waste – has closed what it claims is the largest Nordic Series A funding round in alt protein to date. The fresh €24 million ($26.8 million) Series A funding will be used to upscale and commercialize Promyc – the food tech’s proprietary alt protein product.  Mycorena’s mycelium-based protein Promyc can be used to create realistic alt meats, with the sustainable ingredient developed by upcycling food waste in industrial processing such as bread dough from bakeries. Mycorena has also developed fungi to create a type of fat that behaves in the same way as animal fat, enhancing the flavor of alt-meat products. Mycelium-based foods have emerged as a major category in the development of alt …


Nestle Garden Gourmet


Nestlé to Open Alt-Meat Facility in Serbia, Will Produce 12,000 Tons Annually

Multinational food conglomerate Nestlé has announced it is building an alt-meat facility in Serbia for its Garden Gourmet brand. The facility will cost $73 million to build and cover 18,440 square metres. Construction of the manufacturing plant is already underway and is expected to be complete by the final quarter of 2022. The facility will create 330 jobs and produce 12,000 tons of plant-based meat per year. Meat alternatives produced at the factory will be exported mostly to other European markets such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Garden Gourmet in Europe Last September, Nestlé relaunched Garden Gourmet in the UK with a range of four products — mince, burgers, sausages, and filet pieces. The brand had previously been pulled from …


Impossible Foods Wild Nuggies

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Impossible Foods Launches Kid-Friendly Wild Nuggies and New Sausage Patties

Impossible Foods announces the company is rolling out two new retail products: Wild Nuggies plant-based nuggets and breakfast sausage patties.  Wild Nuggies are Impossible’s first animal-shaped nuggets, and are made to represent several vulnerable or critically endangered wild species: the Galápagos tortoise, black rhino, polar bear and right whale.  Through the designs, the company hopes to help kids and families connect their food choices to the health of the planet, as environmental stewardship is a core part of Impossible Foods’ company mission. Impossible notes Wild Nuggies will offer the same taste as the original Impossible Nuggets with no cholesterol, 10 grams of protein, and 40% less saturated fat than leading traditional chicken nuggets. From a sustainability perspective, Wild Nuggies use 49% less land, 44% less …


All Y'alls Foods Bacony Bits

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All Y’All’s Foods Plant-Based Bacon Reaches #1 on Amazon

All Y’all’s Foods, makers of Big Crunchy Bacony Bits, is now Amazon’s top-selling meatless bacon brand. The Texas-based company also reports achieving a +400% return on Amazon advertising spend over the past year, which helped propel its vegan bacon to #1 status.  Made from whole non-GMO soybeans, the Bacony Bits offer a cholesterol-free bacon alternative that can top meals, be mixed into recipes or enjoyed as a healthier protein snack. The product joins the company’s flagship line It’s Jerky Y’all, a vegan jerky range sold in several flavors: Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Prickly Pear Teriyaki, and Prickly Pear Chipotle. The Bacony Bits and jerky products are low in sodium while containing more protein, calcium and iron than traditional beef, the company says.  Gaining ground …


Quorn report finds growing demand for vegan chicken

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Huge Demand for Vegan Chicken on UK Menus as 49% of 18-24s Limit Meat

A report by alt-meat brand Quorn and the Sustainable Restaurant Association has found that there is growing demand for vegan chicken and other alt-meat options at UK restaurants. 49% of 18-24 year olds surveyed had reduced or eliminated the meat in their diets, with 40.3% choosing meatless meals half the time when eating out. Vegan burgers were the most popular choice, but the report found a “huge growing desire” for more plant-based chicken products such as wings, strips, and tenders. Sustainability The report also found that a growing number of consumers are concerned about sustainability when eating out, with 43.6% saying it is important that any restaurant they choose to eat at has environmentally sustainable practices and values. 48.1% said they like to see that …


Libre Foods

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Libre Foods Raises €2.2M at Forefront of Europe’s Mycelium Meat Revolution

Libre Foods, the Barcelona startup creating mycelium-based alt meats, has closed a €2.2 million investment round. The biotech plans to use the new funds to bring its Libre Bacon product to market in Spain during 2022, with a wider European launch to follow soon after, pending regulatory approval. With 2021 seeing the company establish its headquarters and laboratory in Barcelona, the company has also announced plans to accelerate the development of its chicken and whole meat products. Libre Foods uses a fermentation process to create mycelium biomass structures that it combines with food science to create what it claims are whole-muscle cut meat products. The €2.2 million seed round included star investors such as Matthew Glover’s Veg Capital, as well as food awareness organization ProVeg …



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The 8 Most Exciting Brands Saving Food Waste by Upcycling Ingredients

Here at vegconomist we applaud and support innovation in plant-based but especially those who are working on upcycling ingredients and helping to solve the horrific global issue of food waste whereby around a third of the food produced around the world is discarded. The issue is beyond imperative but it is not beyond solution, so we here celebrate some of the brands innovating for our planet, upcycling ingredients from spent grain, to cashew fruit, to cauliflower and carrots. Spent barley from the beer industry – Take Two Portland-based Take Two transforms barley grains leftover from beer brewing into nutritious, fiber-rich barley milk. A subsidiary of EverGrain, owned by beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, Take Two reuses over 500,000 pounds of discarded grain each year. Co-Founder & …


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Juicy Marbles Announces Limited Release of “World’s First” Plant-Based Filet Mignon Steaks

Juicy Marbles‘ plant-based filet mignon is now for sale in Europe through a limited drop of 1,000 packs in what the company claims to be the world’s first premium alt meat release of its kind. The Juicy Marbles tender filet mignon is now for sale via the company’s website, with the Slovenian startup using patent-pending protein texturing tech to replicate the texture and fat systems of conventional filet mignon. Although plenty of other vegan steaks are being developed in the industry, Juicy Marbles claims its products differ in that they are not lab-grown or 3D-printed, but rather produced through its proprietary plant-based 3D assembly technology.  According to Juicy Marbles, the launch makes it the first company to commercially release a plant-based filet mignon steak thus …


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Nordic SeaFarm Raises €2 Million for “Plant-Based Foods From the Ocean”

Nordic SeaFarm raises €2 million to start a “blue revolution” in the food industry. Swedish foodtech company Nordic SeaFarm is on a mission to become Europe’s largest seaweed company within five years. To that end, the company has just raised €2 million from investors including JCE Ventures, Almi Invest, and Kale United. Nordic SeaFarm will use the funding to scale up its ocean cultivations on the west coast of Sweden, where a unique method is used to produce seaweed on a large scale. The company grows organic sugar kelp and sea lettuce, which are sold to leading Swedish restaurants. At present, the world’s largest seaweed producers are all found in Asia, but demand in Europe is rising and Nordic SeaFarm believes there is space for …


Vegan/ Plant-Based Tacos

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Upton’s Naturals Debuts First Fava Bean Taco Crumbles

Plant-based food company Upton’s Naturals has launched Fava Taco Style Crumbles, one of the first plant-based meat fillings made from fava beans.  Coming to Sprouts Farmers Markets this spring, the fava crumbles are made to recreate the mouthfeel and texture of slow-cooked ground beef, the company says. The product is seasoned with a custom taco seasoning blend, and each serving offers 9 grams of protein with minimal fat and calories. The fava crumbles are also Kosher Pareve and free from soy, gluten, oil,  added sugars and cholesterol.  As a heat-and-eat product, the fava crumbles cook within minutes and can be enjoyed as a stuffing for tacos or burritos, served with nachos or any Mexican-style dish. Upton’s crumbles will be available in chilled 8 oz packages at …



Kraft Heinz and NotCo Join Forces to Create The Kraft Heinz Not Company

The Kraft Heinz Company and TheNotCompany, Inc. announce new joint venture The Kraft Heinz Not Company, which will be centered in Chicago. The Kraft Heinz Not Company LLC will operate under Kraft Heinz and combine NotCo’s patented AI-driven food technology with Kraft Heinz’s iconic brands and powerful scaling capabilities. The two companies say they will work together to develop premium, co-branded plant-based products with an unprecedented focus on speed, quality and scale. According to a statement, the collaboration is the result of both companies’ desire to improve the world by accelerating the adoption of plant-based foods. As part of its mission, Kraft Heinz Not Company will utilize cutting-edge technology to help resolve prevailing barriers for plant-based foods, including taste, variety and availability. The new company …