Prime Roots Koji Ham Deli Meats

©Prime Roots

Prime Roots Launches World’s First Koji-Based Deli Meats and Foie Gras

Prime Roots, pioneers of Koji-based Meat, announces the company has re-branded and is launching the first-ever line of Koji Deli Meats and Charcuterie. The new line includes sliceable hams, turkey and salami, as well as koji pâtés, pepperoni and foie gras.  Aiming to disrupt the $300 billion global bulk deli market, the brand intends to revolutionize the concept of deli meat alternatives, where it says there is currently a lack of strong leading players.  Prime Root’s koji protein platform has allowed it to create the first animal-free deli meats that can be freshly sliced and used to make traditional deli classics, like smokey ham and cracked pepper turkey sandwiches.  The groundbreaking meats and pâtés are crafted from koji – the same fungi used to make …


Bosque Foods Bao

©Bosque Foods

Bosque Foods Unveils Next-Gen “Solid-State” Mycelium Meat Alternatives 

Bosque Foods – the mycelium meat specialist formerly known as Kinoko Labs – has given a sampling for investors in Berlin. ProVeg Incubator alumnus Bosque Foods unveiled its mycelium-based pork and chicken fillets made through a unique solid-state fermentation method.  “The method of solid-state fermentation that Bosque Foods is developing, can be a real game-changer for the alternative protein space” Alt-protein and food-tech investors including Unovis, FoodLabs, and Big Idea Ventures amongst others were treated to Bosque Foods’ alt-pork fillets in Vietnamese bao buns and alt-chicken fillets during the private tasting at the ProVeg Incubator in Berlin. Bosque Foods showcased its mycelium-based prototypes to demonstrate their potential as well as proof of concept of its proprietary solid-state fermentation method.  New York-based Bosque Foods is currently …


Meati launches preorders for mycelium meat

© Meati

Meati Launches Preorders for Whole-Cut Alt-Meat, Sells Out in Under 24 Hours

Meati launches preorders for highly anticipated mycelium-based chicken cutlets. Meati, a US startup making whole-cut meat alternatives from mycelium, recently launched direct-to-consumer preorders for its Chicken Cutlet and Crispy Cutlet. Mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, is ideal for making meat alternatives due to its muscular texture and nutrient-density. It produces 20 times more protein per acre than soy, with minimal processing required. After email subscribers were exclusively notified about the launch, 1,116 cutlets were sold within the first hour, and the entire preorder inventory had sold out within 24 hours. The cutlets will be restocked in the coming weeks, with Meati’s third product, Steak Filet, also set to launch soon. $1 billion in sales by 2025 In December, Meati appointed Scott Tassani, who has …



Raul Ciurtin ©Prefera Foods

Unfished: “On a Transformational Journey Driven By New Food Trends and a Conscientious Approach”

Fish made from plants is the next big thing says Raul Ciurtin, CEO of Romanian company Prefera Foods, producer of the Unfished range of products. Here Ciurtin speaks to vegconomist about long ingredient lists, emotional business decisions and reservations about Eastern Europe. With Unfished PlanTuna, you are just launching a range of tuna alternatives in German supermarkets. What is the demand like? Germany is one of the countries that interests us the most because here the demand for seafood alternatives is already high. The consumers’ interest towards plant-based fish is growing worldwide –  and especially in Germany where many people have a strong environmental awareness. They are more willing to accept innovations and change their lifestyle. Our German distributor – Verdino GmbH – has already …


TMRW Foods Plant-Based Sausage

©TMRW Foods

TMRW Foods to Launch in 100’s of Canadian Walmart and Loblaws Stores

Plant-based company TMRW Foods announces the company will soon debut in Walmart and Loblaws, two of Canada’s largest retail grocery chains.  The brand’s plant-based meats will arrive in 552 Loblaws and 232 Walmart locations beginning in March and April 2022, respectively. The brand says the launch will help it gain over 1,900  incremental distribution points, and create a total retail footprint of more than 1,000 Canadian stores. Based in British Columbia, TMRW sells a full range of non-GMO, soy-free plant-based meats including burgers, sausages, grounds and protein shreds.  Through the partnership, Walmart will carry the brand’s TMRW Lightly Seasoned Protein Shreds, Buffalo Protein Shreds, and BBQ Protein Shreds. The product lineup at Loblaws will include TMRW Hickory Maple Sausage, Bratwurst Sausage, and Protein Shreds.  TMRW’s …


Aqua Cultured Mycoprotein Calamari

©Aqua Cultured Foods

Aqua Cultured Foods Reveals First Official Product: Calamari Fries

Alt-seafood startup Aqua Cultured Foods announces the development of calamari fries, the brand’s first commercial food product. Made from mycoprotein fermentation, the product offers a realistic calamari taste and texture, and will be available through the startup’s strategic partners later this year.  Aqua Cultured creates whole-muscle, sushi-quality seafood alternatives that match traditional seafood in flavor and nutritional value. Compared to squid-based calamari, Aqua Cultured’s product contains more protein, less sodium, and zero cholesterol or saturated fat. Unlike conventional seafood, the brand’s creations also provide a good source of fiber.  To perfect the calamari fries’ formula, the company enlisted the expertise of renowned chef and restaurateur Johnny Carino, who helped the team refine the product’s squid-like texture and preparation.  “As you bite in, you get an …


vegan tuna alternative TUNO

© Loma Linda

Vegan Tuna Alternative TUNO Launches at Co-op Stores in the UK

Vegan tuna alternative TUNO, made by US brand Loma Linda, is to roll out at 500 Co-op stores in the UK. Two flavours, Thai Sweet Chilli and TUNO & Mayo, will be available. TUNO is already stocked at major UK retailers such as Asda and Morrisons, and Loma Linda hopes the Co-op listing will further increase sales and help build a stable growth platform. “We are thrilled to announce Loma Linda’s TUNO will now be available to purchase in Co-op stores nationwide,” said Mike Easterbrook, European Agent at Atlantic Natural Foods (owner of Loma Linda). “As one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, we’re hoping to give more consumers the opportunity to try our plant-based products, while also contributing to tackling wider issues such as overfishing.“ …


LikeMeat Chick'n/ Chicken Wings


LikeMeat’s Like Chick’n Wings Launch in Over 3,600 US Walmart Stores

Germany’s LikeMeat announces its plant-based Like Chick’n Wings are now available at US Walmart locations nationwide. Acquired by the LIVEKINDLY Collective, the brand debuts its wings at the world’s largest retailer just ahead of the Superbowl – the primetime football event where Americans traditionally consume massive quantities of party food and chicken wings.  LikeMeat’s vegan Chick’n Wings feature a crispy coating and boneless, meaty texture that offer the same satisfaction as conventional wings, the company says. Sold in one-pound Family Packs in Walmart’s freezer aisle, the gluten-free and non-GMO wings also include a pouch of vegan buffalo sauce for tossing and dipping.  The future of chicken wings Seeking to offer an alternative viewpoint on Superbowl chicken wings consumption, Compassion in World Farming reported last week …


Satvinder Bains, Home Chef and Founder of Plant Alternative

©Plant Alternative

Plant Alternative: “Our Products Make Choosing Plant-Based Alternatives Easier; Because Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference”

Plant Alternative is absolutely unique in its USP: veganised versions of the UK’s favourite Indian ready meals, products that stand far out from other ready meals on the market due to their restaurant quality and authentic flavours, as well as their vegan “Shicken” meat which is quite unlike others on the market. The London-based family brand has seen huge success since catching the attention of Matthew Glover just last year and has already bagged its first retail partnership with CostCo. We caught up with founder Satvinder Bains to find out about the background to the product range and her passion for bringing authentic Indian flavours vegan-friendly dishes.  What is the background behind Plant Alternative/Shicken?  Having grown up as a vegetarian in Nottingham with a North …


Frizata vegan burger


Alt Meat Continues to Gain Traction in Argentina, The “Land of Beef” 

Argentina, a country famed for its beef culture and one of the highest levels of meat consumption in the world, is seeing plant-based meat production reach unprecedented levels.  Driven by demand from consumers concerned about environmental, nutritional, and animal welfare issues – particularly from younger generations – the country is experiencing a surge in alt meat interest. vegconomist takes a look at some of the players on the burgeoning Argentinian alt protein scene:  Kernel Mycofoods / Eternal This week saw Kernel Mycofoods rebrand as Eternal. The Buenos Aires-headquartered biotech uses AI, computer vision, and proprietary tech to create mycoprotein; sustainable proteins from fungi. Eternal has ambitious plans for 2022, recently raising over $15 million and announcing a potential public listing. “We feel Eternal reflects better …


Panda Express Beyond Beef Mapo Tofu Trial

©Panda Express

Panda Express Expands Beyond Meat Partnership, Will Trial New Beef Dishes

Chinese-American fast food chain Panda Express announces the brand will trial two new Beyond Meat dishes from now until February 23.  Available exclusively at the Panda Express Innovation Kitchen in Pasadena, CA, this marks the second menu collaboration between the two companies. Last year, Panda tested Beyond the Original Orange Chicken, a plant-based take on the company’s famous Orange Chicken entree item. The limited-time run became one of the company’s most successful regional launches ever, with the product experiencing sell-out demand in California and New York. For the latest trial, Panda will offer plant-based Beyond Meat in dishes usually made with minced beef or pork: Mapo Tofu with Beyond Beef  – Panda’s second tofu dish, made with small bits of firm tofu and Beyond Beef, …


Cutting Vedge artichoke plant-based meat

©Cutting Vedge

Cutting Vedge Bringing Artichoke-Based Vegan Meat to the Table

When it comes to ingredients in the plant-based foods industry we tend to be spoiled for choice. From chickpeas and fungi to lupins and seaweed, while the old favorites like soy and pea still dominate. But has the humble artichoke been overlooked as a superfood ingredient by the alt protein industry at large?  New US plant-based brand Cutting Vedge certainly thinks so. On a mission to transform the nutrient-rich artichoke into a new world of plant-based food possibilities, the New Jersey-based brand is being launched by specialty foods company Reese. Artichokes are high in fiber, micronutrients, and antioxidant content, as well as being a cholesterol-free protein source.  Partnering with chefs to create the fully vegan line, Cutting Vedge presents plant-based classics like burgers, sausages, meatballs, …


Upton's BLT

©Upton's Naturals

Upton’s Naturals Arrives in South Africa With Plant-Based Bacon And Chorizo

US-based plant-based meat pioneer Upton’s Naturals, best-known for introducing the first seasoned seitan and kick-starting the jackfruit food trend, just announced a cooperation with Africa’s premier go-to-market platform Infinite Foods to join its plant-based foods offering with three of its products. Infinite Foods is the to-go partner for the South African market with over 1,300 retail and foodservice outlets across South Africa, Mauritius, Botswana and Kenya. Founded in 2018, Infinite Foods is committed to “creating more opportunities for the plant-based industry to grow in Sub Saharan Africa.” Among Infinite Foods portfolio are key players of the plant-based industry, including Beyond Meat, Oatly, and GOOD CATCH.  Most recently, the South African company teamed up with Eat Just, Inc, maker of the best-selling plant-based egg substitute JUST …


Black Sheep Plant-Based Lamb Kofta

©Erin Ng

Black Sheep Foods Raises $5.25M to Make Plant-Based Lamb and Wild Game

Black Sheep Foods, makers of the first plant-based lamb in the US, announces a $5.25 million seed funding raise to bring uncommon plant-based “game” meats to the market.   Based in San Francisco, Black Sheep Foods also intends to “catapult flavor to the next level” by developing plant-based versions of heritage breed meats. The company accomplishes this by carefully analyzing and identifying key flavor compounds found in animal-based meat, and then structuring them around plant proteins.  Rapid restaurant expansion The company used this technology to develop its flagship product, plant-based lamb, which offers the complex gamey flavor and texture found in traditional lamb.  Last fall, the groundbreaking product launched exclusively at Souvla, a popular Bay Area chain of Greek restaurants, which served the item as Tunis-inspired …


Next Meats Debuts Steak in California

©Next Meats North America

Next Meats North America Launches Plant-Based Steak and Ribs in California

Next Meats North America announces the launch of its popular plant-based short ribs and skirt steak in California this week.  Created in Japan, Next Meats has already successfully debuted in the US and Canada via e-commerce, as well as in select East Coast retailers in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  The West Coast launch will see the brand’s products sold at select locations of Tokyo Central Japanese markets in Southern California. Next Meat’s items can also be found on restaurant menus at LA’s Tex-Mex Bar Ama and Ramen Shack in San Juan Capistrano.  Cutting-edge beef products  Founded by entrepreneurs Ryo Shirai and Hideyuki Sasaki in 2017, Next Meats specializes in Japanese-style grilled meats made from non-GMO soy. Instead of artificial additives, the company uses seasonings …