Germany’s Largest Dairy Cooperative Launches Oat-Based Vegan Desserts

Germany’s largest dairy cooperative, DMK, has announced it is launching plant-based products under its MILRAM brand. The new oat-based range includes vegan desserts, chocolate milk, and rice pudding.  The desserts come in vanilla and chocolate flavours, made with natural bourbon vanilla and Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa respectively. Like the rice pudding and chocolate oat milk, they are ready to eat and have a short, recognisable ingredients list. According to DMK’s research, 40.3% of MILRAM buyers already buy milk alternatives, higher than the German average. Sales of plant-based desserts are also soaring in the country. But while most consumers say they would prefer these types of desserts to be made with oats, the vast majority are currently soy-based, indicating that DMK has found a gap in …


Cholesterol-lowering brand Benecol launches oat range

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Cholesterol-Lowering Brand Benecol Targets New Audience With New Oat Range

Cholesterol-lowering brand Benecol has launched its first plant-based range in a bid to appeal to a new consumer group. The range features yogurts and health shots made with gluten-free Finnish oats. The products come in the flavours Plain, Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, and Raspberry & Blueberry. They are enriched with plant stanols, which have been proven to have a cholesterol-lowering effect. The Benecol Oat range is now available at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, and Waitrose. The new line will be promoted via a marketing campaign including TV and OOH advertising, alongside collaborations with influencers. The plant-based yogurt market A recent report found that the global plant-based yogurt market is now worth $1.94 billion, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.7% from 2021 through to …


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US Plant-Based Sales Smash $7.4Bn as Conventional Dairy & Egg Industries Decline

Despite the economic hardships of the global pandemic, supply chain issues, and inflation, new data has revealed the unstoppable growth of the plant-based industry in the US. Retail sales of plant-based foods grew 6.2% in 2021 bringing the total plant-based market value to a record high of $7.4 billion. According to market research by the Plant Based Foods Association, The Good Food Institute, and SPINS, plant-based food retail sales grew three times faster than total food retail sales, with most plant-based categories outpacing their conventional counterparts. Innovation and variety in plant-based meat, egg, and dairy alternatives drive growth as consumers continue to turn to vegan products.  Plant-based dairy According to the report, plant-based milk dollar sales grew 4% to reach $2.6 billion, while conventional dairy …


Miruku Co-Founders - Amos Palfreyman, Ira Bing and Harjinder Singh

©Miruku Co-Founders - Amos Palfreyman, Ira Bing and Harjinder Singh

Former Dairy Exec Founds Miruku, Using Plants Instead of Cows to Create Dairy Proteins

Miruku, a New Zealand alt dairy startup, has announced an oversubscribed $2.4 million seed investment round. The company is developing dairy proteins in plants through its proprietary molecular farming platform to create real cheese and yogurt without cows.  Miruku is modifying plant cells to have them produce dairy proteins, sugars, and fats as though they were tiny cellular factories. As the company notes, cows already use plants to produce these dairy proteins, so the process effectively circumvents them as an intermediary and delivers plant-produced compounds to food producers instead.  Miruku was established in 2020 by CEO Amos Palfreyman, a former dairy industry executive, as well as Ira Bing, Professor Harjinder Singh, and Professor Oded Shoseyov. The company claims its proprietary molecular farming platform is unique …


Oat Canada

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Protein Industries Canada Invests $4.1M in Better Oat Protein from Oat Canada & Roquette

Nonprofit consortium Protein Industries Canada (PIC) announces a $4.1 million investment to develop novel, nutritionally superior oat ingredients and products, including Canada’s first oat-based protein.  The project, which will involve a collaboration between beverage brand Oat Canada and ingredient supplier Roquette, aims to build on Canada’s status as a leading global oat producer by expanding applications for its vast oat crop. In order to meet growing demand for sustainably produced foods and to strengthen supply chains, the project also hopes to significantly grow Canada’s domestic processing capabilities.  “Increasing our domestic ingredient processing capacity is one of the most important steps in strengthening Canada’s economy and food supply chain, as well as the health of our environment,” says Protein Industries Canada CEO Bill Greuel.  New oat research …


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Wicked Kitchen’s “Game-Changing” Lupin-Based Ice Cream Coming to Kroger

Wicked Kitchen, a fast-growing vegan food brand, revealed it is launching a line of dairy-free ice cream crafted from lupin beans.  Set to roll out in April, the new treats will be available at over 2,000 Kroger and Kroger-owned grocery stores across the US. The line will feature pints in Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Dough varieties, as well as three specialty cones and bars:  Chocolate and Red Berry Cone – A gluten-free maize cone with sweet ice cream, red berry sauce and chocolate chips Chocolate and Almond Bar – Vanilla ice cream and toasted almond pieces wrapped in a chocolate flavored coating Berry White – Sweet vanilla ice cream and swirled berry sauce wrapped in a white chocolate coating with red berry …


Amazon Fresh Chicken Nuggets

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Amazon Fresh Debuts 15 New Plant-Based Meat and Dairy Products

Amazon Fresh, a grocery pickup and delivery service, is launching its own plant-based range featuring over a dozen vegan meat and dairy items.  The Fresh Plant-Based brand is an expansion of Amazon’s Fresh private label, and includes Italian meatballs, chick’n nuggets, meatless patties, sausage and almond milks, reports Store Brands.  According to Amazon, the new products were thoroughly tested to ensure they meet customers’ expectations for taste and quality, and all offer healthy nutritional benefits. The brand’s almond milks contain 50% more calcium than dairy milk, while its plant-based chik’n nuggets, meatballs and patties provide 12, 17 and 21 grams of protein per serving, respectively.  Increasing product demand Amazon Fresh is a service that allows customers to order groceries using the Amazon app or website. …


Expo West 2022 Outdoor Event

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Expo West 2022 Recap – The Top 8 Plant-Based Innovations

Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest natural and organic trade show, successfully held its first in-person event after a two-year hiatus last week, from March 8-12. The highly anticipated show attracted more than 2,700 exhibitors and 57,000 industry attendees to Anaheim, CA to make personal connections, attend keynote talks and discover the latest innovations in natural food, beverages and ingredients.  Vegconomist was on-site seeking out the most interesting, creative and groundbreaking animal-free products and brands. From realistic vegan bacon and sushi to indulgent pizzas and mochi ice cream, this year’s plant-rich offerings did not disappoint. Out of dozens of exciting new products, we’ve selected eight particularly noteworthy innovations, along with full photo galleries of our favorite finds.  1. Gluten-Free Breaded Chicken – Daring Daring, …


GTFO It's Vegan Salmon Sashimi/ Sushi

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GTFO It’s Vegan Signs with KeHe and Sysco to Bring Best-Selling Vegan Sashimi Nationwide

Online retailer GTFO It’s Vegan announces it has obtained US national distribution for its plant-based sashimi through both KeHe and Sysco.  The distribution deal will bring GTFO’s private label sashimi line, which includes plant-based tuna, salmon, sailfish and calamari, to restaurants and grocery stores across the US. The brand’s tuna and salmon sashimi is also now available at Beyond Sushi, an NYC restaurant chain famous for its creative vegan sushi menu. GTFO’s extensive sashimi range first debuted in November 2021, and quickly became one of the company’s most popular product lines.  GTFO, launched in May 2020 by husband and wife Marc and Tanya Pierce, has set out to pioneer the “New Age Vegan Movement” by exclusively featuring the most innovative plant-based food items. According to …


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Trendy Californian Brand Nutpods Launches Zero Sugar Barista Oat Line

Popular vegan creamer brand nutpods has just introduced a new line of zero sugar barista oat milks that are tailor-made for espresso drinks. The California-based brand, born from a Kickstarter campaign, was founded by Madeline Haydon in 2013 and has benefited from its ambassador and influencer marketing programs, as well as help from niche bloggers. The new collection “will satisfy nutpods fans’ desires for an easy to foam and froth oat milk designed to create barista-quality lattes and cappuccinos at home but without the high levels of sugar often found in oat milk,” says the brand.  Original and Cinnamon Dolce flavored Barista oat milks in 32oz cartons are now available at Sprouts and Fresh Thyme. “Our zero-sugar brand has always been about giving the consumer choice …


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Mill It Creates “First Ever” Vegan Buttermilk & Buttermilk Salad Dressings

California-based company Mill It says it has created the first-ever buttermilk and buttermilk salad dressings, composed of the ancient grains sorghum and millet. Mill It initially received funding from Kern Venture Group, with a $765,000 Series Seed round, with additional funds coming from Ariel Savannah Angel Partners, Tech Coast Angels and Santa Barbara Angel Alliance. Mill It’s founders, Bill and Scott Myers, have been in the food-product development business for over 30 years, working with companies by the likes of Keurig Green Mountain, Lite House and Califia Farms. Just three months after Mill It’s official launch, Whole Foods Market stocked the shelves of its 300 locations throughout the US with the brand’s buttermilk products. Regarding the ancient grains, the brand says: “As a crop, these …


Opalia CEO and co-founder Jennifer Côté. © Opalia

Opalia’s Animal-Free Milk Closer to Launch After Removal of Fetal Bovine Serum

Opalia’s animal-free milk is now closer to commercialisation after the Canadian company replaced its cell culture medium, fetal bovine serum (FBS), with a non-animal-derived alternative. FBS comes from the placenta of pregnant cows, making it a controversial ingredient in products that are intended to be animal-free. The serum is also expensive, prone to contamination, and highly variable between batches. But now, Opalia has found a replacement substrate that is FDA-approved, making its cell-based milk more ethical and potentially speeding up the process of regulatory approval. Alternatives to FBS Several companies have been working on alternative cell culture media — such as Aleph Farms, which is collaborating with WACKER to develop a non-exclusive medium that will be available to other companies. Meanwhile, scientists have found a …


Coconut Bliss adds dairy flavours

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Coconut Bliss Adds Dairy Flavours to Range, Rebranding to Cosmic Bliss

Previously plant-based brand Coconut Bliss adds dairy ice creams to range and changes its name. After producing exclusively coconut-based vegan ice creams for 17 years, US brand Coconut Bliss is to rebrand to Cosmic Bliss and introduce a range of organic dairy ice creams. The owner of the brand, mission-driven holding company HumanCo, claims that the decision makes sense from a business perspective because over 97% of ice cream sales in the US are dairy-based. But the move could be regarded as unusual given that dairy sales are slumping internationally, while sales of plant-based foods have skyrocketed. A sustainable option? When HumanCo acquired a majority stake in Coconut Bliss in 2020, previous owner Lochmead Dairy retained a minority stake. Lochmead has encouraged the shift towards …


Philadelphia Plant Based vegan cream cheese


Vevan Foods Expands Dairy-Free Portfolio with UnCreamCheese

Vevan Foods, innovators of plant-based cheese, will soon debut the brand’s first cream cheese product, UnCreamCheese, at select retailers this spring.  Made with probiotics, UnCreamCheese is a cultured cream cheese-style spread with a smooth texture and slightly tangy flavor. The product will be offered in four varieties:  Plain: A classic staple created for spreading on bagels, baking and more.  Caramelized Peach & Maple: The first flavor of its kind in vegan cream cheese, featuring tangy peach flavors mixed with sweet maple.  Garlic & Herb: Garlic-infused cream complemented by hints of herb. Strawberries & Cream: A timeless pairing of tart strawberry flavor and smooth texture. Like all Vevan products, UncreamCheese is vegan-certified, allergy-friendly and produced using responsible, earth-friendly manufacturing methods. UnCreamCheese will retail at an SRP …


Eclipse Dairy-Free Ice Cream

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Eclipse Foods to Grow Retail Footprint by 35% With Expansion Into 130+ Stores

Eclipse Foods, creators of dairy-like plant-based ice cream, announces the brand will expand to over 130 US stores, increasing its retail presence by 35% in March.  Building on last year’s expansion, which saw Eclipse debut in Whole Foods Markets throughout Northern California, the new rollout will bring Eclipse’s acclaimed ice cream to new stores including: Safeway Albertsons, Safeway Vons, and Safeway Pavilions (Southern California), Nugget Market (Northern California), and Harmon’s (Utah.) Best-selling flavors such as Cookie Butter, Dark Side of the Spoon, Mint Chip and Caramel Butter Pecan will be sold at all of the new locations, the company says. “Impossible Foods of Ice Cream” The rollout continues a path of rapid growth for Eclipse,  which makes premium plant-based ice cream that is indistinguishable from …