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Blue Diamond Launches Vegan Almond Breeze Corner Yogurts in the USA

In May, the world’s leading almond producer Blue Diamond Growers launched five Almond Breeze brand vegan corner yoghurts. Blue Diamond is driving the market for dairy alternatives forward with this expansion of its product range. The new yogurt alternatives are made from almond milk. They are available in the USA in 150g (5.3 oz) portions with five different toppings: Roasted almonds Chocolate almonds & chocolate chips Coconut almonds & chocolate …



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Swine Flu in China: Up to 200 Million Pigs Could Be Killed – Will This Bring About a Vegan Revolution?

Swine flu has been raging in China for more than ten years, and experts estimate that up to 200 million more pigs will die from the disease or will have to be killed and disposed of. Terrible pictures of the killings and of slaughtered animals are being circulated in the media all over the world, and the loss will lead to a significant increase in pork prices.


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Singapore Promotes Agricultural Innovation with Ambitious Plan for Self-Sufficiency in Food Production

With an agenda first presented in March 2019, the Singaporean government is taking numerous measures in the agribusiness sector to free itself from its dependence on imports and be able to provide its population with an adequate amount of sustainably produced food. Food production challenges As a city-state, Singapore is characterized above all by its densely populated urban structure, where little space is left for agriculture. Only one percent of …


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Impossible Foods is Creating Fishless Fish

    Impossible Foods is reportedly developing a fishless fish product, to follow the success of its Impossible Burger, which is currently the number one selling item on GrubHub across the USA during the late night time period. Impossible CEO Patrick Brown is branching out to plantbased fish as part of his mission to replace every animal-based food on the market by 2035. Speaking to the New York Times, Brown …