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Vegan Superfood Tortilla Chips – Mister Free’d Launches New Products

The healthy snack brand Mister Free’d, founded in 2015, has announced a product development consisting of three new varieties of vegan tortilla chips containing superfoods: avocado and lime, beetroot and chili, and vegan cheese. The chips are gently roasted, vegan, gluten-free, protein-rich and packed with superfoods. David Ventura, co-founder of Mister Free’d, says, “Snacking is the most difficult time to stay healthy, so products that are both satisfying and nutritious will be the big winners.” He has been proved right, as the company has recorded strong customer growth in the last three years. This means that the healthy snacks are no longer just found in high-end stores like Whole Foods in London, but also in supermarkets, including Rewe and Edeka in Germany. The brand is …


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Dean Foods: A New Focus on Plant-Based Milk Alternatives

As demand for traditional dairy products continues to decline, plant-based alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. This has also had an impact on the US dairy company Dean Foods in the form of a drop in profits. In order to counteract its losses and simultaneously realign itself, the company now wants to concentrate largely on marketing plant-based milk product brands such as Good Karma. Last year, the dairy industry recorded a fall in profits of around 91 percent in the third quarter, not least as a result of falling consumer demand for conventional dairy products. As a result, contracts were terminated for many milk suppliers, and more investment was announced in the field of plant-based alternatives. “We want to get back into the plant-based business,” said …


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Just FaB: Double-Decker as Vegan Restaurant

Vegan events are commonplace in London, for example, the event “The Foodservice Forum 2018”, during which veganism was one of the main themes. In August, the first zero-waste market and the first vegan fashion show also took place in England’s capital. But another unusual vegan location is now calling the city home; a double-decker London bus which has been converted into a vegan restaurant. Just FaB brings Italian food to the streets of London. The founder is Fabio Pironti, who, together with his mother, Myrna Panascia, sells Sicilian street food. They started out selling at festivals, but since September 2015, the restaurant bus has been established in London’s Hackney district.


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Special Report: Phenomenal Growth in Vegan Ice-Cream

A report of the most important trends between 2018-2022 by Technavio observed that over the last decade, the number of people preferring vegan diets has increased by 300%, and identified the global vegan ice cream market as a key market trend which is expected to continue to its growth within this period. The vegan ice-cream market will reach $2.45 billion by 2027 according to a further report by OpenPR, which predicted that “Towards the end of 2027, the global consumption of plant-based ice-creams will reach 500 thousand tonnes”


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Higgidy Introduce First Vegan Product

UK-based family kitchen, Higgidy, have launched their first vegan product to their Meatless & Marvellous range. The award-winning producers of pies, sausage rolls, frittatas and quiches, describe their meat-free range as “Gloriously imperfect feelgood food with vegans and vegetarians in mind.”


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Sainsbury’s Introduces New Vegan Range

According to UK supermarket Sainsbury’s, the demand for vegan food has risen “substantially.” The store, unable to ignore this increasing requirement for plant-based products, has introduced 21 new products suitable for vegans, including a Linda McArtney Hoisin Duck Meal Kit featuring soy-and wheat-based vegan duck.


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Califia Farms Secures over $50 Million From Celebrity Investors

Califia Farms, the well-known Los Angeles based natural beverage company, have announced a new round of funding which they have received to the tune of over $50 million. The plant-based milk market is set to exceed $34 billion by 2024, thanks to the enormous success in the global natural milk producers, and in particular Califia Farms, who have been enjoying exponential growth with their plant milks, creamers, juices and probiotic yogurts.