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Meat Traces Found in Vegan Meals

An investigation by the Daily Telegraph has found that Tesco sold a vegan macaroni dish containing traces of turkey. Sainsbury’s “meatless” meatballs also had positive results, containing traces of pork. Both companies have recently attracted positive attention with new vegan products.


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CNN Promotes Algae

In a recent report, the US television station CNN has highlighted the benefits of algae, especially with regards to their proteins. It has frequently been reported that vegetable proteins have positive health benefits and the same nutritional value as whey protein. Though most of the protein in the human diet originates from animal sources, algae have the potential to change things around.


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McConnell’s Launches Vegan Ice Cream

The market for dairy alternatives has grown by around 8 percent annually over the last ten years. To meet the changing preferences of consumers, a major US dairy brand has now launched a vegan product line and introduced vegan ice cream made from pea protein.


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Vegan Cheese from Miyoko’s Kitchen Enjoys High Popularity

The global dairy cheese industry is estimated to be worth $120 billion, but vegan alternatives to dairy cheese are expanding rapidly. According to a study by Variant, growth is expected to average 7.4 percent per year. The vegan cheese brand “Miyoko’s Kitchen” is profiting from this development, and is already recording strong growth.


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Beyond Meat Plans to Expand into the UK

The company “Beyond Meat” is set to have a presence in the UK. The now well-known brand, which has made it into numerous American supermarkets with its vegan burgers, is pursuing its plan to establish itself worldwide. The burgers will now be available in Great Britain, where there are many vegans. The manufacturer expects the market launch to be a great success.


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America’s Largest Milk Producer Wants to Switch to Vegan Milk Alternatives

More and more conventional milk producers are turning their attention to the production of plant-based milk alternatives. This is partly due to the abolition of subsidies for milk production, which used to be common in the industry. Dean Foods Co – America’s largest producer of dairy products – is now also looking at this new market opportunity.


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New Vegan Dietary Trends for 2018

In recent years, personal dietary choices have become a form of self-expression. New dietary trends quickly gain in popularity, and the market for plant-based alternatives is booming. For vegans, this is good news, because many of the new dietary trends are plant-based. Not only do they make vegan diets more varied, they are also delicious.