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Meat Traces Found in Vegan Meals

An investigation by the Daily Telegraph has found that Tesco sold a vegan macaroni dish containing traces of turkey. Sainsbury’s “meatless” meatballs also had positive results, containing traces of pork. Both companies have recently attracted […]

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CNN Promotes Algae

In a recent report, the US television station CNN has highlighted the benefits of algae, especially with regards to their proteins. It has frequently been reported that vegetable proteins have positive health benefits and the […]

vegane Milchalternativen in Indien ohne Zusatzstoffe
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India: Fresh, Vegan Milk Without Additives

In India, milk is part of the religion and culture, but there are also plant-based alternatives available which don’t include preservatives or additives. These offer plenty of potential, including creative flavours which can be used […]