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Vegan food has come a long way over the last decade, with many vegan brands developing into industry leaders in terms of nutritional value, sustainability, and innovation of their products. While the animal-based food business is barely growing in many product categories, the vegan food sector is experiencing strong growth across the board.


Awareness of issues regarding planet and animal welfare is growing and results in an increasing number of adults and children following a vegan lifestyle. Today, the search for vegan alternatives is easier than ever before, whilst revolutionary vegan food news delivered by brands all over the world are reported by the international press.

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Revolutionary food transition is shaping the future

A vegan lifestyle creates a link between the need for a healthier diet and the urgent shift to a sustainable food economy. Therefore, all signs point to a meat-free future that no longer exploits animals for food products.

News on food products without animal-derived ingredients are providing encouraging developments and events for a global food transition. Whether it’s vegan food news on airlines that will offer larger selections of vegan dishes, the emergence of dedicated plant-based school kitchens, or the creation of the world’s first vegan sub chain, they all provide clear indications for the direction that human nutrition is going to take.

A growing number of consumers are following vegan diets. Supported by a global vegan movement, including the successful non-profit organization Veganuary and The Vegan Society, many new vegan products entered the shelves of supermarkets and the menus of restaurants.

However, not only the number of vegan products in the store is rising, as searches for homemade vegan recipes are at an all-time high, while many celebrities and influencers are cooking vegan dishes to inspire their followers to go vegan. For vegan companies, it is essential to recognize trends early on and adapt the product range accordingly.

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Trends in vegan news

The diversity and power of innovation in vegan food news from the nutrition sector is expanding every year. Trends to watch for in 2022 include cultured food produced using cellular agriculture, vegan egg alternatives, and innovative seafood products.

In 2022, the new category of cultivated pet food for cats and dogs will make its debut, while the development of nutritious egg alternatives continues to gain momentum. As predicted by the Vegan Society, 2022 will be the year that could finally boost veganism into mainstream.

Most relevant vegan food news

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Logo So delicious dairy free
Costco Adds So Delicious in Bulk Packaging Throughout Eastern Canada
July 29, 2019
Costco Canada recently launched So Delicious vegan ice cream in bulk packages of two across Eastern Canada. As announced…
Blue Diamond Launches Vegan Almond Breeze Corner Yogurts in the USA
July 26, 2019
In May, the world’s leading almond producer Blue Diamond Growers launched five Almond Breeze brand vegan corner yoghurts.…
Swine Flu in China: Up to 200 Million Pigs Could Be Killed – Will This Bring About a Vegan Revolution?
July 26, 2019
Swine flu has been raging in China for more than ten years, and experts estimate that up to…
Singapore Skyline and view of Marina Bay at Dusk
Singapore Promotes Agricultural Innovation with Ambitious Plan for Self-Sufficiency in Food Production
July 25, 2019
With an agenda first presented in March 2019, the Singaporean government is taking numerous measures in the agribusiness…
“Plenitude” – Grand Scale €17M Mycoprotein Biorefinery to Open in Belgium
July 24, 2019
Scottish Biotechnology company 3F Bio has announced a large scale mycoprotein project called “Plenitude” along with nine other…
BlueNalu Logo
Cell-based Seafood Innovators BlueNalu to Unveil Fish Products Imminently
July 22, 2019
BlueNalu, the clean seafood company, is aiming to put fish on the menu in the not-so-distant future. Its…
ikea hot dog
IKEA Wants to Encourage Customers to Eat Plantbased – Statement Released to Vegconomist
July 16, 2019
IKEA is selling its famous vegan hot dogs at a cheaper price than the meat counterparts, in an…
Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Line Launches Vegan Yogurt
July 16, 2019
Leading natural foods grocery chain, Whole Foods Market, recently added a yogurt line to its 365 Everyday Value…
The Wonder Burger by Mein Veggie Tag (© Aldi Süd)
ALDI SÜD Germany Starts Offering The Vegan Wonder Burger
July 13, 2019
From August 5, ALDI SÜD Germany will be adding the 100 % vegan “The Wonder Burger” of ALDI’s…
Impossible Foods Logo
Impossible Foods is Creating Fishless Fish
July 12, 2019
    Impossible Foods is reportedly developing a fishless fish product, to follow the success of its Impossible…
chiquito new menu
UK’s Biggest Mexican Chain, Chiquito, Debuts Extensive Vegan Menu Today
July 9, 2019
Chiquito is a Tex-Mex restaurant chain founded in 1989, with around 70 locations around the UK, which has been…
Alternation Brewery
Vegan Stout and IPA Beer Producer Proving Popular in Denver Colorado
July 8, 2019
Alternation Brewing is a brewery based in Denver Colorado, owned by vegan Brendan Pleskow. Pleskow wanted to create a…
Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King at Burger King
Burger King Stockholm’s Blind Test Invites Swedes to Guess if Their Order is Plant-Based or Meat
July 8, 2019
Burger King Sweden recently launched two new plant-based burgers – a vegan version of the Whopper called the…
KFC Imposter Burger
KFC’s Imposter Burger Returns After Selling Out in Four Days
July 5, 2019
Two weeks ago we reported that KFC’s Quorn-based Imposter Burger had completely sold out across its trial locations,…
METRO Germany Stores to Offer Beyond Sausage on a Permanent Basis
July 3, 2019
From today on, the wholesaler METRO Germany will offer the Beyond Sausage on a permanent basis. They are…
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