Shannon Falconer, CEO of Biocraft

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BioCraft Pet Nutrition: “Pet Food Manufacturers Are Desperate for a More Stable Alternative”

Shannon Falconer is the CEO and founder BioCraft Pet Nutrition (formerly Because, Animals), a biotechnology company making cultured meat for cats and dogs. Shannon holds an MSc in Cell and Systems Biology from the University of Toronto (Canada), a PhD in Biochemistry from McMaster University (Canada), and is co-author of eight peer-reviewed scientific publications.  In 2016 she founded BioCraft, the first company to focus exclusively on developing cultured meat to meet the unique nutritional needs of cats and dogs. Since then, BioCraft was among the first cultured meat companies to eliminate animal ingredients from cell culture media–including fetal bovine serum (FBS) and to derive non-immortalized stem cell lines for the specific application of cultured meat. How would you describe the mission of BioCraft? BioCraft’s mission …


Vegan dog food brand Omni launches meat-style wet food

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Vegan Dog Food Brand Omni Launches “Juicy & Fibrous” Meat-Style Wet Food

Omni, a UK-based vegan dog food brand, has launched a meat-style wet food range after a year of research and development. The range currently consists of beef and chicken-style options, combined with vegetables for additional health benefits. Both flavours can be purchased either in a can as a full meal, or as a topper sachet to be combined with dry food. Omni plans to develop more flavours, such as lamb, turkey, and salmon, in the coming months. According to the brand, pets consume 20% of the world’s meat and fish, and feeding a dog a meat-based diet is responsible for as many emissions as driving a Land Cruiser SUV for a year. Switching to a plant-based food such as Omni’s could therefore have huge benefits …


A study finds that cats on plant-based diet tend to be healthier than cats fed a meat-based diet


Study Concludes Plant-Based Diet Promotes Better Health in Cats

A study conducted by research teams from the UK and Germany, supported by the NGO ProVeg International, concludes that ​​plant-based diets are healthier for cats. The study surveyed a total of 1,369 cat owners. 91% fed their cats a meat diet, while 9% fed a plant-based diet over at least a year. After examining seven general indicators of illness and factors, such as age, sex, neutering status, and location, the authors found that cats fed a plant-based diet experience the following risk reductions: A 7% reduction in increased veterinary visits (consistent with illness) 15% less medication use A 55% reduction in progression onto a therapeutic diet A 4% reduction in cats reportedly being assessed as unwell by veterinarians  An 8% reduction in veterinary assessments of more severe …


Pet treats

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Superlatus Announces Planned Expansion into Pet Food Market, Beginning with Baked Plant-Based Treats

Superlatus, Inc., a food tech and distribution organization that recently completed a merger with pharmaceutical exchange platform provider TRxADE HEALTH, Inc., has revealed its strategic move to penetrate the global pet foods market, focusing on plant-based, high-protein pet foods and snacks. Notably, following the merger of Superlatus and TRxADE HEALTH, the combined entity made significant strides in the plant-based food industry. They recently expanded their portfolio by acquiring Perfect Day’s Animal-Free Brands through the acquisition of The Urgent Company. Only two days after acquiring The Urgent Company, Superlatus unveiled plans to launch a pulse protein snack in the United States in early 2024 under the recently acquired Brave Robot brand, well-known for its vegan dairy-free ice creams. The expansion into the pet food market will …


Vegan oven-baked dried dog food


THE PACK Launches “Europe’s First” Complete Vegan Oven-Baked Dried Dog Food

British alt protein pet food startup THE PACK has launched nutritionally complete, oven-baked dried dog food made from ingredients such as peanut butter and sweet potato. The product is said to be the first plant-based pet food of its kind in Europe, while the only comparable product in the US is made by Petaluma. In home feeding trials, the food has been shown to outperform meat-based competitors, with 78% of dogs reportedly choosing it over organic chicken kibble. 96% of those who gave trials of the product to their pets said they would continue to purchase in future. Unlike extruded kibble (the most popular type of dried dog food), the product is baked slowly to preserve nutrients and improve palatability. It also contains post and …


CULT Food Science launches Marina Cat, a cultivated fish cat food brand

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CULT Food Science and Umami Bioworks Launch Cultivated Fish Cat Treat

CULT Food Science (CSE: CULT), an investment platform focused on cellular agriculture, has introduced Marina Cat, a new cell-cultivated pet food brand developed in partnership with cultivated fish company Umami Bioworks. Marina Cat aims to offer eco-friendly products with the nutritional benefits of fish without the harmful environmental impacts of commercial fishing.  Marina Cat’s first product is described as a blend of sustainably produced cultivated snapper and a nutritional yeast ingredient called Bmmune, which boosts the cat’s immune system. Additionally, the treats contain Omega 3 and 6, nine fatty acids, and DHA and EPA to promote cognitive function, vision, and nervous system development. The new products will begin to be produced later this year and are expected to be available for purchase by 2024, says CULT Food Science. …


Cult Foods


CULT Food Science Partners with South Korean Startup ‘Everything But’ to Bring Cell-Cultivated Chicken for Pet Food to US market

CULT Food Science Corp., an investment platform focused on cellular agriculture, announces it has signed an MoU with Korean pet foods startup Everything But to supply cell-cultivated chicken for its stable of sustainable pet food brands. CULT claims that the resulting cell-cultivated chicken products will be among the world’s first cell-cultivated chicken pet products brought to market. Founded by veterinarians and scientists, Everything But is a venture-backed pet food company based in Seoul, described as the first-ever Asian cell-based pet food company. On inspection, Yoonchan Hwang, founder of Everything But, was formerly the senior manager at Seawith, a position he stepped down from two months ago. “Our partnership with CULT transcends a mere business collaboration. Both Everything But and CULT share a profound vision for …


HOWND range of wellness treats for dogs


HOWND Launches Plant-Based Dog Wellness Treats Including Innovative Algae Alternative to Chondroitin

HOWND, a vegan dog food brand based in the UK, announces the launch of a new range called Wellness Treats, with one unique treat for older dogs which includes a groundbreaking algae alternative to chondroitin, a supplement derived from animal cartilage which is beneficial for dogs with mobility issues. The products, which come in five flavours, are designed to promote optimal health and overall wellbeing for dogs of all life stages. The range features: Golden Oldies — A treat for older dogs, featuring an innovative algae-based alternative to the supplement chondroitin which is important for joint health. HOWND is the first pet food brand to use the vegan supplement, which is called Phytodroitin. The treats also include glucosamine and sunflower hearts. Got an Itch? — …


For National Dog Day, Canine Nutritionist Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, Founder of Plant-Powered Dog Advises to ‘Feed Your Dog More Plants’

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#compassion–National Dog Day, August 26, is the perfect time to reassess your dog’s diet, says globally renowned vegan canine nutritionist Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS, founder of Plant-Powered Dog. She urges people to replace all or part of the animal ingredients their dogs consume with dog-safe plant-based foods. Laverdure-Dunetz, author of The Plant-Powered Dog: Unleash the healing powers of a whole-food plant-based diet to help your canine companion enjoy a healthier, longer life says that as consumers become more aware of improving their own health and wellness with plants, they should do the same for their canine companions. “Chronic inflammatory illnesses in dogs such as cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis and food intolerances are skyrocketing, and we need to ask whether there is a link to …


dog with food

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Vegan Dog Food Market Set to Almost Double to $26Bn, With India Poised for “Remarkable Growth”

In 2023, the vegan dog food market was estimated to be worth US$ 13.58 billion. The market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 7% from 2023 to 2033, reaching a value of US$ 26.35 billion, whereas between 2018 and 2022 it expanded at a CAGR of 2.6%. On the other hand, the conventional, animal-meat based dog food market has a current value of $68.27 billion and is set to expand with a CAGR of 4.35% to 2033, according to a FMI market report. In 2023, North America emerged as the dominant player in the vegan dog food market sales, while the organic vegan dog food sector is expected to register a 7.8% annual growth rate.  Key global players Wild Earth (USA): One of the …


Mango jerky for dogs by Lily's Kitchen

Image courtesy of Lily's Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen Finds Success in Plant Power Meals and Treats for Dogs

As demand for vegan pet food soars, natural pet food brand Lily’s Kitchen, acquired by Nestlé Purina PetCare, has been expanding its vegan range for dogs into independent pet shops and retailers such as Sainsbury’s and Pets at Home. Lily’s Kitchen was founded in 2008 by Henrietta Morrison in London to offer dogs and cats natural and healthy wet and dry foods. The brand became popular among younger pet owners and millennials, and by 2019, its products retailed in 6,000 stores in 30 countries worldwide. In 2020, Nestlé Purina PetCare acquired the premium pet food company valued at an estimated £85 million. In 2021, after the rise in dog options during the pandemic lockdown and the new consumer awareness of the benefits of plant-based food, …


Rich Kelleman of Bond Pet Foods

Rich Kelleman © Bond Pet Foods

Bond Pet Foods: “We Believe the Pet Food Industry is On the Cusp of a New Renaissance”

Colorado’s Bond Pet Foods has had a busy few years since we last spoke back in 2018. In September last year, the fermented pet food startup headed by Rich Kelleman completed a Series A round totaling $17.5M with notable investors including pop star Sia, at the same time announcing it had broken ground on a new 15,000 sq. ft. production facility in Boulder. With the catchy tagline, “We brew meat”, Bond is on a mission to reimagine meat for pet nutrition so people, pets, farm animals, and the planet all win. After five eventful years, it was certainly time to hear again from Rich Kelleman to learn more about Bond’s developments and journey so far. In its current state, is the pet food industry sustainable? …


BioCraft Pet Nutrition introduces cultivated chicken ingredient for pet food manufacturers

CEO Shannon Falconer with Nori and Gaia © Kezia Jauron

BioCraft Pet Nutrition Introduces Cultivated Chicken for Manufacturers Seeking Conventional Meat

BioCraft Pet Nutrition, formerly Because, Animals, known for its cultivated mouse meat ingredient, announces it has developed a new ingredient for cat and dog food: cultivated chicken.  BioCraft Pet Nutrition is a cultivated meat ingredients supplier for pet food manufacturers. It was founded in 2016 by Shannon Falconer to create sustainable, slaughter-free pet food. “More than 25 percent of the environmental impact of animal agriculture is attributed to feeding pets in the US alone: if cats and dogs occupied their own country, they would be the world’s fifth largest meat-consuming nation,” argues BioCraft Pet Nutrition. Conventional meat According to the company, chicken is among the conventional species preferred by pet food manufacturers and consumers as a protein source, despite being among the top allergens for cats and dogs. BioCraft Pet Nutrition …


Wild Earth Plant-Based Performance Dog Food

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With New Agreement, Wild Earth Will Expand Plant-Based Dog Food to US Mid-Atlantic

Wild Earth announces it has entered an exclusive agreement with Zeigler’s Distributor to bring its plant-based dog food and treats to the US Mid-Atlantic region. The brand states the partnership holds significant growth potential for both companies, and allows Wild Earth to expand its footprint across the region, which includes New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Zeigler’s will now carry all 11 SKUs of Wild Earth products, including its Performance Formula and Core Formula Food, both of which are free from the top five dog allergens (beef, dairy, chicken, wheat and lamb.) Zeigler’s will also offer the brand’s superfood baked treats made with koji, available in flavors like Peanut Butter, Strawberry & Beet and Banana & Cinnamon. “We are excited to partner with a leading distributor …


Petaluma Plant-Based Dog Food for Seniors


Petaluma Introduces “First” Plant-Based Dog Food Designed for Senior Dogs

US dog nutrition brand Petaluma announces the launch of its first senior dog food formula. Designed especially for the needs of older dogs, The Baked Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Flavor is veterinarian-formulated to provide “age-defying” nutrients to senior dogs.  According to Petaluma, its new formula is “the first” plant-based dog food specifically targeted toward senior dogs. Made with functional ingredients like peanut butter, applesauce and odor-fighting herbs, the new Baked Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Flavor also includes DHA omega-3 from algae oil, curcumin extract from turmeric, dietary fiber from pumpkin, and plant-based glucosamine. Petaluma states its evidence-based formula provides complete nutrition while addressing common health concerns such as inflammation, digestion, mobility and a healthy weight. Optimized nutrition “As a veterinarian and pet food formulator, I …


Cultivated cat food/ pet food in a dish

Cultivated cat food ©BioCraft Pet Nutrition

Because, Animals Rebrands to BioCraft Pet Nutrition to Bring Cultivated Meat to Pet Food Market

Biotech company Because, Animals announces it is re-branding to BioCraft Pet Nutrition to focus exclusively on bringing cultivated meat to the pet food market. As part of the change, the startup will shift to working directly with pet food manufacturers rather than developing its own branded products. The company has also appointed Dr. Theresa Rothenbücher, former chief science officer of Austria’s Revo Foods, as its new chief product officer.  According to BioCraft, its name change follows the decision to dedicate its resources to prioritize commercializing cultivated meat for pet food, including R&D, infrastructure, and collaborative relationships. In late 2022, the company discontinued its plant-based products sold under the Because Animals brand, divesting from related formulations and provisional patents, but retained all intellectual property relating to …


Dog Plant-Based Treats

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Agronomics’ Good Dog Food Raises £3.6M to Replace Slaughtered Meat in Pet Food

Launched in March 2022 by Agronomics and Roslin Technologies, cultivated pet food company Good Dog Food (GDF) has raised £3.6 million in a seed financing round.  Agronomics (ANIC:LSE), the UK’s leading biotech VC, announced its participation in the round with a £1 million investment. It now holds 8,768 shares in GDF, representing 42.4 percent of the company.  Siddhi Capital, an investor in innovative food products, and other private individuals also participated in the seed round. Executive Director of Agronomics, Jim Mellon, backed the London-based pet food company with £300,000 becoming a 2.99% shareholder. Revolutionizing the pet food industry Owen Ensor, CEO of Good Dog Food, said: “We’re extremely excited to work with Agronomics. Their industry-leading expertise and advice have been fundamental to the ongoing success of Good Dog Food. …


Plant-based dog food

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Four Ways to Attract Flexitarian Pet Owners With Plant-Based Dog Food

As the plant-based movement gathers momentum globally, we’re seeing more people becoming interested in flexitarian diets, not only for themselves but for their dogs, too. Excitingly, a 2021 study found that 72% of US pet parents were open to having plant-based protein sources in their animals’ diets. The study participants also indicated a high interest in hybrid diets – balancing animal and plant-based protein sources – lending further credence to the notion that flexitarianism is leading pet carers to try a similar approach to feeding their pets. Innova Market Insight’s Nutrition & Health Survey 2020 shows that the top reasons driving consumers to switch to flexitarian diets include health, sustainability, and taste – all things dog parents are increasingly demanding for their pets, as well. …


Jellatech Inc. 3 team shot


CULT Foods Partners with JellaTech to Launch Animal-Free Collagen in Pet Food

Investment platform CULT Food Science (CSE: CULT)  announces a new partnership with biotech startup JellaTech to launch collagen-enhanced pet foods using functional animal-free collagen. The new ingredients will appear in Indiana Pets, an upcoming pet foods brand created by CULT.  By using cell-cultured collagen, CULT says Indiana Pets can provide premium nutrition to dogs with a much lower environmental impact. Collagen is a major structural protein found in many body tissues, including the bones, skin, tendons, and cartilage, and which provides support, elasticity, and strength. As pets age, they may experience joint pain and stiffness, and collagen has been shown to benefit dogs living with osteoarthritis and other mobility issues, CULT says. JellaTech’s “high purity” collagen is formulated specifically for senior and active dogs, and …


Because Animals Harmless Hunt

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CULT Food Science Signs LOI to Acquire Cultivated Pet Food Brand Because, Animals

Updated situation: please refer to this article for further details. CULT Food Science (CSE: CULT), an investment platform focused on cellular agriculture, announces it has signed a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire the consumer brands and formulations of Because, Animals Inc., a cultivated and plant-based pet food company.  According to CULT, the acquisition will join its internally developed pet food brands to form the company’s new Pet Food Division. This Division aims to develop and commercialize cultivated pet food products in collaboration with its portfolio companies, and will position CULT for direct-to-consumer and national retail sales.  Through the transaction, CULT states it will acquire Because, Animal’s consumer brand assets, related patents, non-scientific intellectual property, and product formulations. Because, Animals’ original co-founder Joshua Errett, …