THE PACK plant-based pet food


Plant-Based Pet Food Brand THE PACK Announces Planet Organic Listing & Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

UK plant-based pet food startup THE PACK has announced a listing at supermarket chain Planet Organic, which has nine stores across London. THE PACK’s full range of wet food and oven-baked dried food is now available at all Planet Organic locations, becoming one of very few plant-based pet food brands to be stocked at a UK brick-and-mortar retail chain. The company says the listing represents its increasing focus on an omnichannel strategy. “We are seeing increasing interest from retailers in listing our plant-based dog food,” said Damien Clarkson, co-founder and CEO of THE PACK. “I commend Planet Organic under the visionary leadership of founder Renee Elliot for re-launching their pet food section and putting plant-based proteins front and centre alongside other established brands. THE PACK …


Hownd wellness treats roll out into Pets at Home

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HOWND’s Functional Treats Land on Shelves of Britain’s Largest Pet Retailer

HOWND this week announces the launch of three lines of its hypoallergenic functional treats into Pets at Home stores across the UK. The news shortly follows the March launch of the brand’s Superfood range into Pets At Home online. Three flavours, in fully recyclable packaging, will be available from August 5th: Keep Calm with Camomile, Lavender and Valerian Root for stress relief; Got an Itch? with Shiitake Mushrooms and Turmeric for healthy skin & coat; and Yup You Stink! with Mint, Parsley and Lovage herbs for bad breath. Founded in 2015, HOWND has evolved into a multi award-winning ethical lifestyle brand for dogs in the UK and overseas. This January, the company was named as one of the most ethical businesses in the world by …


Bond Pet Foods has partnered with previous investor Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, a leading provider of innovative animal nutrition solutions, to develop tailored, non-animal-derived ingredients for pet food applications. 

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Bond Pet Foods & Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition to Develop Enhanced Pet Food With “Brewed” Animal Proteins

Precision fermentation company Bond Pet Foods has partnered with previous investor Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, a leading provider of innovative animal nutrition solutions, to develop tailored, non-animal-derived ingredients for pet food applications. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Bond Pet Foods “brews” customizable meat proteins (chicken, turkey, and fish) using yeast and precision fermentation technology instead of raising livestock or fishing. Through the collaboration, Wilbur-Ellis will formulate innovative pet food products incorporating these customized proteins to improve the nutritional value or enhance other benefits of pet food products, offering a new range of multifunctional pet diet solutions. The collaboration is Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition’s first of its kind, and it is Bond’s second strategic partnership with a global player to introduce its sustainable ingredients in the pet food industry. Nick Braden, …


Cultivated meat company BioCraft Pet Nutrition, a manufacturer of pet food ingredients, announces that it has reached price parity with premium traditional meat

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BioCraft’s Cultivated Ingredients Achieve Price Parity with Premium Meat for Pet Food

Austrian cultivated meat company BioCraft Pet Nutrition, a manufacturer of cultivated ingredients for pet food, today makes an announcement claiming it has reached price parity with traditional premium pet meat products.  BioCraft says it has achieved a commercial price of $2.00 to $2.50 per pound of cultivated meat, making it competitive with premium meat for pet food. To put these prices in context, research by the Good Food Institute found that cultivated meat could be cost-competitive with some conventional meats by 2030 at a production cost of $2.92 per pound. CEO Shannon Falconer commented, “Achieving price parity and a robust nutritional profile for pets were the only elements holding back cultivated meat for the pet food industry — and BioCraft has now achieved both.” Rethinking …


Bene Meat Technologie introduces cultivated meat pet food product at Interzoo 2024

Image courtesy of Bene Meat Technologies

Bene Meat Technologies Introduces Slaughter-Free Pet Meat at Interzoo Fair

Bene Meat Technologies (BMT), a Czech startup developing cultivated meat for food and feed, has introduced its cultivated meat pet food product publicly for the first time. Claimed as a “world premiere,” BMT’s cultivated pet food for cats and dogs was presented at the latest Interzoo trade fair in Nuremberg, where BMT handed attendees samples of its “revolutionary” pet food (it has not been specified which type of meat). Last November, the startup received a license from the European Feed Materials Register to commercialize a cultivated ingredient in the European market, becoming the first to obtain such registration. (Animal feed materials do not require pre-market approval from the EU novel food system.) After this commercial milestone, BMT says it has scaled its production capabilities to …


Dr. Clauder's partners with Calysta to launch innovative dog treats made with FeedKindPet protein.

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Dr. Clauder’s Introduces the “World’s First” Dog Treats Featuring Calysta’s Air-Based Protein FeedKindPet

German pet food manufacturer Dr. Clauder’s has partnered with microbial protein pioneer Calysta, to launch the world’s first dog treats made with FeedKindPet, an air-based protein ingredient designed for pet nutrition. FeedKindPet, a vegan protein source, is said to be nutrient-dense, offering a complete amino acid profile for dogs, and is highly digestible while featuring postbiotic properties that help maintain a healthy gut. It has been approved for use in pet food in the EU and has received GRAS status in the USA. Dr. Clauder’s is a top German brand focused on pet health and nutrition, offering a wide range of high-quality products for dogs and cats. The company is known by pet owners and professionals for its premium pet food and supplements, which are made …


Meatly unveils a new affordable protein-free culture medium that it claims will revolutionize the production of cultivated meat.   

Image courtesy of Meatly

Meatly Unveils “Groundbreaking” Protein-Free Culture Medium at £1 Per Liter

UK cultivated pet food company Meatly, formerly known as Good Dog Food, unveils a new affordable protein-free culture medium that it claims will revolutionize the production of cultivated meat.    The high cost of the growth media used to cultivate meat is a significant obstacle to achieving price parity with traditional meat products. To address this challenge, Meatly has developed a “first-of-its-kind” culture medium priced at only £1 per liter, slashing the costs a hundredfold or more. Moreover, prices can be even lower when larger volumes are purchased.  The solution, described as a groundbreaking development, does not contain serum, animal-derived components, microcarriers, steroids, hormones, growth factors, and antibiotics. It is made with food-safe ingredients, an essential step in making cultivated meat a safe, affordable, and sustainable alternative …


A drawing of a happy dog under the sun by Noochies!

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CULT Food Science Secures Funds to Expand Noochies! Line of Cultured Yeast Pet Food

CULT Food Science Corp. announces it has raised CAD$800,000 to expand the portfolio of Noochies! and solidify its position as a fast-growing, sustainable pet food brand. According to the announcement, CULT Food Science completed a private placement by selling 16,000,000 units for CAD$0.05 per unit. Each unit consists of one common share and one common share purchase warrant. The warrant allows the holder to purchase additional shares at a specified price within two years. PowerOne Capital Markets Limited acted as a finder in the private placement transaction and received $36,750 in cash finder’s fees and 735,000 finder’s units (Finder Warrants) as compensation. Each Finder Warrant can be exercised into one unit for $0.05 within two years from closing. Mitchell Scott, CEO of CULT Food Science, comments, …


VEGDOG Pure Bites made with microbial proteins

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MicroHarvest & VEGDOG Unveil Dog Treat with “First-of-its-Kind” Microbial Protein

Two German companies, the biotech startup MicroHarvest and plant-based pet food producer VEGDOG, have partnered to introduce a dog treat crafted from a sustainable ingredient: microbial proteins from biomass fermentation.  While other pet food products have utilized microbes like yeasts and mycelium, MicroHarvest’s first-of-its-kind protein is derived from bacteria that have been consumed by humans for centuries in foods such as kimchi, kefir, and sauerkraut, according to the announcement.  Combining the microbial protein with potato and apple pomace, the innovation — VEGDOG Pure Bites — is said to be hypoallergenic, suitable for dogs with protein intolerances and allergies, and recommended for use in veterinary practice. Tessa Zaune-Figlar, founder and CEO of VEGDOG, comments, “Our goal at VEGDOG is to show dog owners that they do not have to rely on meat-based products to …


Green Boy

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Green Boy Launches Global Plant-Based Pet Food Ingredients Division

Plant-based food ingredients supplier Green Boy has launched a new division dedicated to plant-based pet food ingredients, extending its operations globally. This new venture aims to provide a comprehensive range of plant-based ingredients, including starches, sweeteners, proteins, and fibers, to pet food manufacturers. The newly formed pet food ingredient sector at Green Boy will supply ingredients derived from pulses, grains, cereals, and vegetables. This includes a variety of proteins such as vital wheat gluten, pumpkin, pea, potato, and chickpea proteins. Additional offerings will include sweet potato, psyllium husk, arrowroot, and tapioca. Co-founder and owner of Green Boy, Peter van Dijken, commented, “Green Boy has always operated with the goal of accelerating the plant-based food reformation, to help with the transition from animal-based food products to …


Puppy in pet aisle


Mainstream Pet Stores Around the World Are Embracing the Ethical Pet Food Trend

As UK-based vegan pet food brand Hownd this week announces its rollout into Britain’s largest pet store chain Pets at Home, we decided to look into the ethical pet food brands now available in conventional pet retailers, and found that there are at least 15 producers currently listed in brick-and-mortar stores around the world. Increasingly, consumers are beginning to question the logic behind killing animals in order to keep animals alive, and making purchasing choices that align with their ethics. A market report last December projected the vegan dog food market to increase from $12.27 billion in 2021 to $31.48 billion by 2029 with a CAGR of 12.5%. Furthermore, a study published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE last year concluded that if all cats …


Omni vegan dog food range

Image: ProVeg International

Omni: What’s Next for the Plant-Based Pet Food Company?

Three years ago, Omni launched as a ProVeg Incubator start-up selling plant-based pet food. In 2023, the company grew by over 100% and boasted seven-figure annual sales. Building a health-first brand based on veterinary knowledge and scientific credibility, Omni is the only plant-based pet food company in the UK to have peer-reviewed scientific research supporting its products. Its product line includes nutritionally complete kibble, wet-food cans and toppers to increase palatability with a meaty taste and texture, and a newly launched range of supplements with functional benefits. Amid teases of a ‘world-first’ cultivated pet food product launch, ProVeg International’s New Food Hub speaks to Co-Founder and Co-CEO Shiv Sivakumar about Omni’s rise to market leadership and the future of pet food from plant-based and novel …


Cultivated pet food company Meatly, previously Good Dog Food, has revealed what it claims to be the world's first cultivated meat product for cats.

© Meatly

Meatly and Omni Unveil UK’s First Cultivated Meat Product for Cats

UK cultivated pet food company Meatly, previously Good Dog Food, has unveiled what it claims to be the world’s first cans of cat food made with cultivated chicken. The first batch, manufactured with its first commercial partner, Omni, a leader in the UK plant-based pet food scene, is a chicken pâté that blends Omni’s plant, yeast, and algae proteins with Meatly’s cruelty-free meat grown from chicken egg cells. Pets at Home, an early investor in Meatly, will be the first retailer to sell Omni Feast Chicken Revolution presented in 150g tins (enough for a single meal) at roughly £1, according to the announcement. “Owen Ensor, co-founder and CEO of Meatly, said, “It is incredibly exciting to see the first ever cans of cultivated pet food fly off the production …


PawCo raises funding for plant-based dog food

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PawCo Foods Raises $2M for Plant-Based Dog Food Made With AI Technology

PawCo Foods, the plant-based dog food brand founded by former Impossible Foods scientist Dr. Mahsa Vazin, has raised $2 million in seed funding. The round was led by Elevate Ventures, with participation from angel investors such as Dropbox co-founder Arash Ferdowsi. The company will use some of the funding to open a second production facility in the Midwest, adding to its existing Californian facility. The remainder will be invested in growth, R&D, new recipes, and marketing. PawCo claims to be the first plant-based dog food brand using AI technology to improve the nutrition and palatability of its products. The company has developed GreenMeat, a fresh plant-based meat for dogs which is used in all its recipes. As reported by Axios, PawCo plans to start raising …


HOWND Pumpkin, Quinoa and Moringa Superfood


HOWND Launches Allergy-Friendly Pumpkin, Quinoa and Moringa Superfood for Dogs

UK-based vegan dog food brand HOWND has expanded its Plant Powered Superfood range with a new dry food in the flavour Pumpkin, Quinoa and Moringa. The food also contains ingredients such as sweet potato, cranberry, and Phytodroitin; the latter is an innovative algae-based alternative to chondroitin, a supplement that supports joint health. The recipe is high in protein and low in fat and purines. The nutritionally-complete food is said to provide a “digestive reset” for dogs who have upset stomachs or are recovering from illness. It is also designed to be suitable for dogs with allergies and intolerances, and is free of soy, gluten, dairy, and GMOs. The product is vet-approved and sold in fully recyclable 2kg and 10kg packages. It is available to UK …


Bond Pet Food Founders

Tony Day, CTO, Rich Kelleman, CEO, and Pernilla Audibert, CSO©Bond Pet Food

Bond Pet Foods and Hill’s Pet Nutrition Mark Milestone in Fermented Meat Proteins for Pet Food

Colorado-based fermented protein producer Bond Pet Foods has reached a significant milestone in its partnership with global pet food manufacturer Hill’s Pet Nutrition. The company has officially shipped its first two metric tons of animal protein produced via fermentation, enabling Hill’s to begin formulating prototypes for regulatory review and market assessment. Bond Pet Foods’ proprietary protein ingredient is made specifically for applications in pet food, using a similar process to brewing beer. The fermented proteins mirror the nutritional profile of conventional meat but without the environmental drawbacks. The collaboration between the two companies was originally initiated in late 2021 to develop an alternative to one of Hill’s most used meat proteins. And today, the companies have announced a second joint development agreement to explore additional …


HOWND named one of the world's most ethical businesses


Vegan Dog Food Brand HOWND Named One of the World’s Most Ethical Businesses

HOWND, a vegan dog food brand based in the UK, has been named one of the world’s most ethical businesses by the Good Shopping Guide. HOWND was rated in categories such as environmental impact, animal welfare, and public record, becoming independently certified through Ethical Accreditation by The Good Shopping Guide. The company received an outstanding rating of 98/100, and has been included in the Guide’s list of the Top 200 Ethical Companies. “We’re over the moon about this recognition from The Good Shopping Guide,” said Jo Amit, co-founder at HOWND. “Being named one of the Top 200 Ethical Companies with a rating of 98 out of 100 is a reflection of the heart and soul we pour into being ethical in our choices every day. …


PawCo-Plant-Based Dog Food

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Ex Impossible Foods’ PawCo Foods Launches “Very First” Fresh Shelf-Stable Plant-Based Dog Food

PawCo Foods, founded by former Impossible Foods employee Dr. Mahsa Vazin, recently launched two new plant-based dog food products based on GreenMeat™, which it describes as the first fully plant-based meat tailored specifically for pet food. Developed using AI for nutrition optimization and palatability improvement, the two new lines are InstaBites and LuxBites. PawCo claims that InstaBites is the very first fresh shelf-stable plant-based dog food, while LuxBites is a premium fresh dog food formulated with powerful postbiotics and fermented protein to enhance gut health, boost immunity, and ensure optimal nutrient absorption. A recent market report found that the global vegan dog food market will see rapid growth, increasing from $12.27 billion in 2021 to $31.48 billion by 2029 at a CAGR of 12.5%. “Our …


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Vegan Dog Food Market Poised for Explosive Growth, Reaching $31.48Bn by 2029

According to a report by Data Bridge Market Research, the global vegan dog food market will see rapid growth in the coming years, with its value increasing from $12.27 billion in 2021 to $31.48 billion by 2029. This represents a CAGR of 12.5%. The market will be driven by the increased “humanization” of pets, where people see pets as part of their family and demand high-quality, nutritious, and digestible foods. Additionally, as more consumers adopt vegan diets with the belief that they are healthier and more sustainable, many are looking to feed their pets a plant-based diet too. Rise in pet ownership Worldwide, having a pet is becoming increasingly popular, driven by rising incomes and the impact of the pandemic. This is increasing the demand …


Dog Plant-Based Treats

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Further Information on “Approval” of Cultivated Meat for Pet Food, the Story Continues

Three weeks ago, we published a report describing the events surrounding Czech startup Bene Meat’s self-reported regulatory approval of cultivated meat for pet food. Following the article’s publication, Bene Meat reached out to provide further clarification into the matter, requesting that we publish a provided Q&A on the subject (as below). So, in the week that saw interesting moves in the world of alt pet food including: Biocraft Pet Nutrition posting a video on social channels of Oliver the cat making history by sampling a recipe containing cultivated mouse meat; and Paleo announcing the “world-first” patent application for animal-free heme in pet food, to effectively make plants taste like meat; here we provide an update to the complicated story of Bene Meat and the race …