Branston to open potato protein facility

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UK Potato Supplier Branston Prepares to Open “Pioneering” Potato Protein Facility

Branston, one of the UK’s largest potato suppliers, will begin production at its new “pioneering” potato protein extraction facility in early 2024. The company is currently best known for its fresh potatoes, along with products such as French fries. But as demand for plant-based foods continues to grow, Branston plans to expand by producing protein for the food industry. The construction of the site, which is described as the first of its kind in the UK, was first announced in 2021. At the time, Branston reported that it would invest around £6 million in the project, which will exclusively use potatoes grown in the UK. Ahead of the opening, Branston has hired a general manager, Tom Seagrief, to head up the facility. He returns to …


Veganz X Fraunhofer vertical farming

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Veganz Group AG and VeGreat LLC to Launch Vertical Farming Project for Protein Crops in Dubai

A few months ago, the Berlin-based Veganz Group AG acquired the licensing rights for the vertical farming platform technologies OrbiPlan and OrbiLoop from the research organization Fraunhofer Institute IME. These technologies allow the industrial production of food and protein crops under highly efficient indoor conditions anywhere in the world.  Now, the Veganz Group AG and US-based company VeGreat LLC announce OrbiFarm, a joint venture to exploit these vertical farming technologies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. VeGreat LLC recently acquired newly issued shares of the Veganz Group AG, increasing Veganz Group AG’s capital by 10%. “This will make it possible for the first time, anywhere in the world, independent of climate and environmental influences, to realize the production of plant-based alternatives from seed to end product in one hall with maximum efficiency and …


Green peas in close up


New Rice & Pea Proteins with Complete Amino Acid Profile Arrive in US and Canada, in “Major Step Forward” for Alt Dairy

Xyprotein (Anhui Shunxin Shengyuan Biological Food Co.) and ZXCHEM USA have collaborated to launch rice and pea protein powders designed for use in the plant-based food and beverage sector. Anhui Shunxin, a rice protein manufacturer based in Eastern China, and ZXCHEM USA, a food and beverage protein distributor located in Somerset, New Jersey, have now introduced these products to the US and Canadian markets. Complete protein The first product, HydroRice™ PA80, consists of 100% rice protein, and the second, HydroPR™ 80, is a blend of 40% rice and 60% pea protein. Both rice and pea protein contain all nine essential amino acids crucial for human health, but on their own, each is slightly deficient in one amino acid. Rice protein falls short on lysine, while …


Jonathan Goshen, CEO of Yeap and an employee

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Israel’s Yeap Receives Investment from Fermentation Expert Lessafre for Upcycled Yeast Proteins

Israeli startup Yeap announces that Lessafre, a global player in fermentation-derived products, has made a 10% investment in the company to introduce proteins made from upcycled spent yeast to the plant-based market. Yeap was founded by cultivated meat pioneer Didier Toubia, CEO of Aleph Farms, Dominik Grabinski, and Jonathan Goshen, CEO of Yeap, to develop sustainable proteins incorporating a circular economy model. Its shareholders include The Kitchen Hub by Strauss and AgFunder. The company already has several products in the pipeline and is a member of the Upcycled Food Association. Through the new partnership, Lessafre will assist Yeap in completing the development of these proteins made from upcycled yeast. Biospringer by Lesaffre, a leading producer of natural food ingredients extracted from yeast and other microorganisms, will oversee the collaboration. “The product under …


Natures Fynd cheese spread on bagel

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Nature’s Fynd Receives Health Canada’s Approval to Market Alt Products Powered by the “Fungus from Yellowstone Park”

Chicago-based Nature’s Fynd has received authorization from Health Canada, the federal department responsible for national health standards and policy, to commercialize its alt meat and dairy products made with a novel fungi protein called Fy. Nature’s Fynd grows its fungi protein using proprietary fermentation and a fungus called Fusarium strain flavolapis, discovered in Yellowstone Park’s geothermal springs. The novel protein is used as a whole ingredient to make animal-free foods. According to Health Canada, the product approval came after a comprehensive assessment of Fy Protein’s safety for human consumption. In the USA, Nature’s Fynd received FDA greenlight for its fungi ingredient in March 2021.  Similarly, the Canadian food company Smallfood also discovered a wild microalgae strain capable of producing premium proteins through biomass fermentation. The company is …


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Study Explores Benefits of Spent Barley Protein

A peer-reviewed scientific study has found that EverPro, said to be the world’s only upcycled barley protein and described by the company as one of the world’s most sustainable proteins, to be one of the most digestible proteins available. The study found a higher uptake of the amino acids methionine and tryptophane with EverPro compared to pea protein, and noted that overall absorption speeds were similar to both pea and whey proteins. EverPro combines barley with a small amount of rice protein, which may somewhat improve uptake of amino acids; however, overall uptake was slightly lower than for pea protein. Study participants described EverPro as well-tolerated, with minimal gastrointestinal symptoms reported. Furthermore, consuming a shake made with the barley protein led to a slightly lower …


All Y'alls Foods

Brett Christoffel. © All Y'alls Foods

All Y’alls Foods Founder Outlines the Potential of Texas as an Epicenter of Plant Protein Production

Brett Christoffel, founder and CEO of Texan plant-based jerky brand All Y’alls Foods, has said that his home state has the potential to become a key player in plant-based protein manufacturing and innovation. While Texas is largely known for producing beef, cotton, and petrochemical products, Christoffel points out that the state is also the US’ largest generator of wind energy and its second-largest solar energy producer. He believes people are beginning to think differently about sustainability, becoming more open-minded — and this could open the door for new business models, such as growing and manufacturing plant-based proteins. Producing more plant-based foods and less beef could also help to save water, in a state that notoriously struggles with drought. There are already signs of change, with …


GoodMorning Global unveils new powdered plant-based meat, secures Malaysia's largest single ECF

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GoodMorning Global Unveils New Powdered Plant-Based Meat, Secures Malaysia’s Largest Single ECF Crowdfund

At the company’s 15th anniversary gala, Malaysia’s largest nutritional multigrain powder company GoodMorning Global, unveiled a unique powdered plant-based meat called WonderMeat, which the company claims provides complete nutrition.The NPD is set to be the company’s flagship product and will be launched in Q4 2023, joining its catalog of protein powder products. “It highlights the group’s commitment to promote affordable and nutritionally balanced plant-based protein food on a global scale”, said the company. Established in 2008, GoodMorning Global is a nutritional multigrain and biotechnology company focused on research to unlock the nutritional potential of grains and legumes. Its aims to provide consumers with the most nutritious, tasting, healthy, and safe choices in the beverage category. Its affordable multigrain health beverages and plant-based products are available …


Air Protein and ADM join forces to commercially laungh landless proteins to make alt foods

Image courtesy ADM

Air-Based Proteins Market to Exceed $100M: Highlighting 5 Prominent Players

The global air-based foods market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% to reach a value of US$ 100 million by the end of 2032, as consumers and producers look increasingly towards sustainable proteins. According to FACT. MR, initially, air-based foods will gain popularity in North America and Europe, markets with growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly food products as a solution to food production challenges. This technology, first used to feed humans in space, offers a promising solution to the extensive land use in animal agriculture that is driving species to extinction, eroding soils, and polluting water and airways. We take a look at five companies using cutting-edge technology to make proteins using microbes and air, known as air proteins, to move food production …


Australia's Vegan Food Hub is raising funds to expand its business across Australia

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Australian Alt Protein Industry Has Grown Tenfold, But Bottlenecks Must Be Addressed

According to non-profit organisation Food Frontier, the alt protein industry in Australia and New Zealand has grown tenfold in the past few years, but the speed of growth has led to bottlenecks in supply chains. The plant-based meat market in the region is expected to generate almost $3 billion in domestic consumer sales by 2030, with 169,000 tonnes of end product manufactured over this period. It comes after the number of producers increased from just four in 2018 to over 20 this year. However, there are currently bottlenecks in the form of infrastructure capacity, a shortage of skilled workers, and a limited local supply of crops and other ingredients. This could provide an opportunity for farmers, who could benefit from producing the pulses and legumes …


InnovoPro chickpea tvp

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This Week in Plant Protein: InnovoPro and Ingredion Showcase Chickpea-Based Meat, While PURIS Enters Partnership to Accelerate Pea Protein

While traditional proteins like soy continue to dominate the plant-based foods market, the sector is increasingly seeking to diversify with new options like chickpea and pea proteins. This week, leading North American suppliers InnovoPro, Ingredion and PURIS all reported new developments in this rapidly growing field.  Chickpea specialist InnovoPro and global ingredients provider Ingredion announce they will showcase their latest innovations in chickpea protein at the upcoming IFT First trade show in Chicago.  At booth S1767, Innovopro will demonstrate “the world’s first” chickpea-based textured vegetable protein, CP-XTURA65, with a fully plant-based Mexican menu. Visitors will be able to sample traditional tacos made with chickpea-based ground chorizo and chicken, along with chipotle and crema sauces created with InnovoPro’s dairy-free and egg-white replacement solutions, such as CP-Pro70.  …


Calysta "protein without limits"

© Calysta

Calysta Uses Methane to Make Plant and Animal-Free “Protein Without Limits”

Based in California, Calysta is a biotech firm using a patented fermentation platform to produce what it describes as “protein without limits”. The process involves using microorganisms to convert methane into single-cell proteins. It is powered by renewable energy and does not require any plant or animal inputs, meaning no arable land is used. Water and energy consumption are also far lower than for conventional proteins. Calysta’s products are intended to help meet the world’s growing demand for sustainable proteins, improving food security while preserving biodiversity. The company initially focused on producing food for fish, livestock, and pets, but has now developed a product called Positive Protein for use in human foods. Positive Protein is described as highly nutritious, with the best possible digestibility rating …


Taco Bell UK

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Taco Bell UK Launches Plant Protein at No Extra Cost

Mexican-inspired chain Taco Bell has launched plant-based protein at all 132 of its UK restaurants, targeting the country’s growing flexitarian population. Made from peas and other legumes prepared with Taco Bell’s “bold” seasoning, the protein can be ordered instead of meat as part of any menu item, at no extra charge. This includes the Crunchwrap Supreme, Volcano Burrito, Quesadilla, and Crunchy Taco. The plant protein will also be offered as part of Taco Tuesday deals, where customers can get a taco and a regular drink for £2. While all the ingredients used to make the protein are plant-based, Taco Bell warns that there may be cross-contamination as meat-free options “are handled by our employees in common with meat ingredients”. Additionally, customers will have to order …


KaTech plantbased foods

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How the right plant protein can improve the nutritional value of alternative products

Growing interest in plant-based diets has led to a variety of dairy and meat alternatives entering the market over recent years. But with consumers associating vegan products with a healthier lifestyle, criticism of their often lower nutritional value compared to animal products remains an issue, particularly when it comes to protein content. The challenge So far, product development for alternative products has mainly focused on consumer perception and eating enjoyment. What does it look like? How does it taste? Does it have an appealing texture? And most importantly, how close does it compare to the animal-based product? Less attention has been paid to recreating a similar nutritional value and this is largely due to the complexities involved. Replicating protein content is challenging. Plant proteins often …


James Wilks launches FȲTA protein powder made with upcycled barley


Game Changers Star James Wilks Launches Protein Powder Made With Upcycled Barley

James Wilks, a former UFC fighter who produced and starred in the critically acclaimed documentary The Game Changers, has founded a new sports nutrition brand called FȲTA. The first products to launch are protein powders containing EverPro, a plant-based protein made from upcycled American barley. The ingredient is produced by EverGrain, a company that uses proprietary technologies to turn spent brewer’s grain into high-quality ingredients. During beer brewing, the carbohydrates in grains are separated from the protein and fiber. While the carbohydrates are used to initiate the fermentation process, the other components are normally sent to landfill or used as livestock feed. However, EverGrain has developed a method to upcycle them. According to FȲTA, the resulting protein is the most soluble and digestible in the …


Mexicana More Foods

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More Foods and Osem-Nestlè Group Partner to Develop & Market “Meaty” Products Made of Pumpkin Seeds

More Foods of Tel Aviv announces a strategic collaboration with Tivol, a subsidiary of the Osem-Nestlè Group, to bring to market a portfolio of ‘meaty’ products made from pumpkin seeds The collaboration between More Foods and the Osem-Nestlè Group seeks to address the increasing demand for nutritious and environmentally friendly food choices. The Osem-Nestlè subsidiary caters to the Israeli market, where 13% of the population identifies as vegetarians or vegans and an additional 45% of the population actively reduces their meat consumption. The technology developed by More Foods enables them to utilize discarded remnants of highly nutritious seeds, commonly referred to as “superfoods,” which are generated during the production process of pumpkin seed oil and sunflower seed oil. The company announced in 2022 its plans …


ProVeg NFH pea crops

Image: ProVeg International

Alleviate Consumer Misconceptions Around Pea Protein to Drive Sales

If you’d have asked someone what they thought about eating pea protein 10 or 15 years ago, unless they were in the food business themselves, they’d likely have met your question with a baffled face. “Peas are just a vegetable to enjoy on the side of your meal, right?” Wrong. Most consumers now know that the small but mighty legume is packed with protein and other nutrients. Because of this, pea protein is skyrocketing to the top of the plant-based protein ingredients sector.  Although pea-protein ingredients are experiencing huge success, consumer uncertainty about this innovative food persists. In its latest New Food Hub article, ProVeg International investigates common consumer misconceptions about pea protein and shares insights on how you can boost your pea-protein product sales …


Protein Industries Canada Partners with UK for Plant-Based Protein

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Protein Industries Canada and Innovate UK Partner to Catalyze Plant-Based Food Growth in Both Nations

Protein Industries Canada (PIC) and Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency, announce a new bilateral partnership to advance the connections between both countries’ food sectors.  Through the collaboration, Canada and the UK say they will work together to support innovation of plant-based food and ingredients.  According to PIC, the UK is a “natural partner” given Canada’s position as a top grower and processor of high-protein crops and plant-based ingredients. Canada states it can help supply UK companies with the ingredients they need to create healthy plant-based foods, while giving Canadian companies access to new markets, research and customers.  Meeting in Ottawa The partnership officially launched with a webinar on June 7, which introduced UK and Canadian companies to the opportunities and benefits of cross-country …


a brioche with butter


Gavan’s “Pivotal Achievement” in Plant-Based Fat Could See Vegan Brioche Go Mainstream

Israeli food tech startup Gavan introduces FaTRIX, a series of high-performance, plant-based protein-based fat substitutes that the company claims can replicate the functionality of animal fat. FaTRIX, according to Gavan, is an excellent alternative to butter and other fats used in bakery products and is also applicable to different plant-based food categories, including meat, dairy, and chocolate. A pivotal achievement Following successful pilot trials of FaTRIX in multiple bakery products, Gavan says it delivers the desired sensory and shelf-life properties often missing in plant-based pastries. In one trial, FaTRIX successfully replaced butter in a soft and airy brioche, yielding a five-fold reduction in saturated fat. “This marks a pivotal achievement for us, as butter has long been considered the irreplaceable key element in brioches,” comments Uri …


revyve's healthy foods made with BSY proteins

© revyve

Revyve & EGGcited to Launch Brewer’s Yeast Proteins Following Successful Scaleup

In 2021, the EGGcited project launched to industrialize processes for extracting new ingredients from spent brewer’s yeast.  Now, the project has developed a process to upscale revyve’s technology, which produces novel cellular proteins and fiber ingredients from the upcycled yeast. These ingredients can replace egg white, dairy proteins, and E-numbers such as methylcellulose or calcium diphosphate. Additionally, they can significantly improve the taste and texture of alt meats made via high moisture extrusion.  “Ingredients of animal origin, such as meat, milk and eggs, are the main sources of protein used in the food industry. However, the production of animal proteins is not sustainable,” says EGGcited on its website. Great opportunities Coordinated by the Dutch public-private consortium NIZO, EGGcited members include family firm Ruitenberg Ingredients — …