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H!P Unveils Caramel Peanut, Peanut Butter Truffle & Chocolate Button Share Pouches

Closely following James Cadbury’s raise of £4.25M to open several new retail stores in London and increase distribution of the plant-based HiP Chocolate brand, H!P (Happiness !n Plants) unveils a range of new oat milk-based, bite-sized chocolate treats. The sharing pouches will initially be available to purchase via hipchocolate.com and are set to roll into Selfridges and Whole Foods later this month. The range entails: H!P Caramel Crunch Peanuts – RSP £3.00 /90g pouch – Crunchy peanuts in a sweet and caramel oat m!lk chocolate shell. H!P Peanut Butter Truffle Bites – RSP £3.50 /80g pouch – Bite-size oat m!lk chocolate truffles with a creamy peanut butter filling. H!P Creamy & Smooth Chocolate Buttons – RSP £3.00 /90g pouch – H!P’s original creamy and smooth oat m!lk …


chocolate desserts ProVeg NFH

Image: ProVeg International

Leverage Easter to Plant-Based Chocolate Sales

Depending on where you live, you’re probably starting to notice Easter treats creeping into shops and online stores. Give it another month or so, and chocolate eggs and bunnies will be everywhere, with these items being the most-purchased Easter treats by far.  A new infographic by ProVeg International explores burgeoning Easter chocolate sales alongside the growing demand for plant-based chocolate products. Throughout the infographic, ProVeg discusses how businesses can best capitalise on the opportunity for big plant-based chocolate sales at Easter. Focus on familiarity  A key reason for consumer hesitation when it comes to plant-based products is the perception that they won’t taste as good as animal-based products [1]. Thus, it is important for plant-based brands to produce products that successfully emulate the taste, texture, …


Pecan Deluxe sweets

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Sweets Producer Pecan Deluxe Candy Makes Full Range Vegan, Avoiding Brexit Taxes

Pecan Deluxe Candy UK has reformulated the company’s recipes, making the whole range vegan, to avoid new British export regulations, which impose hefty taxes on animal-derived products. Pecan Delux Candy is a family-owned manufacturer based in Dallas, Texas, with international sites in the UK and Thailand. The company is a custom wholesale supplier with a portfolio ranging from toppings, baking inclusions, fudges, cookie dough, and popping candy. Tapping into current trends The company reformulated recipes, replacing butter and eggs for plant-based alternatives that don’t require the same EU border checks, after European exports dropped to 55% of total UK sales compared with 84% before Brexit. The bosses state that the products are now cheaper to produce and also tap into the current zeitgeist: “A plant-based …


Vegan milk chocolate

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Moon Magic Launches ‘World’s First’ Line of Low-Calorie, Low-Sugar Vegan Milk Chocolate

Moon Magic, a new dairy-free chocolate brand, is officially launching its line of better-for-you chocolates that aim to disrupt the global chocolate market by transforming the treat into a healthy snack.  Described as the ‘world’s first’ all-vegan, low-calorie and low-sugar milk chocolate, Moon Magic’s products are made from a blend of oat milk and almond milk.  Each of the brand’s bars contains 117 calories and 2g of total sugars, which come from naturally occurring sugars in its oat milk. Unlike the majority of retail chocolate bars, Moon Magic says it uses simple ingredients with no preservatives or artificial additives.  The brand’s flavors include: Cosmic Crunch – With crunchy crisped puffed rice  Tropic in Coconut – Coconut chocolate bar with almond pieces, shredded coconut and crispy …


Meta Burger with MeliBio Honey

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Colorado: Meta Burger Partners with MeliBio to Debut Bee-Free Honey on Special Menu

Meta Burger, Colorado’s leading plant-based burger chain, announces it is partnering with MeliBio to debut the world’s first bee-free honey on its menu.  Beginning in February, Meta Burger will offer a specially crafted dish made with MeliBio’s plant-based honey.  This month, customers have the chance to vote for which MeliBio honey-inspired dish they would like to see on the chain’s menu in February: Hot Honey Garlic Tender Basket, a Honey Sesame Burger, or a Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich. According to Meta Burger, which operates three locations in Denver and Boulder, this is the first time MeliBio’s bee-free honey will be available in the state of Colorado. “Meta Burger is making delicious, sustainable food more accessible,” said Michael Reeves, co-founder of Meta Burger. “Partnering with a …


Love Cocoa

James Cadbury. © Love Cocoa

James Cadbury’s Love Cocoa Raises £4.25M in Round Led by Richard Koch

Love Cocoa, the UK-based chocolate company founded by James Cadbury, has raised £4.25 million from investor and bestselling author Richard Koch. The company will use the funding to open several new retail stores in London, increase distribution of its plant-based HiP Chocolate brand, and hire a new finance director and head of marketing. Love Cocoa and HiP are now said to have a combined retail value of more than £10 million, with over 300% growth achieved in the past two years. The company’s founder, who is a descendant of Cadbury’s chocolate founder John Cadbury, said Love Cocoa had previously been bootstrapped since it was launched in 2016. The business has rejected investments numerous times, including on the TV show Dragons’ Den, but Cadbury said on …


Breyers Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream


Unilever Adds Breyers Oat Milk and Talenti Dairy-Free Gelato to US Ice Cream Line

CPG giant Unilever, the world’s largest ice cream manufacturer, is expanding its US dairy-free ice cream offerings with a new range of innovations from Breyers and Talenti gelato.   Legacy ice cream brand Breyers is rolling out Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla – its first all-vanilla plant-based ice cream flavor. Featuring an upgraded formula made with real oat milk, Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla is one of the first dairy-free ice creams to be offered in a large 1.5 quart tub.  Since 2015, Breyers has sold a separate line of plant-based ice creams made with almond milk.  Better gelato Another Unilever brand, Talenti, reveals it is adding a new selection of dairy-free gelato to its lineup. Crafted from cashew butter and oat milk, the Dairy-Free gelatos are said to match …


Vegan gelatin alternative

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Alland & Robert Launches Vegan Gelatin Alternative With Improved Texture & Elasticity

Natural gum expert Alland & Robert has developed a texturising agent that could serve as a vegan gelatin alternative. Called Syndeo Gelling, the agent is made entirely from plant-based hydrocolloids and gum acacia. According to Alland & Robert, most vegan gelatin alternatives on the market fall short in terms of texture and elasticity, but Syndeo Gelling addresses these issues. The ingredient is said to have the beneficial properties of both pectin and gelatin, providing low hardness and high elasticity without stickiness. It is also neutral-tasting, odourless, and colourless. This allows for the reformulation of existing sweets and supplements, and possibly even desserts such as mousses. Animal-free gelatin Worldwide, various producers have been attempting to develop sustainable and animal-friendly alternatives to gelatin. In the US, Provenance …


Vegan Whipt Cream

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Alamance Foods Debuts Dairy-Free ‘Whipt’ Cream in Coconut, Almond and Oat

Food technology firm Alamance Foods announces the launch of Whipt – a dairy-free new alternative to traditional whipped cream. Available in three varieties – Coconut, Almond and Oat, Whipt can be found in the US in Lidl, Woodman’s Market and select Walmart locations. Sold in classic steel canisters, Whipt is described as a “viable alternative” to dairy-based whipped cream that both adults and children can enjoy. Whipt’s gluten-free flavors include three protein bases:  Oat – A vanilla-flavored cream for topping an oat milk latte or any hot beverages Almond – Features a nutty, Marzipan-like flavor that contrasts hot chocolate and more Coconut – For decorating pies and cakes – can also substitute milk in any dessert  According to the company, Whipt’s products come in recyclable …


Ben & Jerry's Vegan Oatmeal Ice Cram

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After 10 Years, Ben & Jerry’s ‘Most Requested’ Oatmeal Ice Cream Re-Launches with Partake Cookies

Ben & Jerry’s announces it is bringing back its long-sought-after ice cream flavor, Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, as an all-new non-dairy dessert: Oatmeal Dream Pie. Created in collaboration with Partake Foods, the new ice cream features Partake Gluten-Free Oatmeal Cookies and will soon appear in US stores as a full-time dairy-free addition.  Ben & Jerry’s discontinued the fan favorite Oatmeal Cookie Chunk in 2012; since then, the Vermont-based company has reported it as its most commonly-requested flavor by fans. The new Oatmeal Crème Pie features Partake’s allergy-friendly oatmeal cookies combined with marshmallow swirls. The dessert is certified vegan and will retail for an MRSP of $5.99 – $6.49 per pint. “Foodie fans can rejoice this new version of our nostalgic offering,” said Flavor Guru, Chris Rivard, …


Target Tabitha Brown


Target Launching New Tabitha Brown Food Collection Featuring 40 Vegan Products

US retail chain Target announces it is partnering with superstar influencer Tabitha Brown to launch the Tabitha Brown for Target Vegan Food and Kitchen Collection. The limited-time collection features nearly 100 items covering grocery, tableware, linens, food storage and cookware. Debuting January 8th, Brown’s vegan grocery range includes 40 different selections of plant-based meats, spreads, pasta, snacks and more. The extensive collection includes: BBQ Seasoned Patties Garlic Plant-Based Patties Plant-Based Sausage with Mushrooms Sausage w/ Jalapeño & Cilantro Sausage w/ Mango, Basil & Cilantro  Strawberry Cream Cheese Caramelized Onion Cream Cheese  Garlic Cream Cheese Cilantro Lime Aioli  Spicy Cilantro Garlic Spread Truffle Garlic Spread Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Organic Popcorn  Vegan Potato Salad Garlic Pasta Salad Vegan Pizza Ravioli  Polenta & Wild Mushroom Ravioli Vegan …


Heavenly Desserts

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Heavenly Desserts UK Launches Extensive Vegan Menu for Veganuary

International dessert chain Heavenly Desserts is celebrating Veganuary in the UK with its first ever plant-based collection. The extensive new vegan menu — available at the chain’s 50+ UK locations — aims to replicate popular Heavenly Desserts treats with plant-based ingredients. The options on offer will include: Intense Chocolate Pot — made with coconut cream and accompanied by raspberry sorbet. Mochi — an Asian delicacy available in flavours such as chocolate & hazelnut, cookie dough, and mango & passion fruit. Apple & Blackcurrant Crumblejack — a twist on apple crumble, served with vegan custard. Warm Chocolate Brownie, Brownie Explosion, and Cookie Dough Brownie. Sundaes — available in flavours such as Lotus Biscoff, mango, strawberry & passion fruit, and warm brownie, caramel, & banana. In recognition …


Herza chips on spoons


HERZA Schokolade: Sunflower Protein-Based Chocolate Pieces for Food Service

HERZA Schokolade, a specialist in small chocolate pieces for food service, has created various organic, vegan milk chocolate pieces based on sunflower protein, in flavours such as amaranth or salty caramel. HERZA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality functional chocolate pieces for the food service industry, and the European market leader in small chocolate pieces for mueslis. The German producer, part of the Stern Wywiol Group, specialises in specialist small chocolate pieces and provides creative variety for muesli, snacks, ice cream and baked goods. Says the company, the main challenge with vegan chocolate is to obtain the familiar creamy and milky flavour of milk chocolate, stating that it has precisely achieved this goal with the new products.   BIOFACH 2023 At the …


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Australian Raw Chocolate Brand Loving Earth Raises $485K Via Equity Crowdfunding

Loving Earth, a plant-based raw chocolate producer from Melbourne, Australia, has raised $485,000 through an equity crowdfunding campaign conducted on Birchal. Over 300 investors participated in the campaign, and Loving Earth says it will use the funding to rebrand and launch new products. The company will also work to increase its global presence, recruit more team members, and expand via new distribution channels. Loving Earth first launched its organic plant-based chocolate in 2007, and initially saw huge demand. However, major chocolate brands soon began introducing similar products, creating tough competition. After facing further challenges during the pandemic, Loving Earth has only recently begun making a profit again. The company hopes the new funding will help it to get back on track. Fast-growing market A report …


Issei Vegan Gummies


Issei Brings Gelatin-Free, Japanese-Inspired Mochi Gummies to Whole Foods

While most gummy candies on the market utilize animal gelatin, corn syrup and artificial colors, one brand is reinventing chewy snacks using East Asian artisan techniques and better, cleaner ingredients.  Issei is a female- and Asian-owned brand whose plant-based mochi gummies are merging Japanese culture traditions with modern innovation. Inspired by beloved Japanese mochi treats, the gummies are bite-sized snacks made with rice flour that come in several flavors, including Strawberry, Vanilla and Mango.  Naturally crafted without gelatin, Issei mochi gummies are also low in sugar, gluten-free, soy-free and non-GMO.    Fueled by heritage Founded by Miko Shino, Issei (which translates to “first Japanese immigrants to the US”) was born from Shino’s desire to create healthy, chewy snacks she would be proud to feed her …