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Swizzels Launches Six New Vegan Sweets for Veganuary

Swizzels has launched a range of new vegan sweets for Veganuary, as the UK confectionery brand prepares for the fourth year of its “All These, All Year, All Vegan” campaign. The new products include three variety bags (Luscious Lollies, Scrumptious Sweets, and Curious Chews), along with the Party Mix tub, Minions chew bars, and the Minions tropical chew bag. They add to Swizzels’ existing vegan-friendly range, which includes Refreshers chews, Rainbow Drops, Love Hearts, Fizzers, and more. Last year, Swizzels reported a 22% jump in sales during Veganuary, following the success of the company’s annual campaign to promote its vegan sweets. With more people than ever signing up for Veganuary 2023, Swizzels could be set for an even bigger boost. Vegan confectionery in the UK …


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Cadbury’s First Vegan-Certified Chocolate Bar Arrives in Canada

Mondelēz International has recently introduced Cadbury‘s Plant Bar, a vegan chocolate version of the brand’s famous Dairy Milk bar, to the Canadian market. Canadians looking to enjoy a dairy-free chocolate treat now have the 90g Plant Bar in Chocolatey Smooth and Salted Caramel flavors available at retailers nationwide. Cadbury’s Plant Bar is vegan-certified by the Vegan Society UK. Cadbury’s chocolate products in Canada, including Cadbury’s Plant Bar, source cocoa through Cocoa Life – Mondelēz International’s sustainable cocoa program, which recently received a $600 million investment. Mondelez claims its program encourages responsible farming, helps fight deforestation, and supports cocoa farming communities.  Canadians’ tastes are changing  Cadbury launched the vegan Plant Bar in the UK in October 2021, following years of development carried out by the Mondelēz International R&D team. With …


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OLIVIERI 1882’s Traditional Panettone Recipe Goes Vegan for Christmas

Italian panettone specialist OLIVIERI 1882 is launching an all-natural, vegan panettone for authentic Italian holiday celebrations. The new Vegan Christmas Cake is 100% prepared by hand, according to Olivieri. Surveys reveal that one in four consumers worldwide identifies as a flexitarian, and half of the consumers globally are interested in plant-based foods or beverages. With these trends in place, vegan sales expectations are high for this Christmas.   “Doted on by Italians for centuries, panettone reigns as the bel paese’s holiday treat of choice. The tall, dome-shaped sweet bread traditionally calls for butter and eggs, but Olivieri 1882’s take on the classic means vegans can have their cake and eat it, too!” says the company. Swapping animal ingredients OLIVIERI 1882 has been baking panettone for …


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PLAYin CHOC’s Multi-Award Winning Vegan Chocolate Boards Iceland’s PLAY Airline

PLAYin CHOC, a multi award-winning vegan chocolate producer based in the UK, announces a new supplier partnership with low-cost Icelandic airline PLAY. The brand’s 30g JustChoc Box is now part of the in-flight menu on 27 of the carrier’s worldwide routes. PLAYin CHOC MD Dominic Simler said: “This is a really exciting move for PLAYin CHOC. Being able to offer PLAY passengers our award-winning range is fantastic. Having the peace of mind that our chocolate is free from the 14 most common allergens is reassuring for all those travelling on board each flight, and we are really proud of that.” PLAYin CHOC has received 34 awards for its organic, vegan, allergen-free Peruvian chocolate and innovative and sustainable designs.  Health + Joy + Planet According to PLAYin CHOC, …


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TBH Vegan Hazelnut Spread Appoints New Co-CEO as Part of Strategic Growth Plan

TBH, the vegan hazelnut cocoa spread co-founded by Stranger Things star Noah Schnapps, announces a realignment of its executive team, with investor and co-founder Ba Minuzzi joining current CEO Elena Guberman as co-CEO, and Ms. Guberman becoming a co-founder. According to tbh, these changes mark the beginning of a strategic growth trajectory for the brand.  Created as a better-for-you alternative to conventional hazelnut spreads, TBH (an anagram of To Be Honest) sells spreads made with simple ingredients, less sugar, and don’t use any palm oil. Since launching in 2021, TBH has built an impressive online following with over 160,000 fans on IG and TikTok, and over 20 million views of its content, thanks to Schnapp’s celebrity influence. Purpose-driven brands The brand’s new co-CEO, Ba Minuzzi, …


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Case Study – LoveRaw: Fostering Familiarity With Delicious Dairy-Free Chocolate

The dairy-free chocolate industry is a sector that has seen rapid growth in recent years, with no signs of slowing down. To learn more about the developing category, ProVeg International conducted a deep dive and discovered some useful information for businesses looking to develop their own vegan chocolate products. In a recent case study, ProVeg International interviewed the fast-growing dairy-free chocolate brand, LoveRaw. Above all quotes, one, in particular, stood out.  LoveRaw Co-founder Rimi Thapar, said: “Familiarity with heritage chocolate products is important to consumers when transitioning to a flexitarian or plant-based diet. Our mission is to make delicious plant-based chocolate accessible to everyone, whether they’re vegan, ‘unvegan vegan’, flexitarian, or otherwise – without compromising on taste.”  Let’s explore this quote a little deeper, to understand …


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Ingredients Trend: Flexible and Tolerant H&F Pectin for Vegan Applications

Pectin was first discovered in fruits over 200 years ago. However, the possibility of using it in food production was only recognized at the beginning of the 20th century. Pectin is a natural fibre, which is found in apples along with citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and limes. This makes it a purely plant-based product and perfectly suited for vegan applications — it is used for texturizing and as a gelling agent, thickener or stabilizer. In many application areas, pectin can complement or even replace other texturizing ingredients, such as gelatine in fruit gums, marshmallows and panna cotta. As a complementary ingredient, pectin with starch can effectively combine the technological advantages of both stabilizers and generate additional benefits in bakeable fruit fillings or gummy …


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Cocoa-Free Chocolate Brand WNWN Increases Production Space Eightfold

UK-based WNWN Food Labs has announced it is constructing a new facility to increase its production space by eight times. The company claims to be the first worldwide to commercially launch cocoa-free chocolate, which is made via the fermentation of ingredients such as barley and carob. The new facility, based in Hackney Wick, London, will include space for R&D, manufacturing, a test kitchen, and offices. WNWN’s chocolate aims to tackle the issues associated with conventional chocolate production, including slavery, child labour, and deforestation. The company’s products are vegan and free of gluten, palm oil, and caffeine. They are also safe for dogs, as they don’t contain theobromine. Preparing for future launches WNWN first launched its chocolate in May of this year, available exclusively via the …


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Choc Affair Launches Oat M!lk Buttons & Hot Chocolate Flakes

Choc Affair, an ethical chocolate brand based in York, UK, has added several new plant-based options to its range. The new products include Oat M!lk Hot Chocolate and Oat M!lk Chocolate Buttons, with the latter available in “milk” and white chocolate varieties. Additionally, the brand has launched dark chocolate versions of both products, which are also suitable for vegans. All five options have been certified by The Vegan Society and are packaged in fully recyclable paper pouches. They are made with single-origin Colombian cocoa, which the brand pays extra for in order to help fund reforestation projects. Choc Affair already offers an extensive range of vegan-friendly chocolates, including Oat M!lk bars in the flavours Classic, Salted Caramel, Lemon & Raspberry, and Orange & Rhubarb. The …


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Whole Foods Market Names Kelp, Dates and Non-Dairy Milk Pulp as Top 2023 Food Trends

Whole Foods Market has released its eighth annual food trend predictions for the upcoming year. Compiling insights from over 50 Whole Foods team members, including culinary experts and regional and global buyers, the retail chain has identified nondairy milk pulp, kelp and dates as some of the biggest plant-based trends for 2023.  Nondairy milk sales continue to soar, and social media influencers are exploring new ways to make use of by-products from soy, oat and almond milk production. As TikTok creators discover inventive ways to upcycle leftovers from nut and seed-based milks, brands such as Renewal Mill are releasing baking mixes made with upcycled milk pulp, such as okara flour. Whole Foods also plans to release oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made from upcycled oats in …


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Five UK Brands Offering Vegan Christmas Confectionery

With the festivities almost upon us, we summarise the UK’s latest vegan Christmas confectionery launches, with five brands recently launching plant-based advent calendars and seasonal treats. 1. H!P H!P has released a new plant-based 2022 advent calendar filled with vegan-friendly oat milk chocolate. The chocolate comes in four flavours; original, salted caramel, gingerbread, and white. The calendar’s box is 100% plastic free and recyclable. H!P’s 2022 advent Calendar is available for pre-order at the company’s webpage and will also be available via Amazon, Ocado, Scribbler, Waterstones, and Whole Foods. H!P also offers a festive limited edition of its Gingerbread Oat Milk Chocolate, a crunchy vegan gingerbread biscuit with creamy oat milk chocolate. 2. NOMO NOMO has unveiled its vegan Christmas sweet collection with six products: Choc Orange …


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Texan-Dutch Stroop Club Announces New Plant Based Direction

Stroop Club, a maker of traditional Dutch caramel waffle cookies, has relaunched its products as vegan and organic certified. Additionally, the company announced the launch of a pancake and waffle syrup line, also vegan and organic.  When Stroop Club was founded in 2015 by Chantal Piëtn and Tako Vermeulen, its mission was to bridge cultural barriers by selling traditional Dutch stroopwafel (caramel waffle cookies). Stroop’s website declares: “What else could I bring but our stroopwafel iron when we immigrated to the US end of 2015? Sharing something so sweet and so traditionally Dutch, bridged our cultures immediately. Fast forward to 2022, we even improved our recipe into fully organic and 100% plant based!” In an interview for Bio Journaal, Vermeulen explained that he won the …



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Ingredients trends: H&F Pectin improves starch-based vegan gummy confectionery

Gummy and jelly confectionery is a large and important segment of the confectionery industry. Manufacturers and consumers have particularly high demands on the taste, texture, and appearance of vegan alternatives. Starch is often the main ingredient used to gel vegan gummy confectionery. In contrast, the combination of starch with pectin offers a perfect alternative with many advantages over purely starch-based products: ✓ Shorter moulding time ✓ Less stickiness ✓ Better flavour release ✓ Increased throughput ✓ Earlier achievement of product firmness ✓ Reduced energy and storage costs You can save up to 5% starch and replace it with just 1.1% pectin without losing any of the essential texture properties! In addition, there are further advantages: ✓ The use of pectin leads to a less sticky …


Superfoodio Co-op launch

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Superfoodio Launches “Category First” Peanut Butter Buttons in Co-op Across UK

Plant-based snack brand Superfoodio has launched its “world-first” Peanut Butter Buttons as part of Co-op’s Apiary Scheme, stating that the innovation creates an extension for the £101M peanut butter category. The launch is supported by a marketing campaign called #nomorebutterfingers. Since the 1800s, peanut butter has been sold in jars, but husband and wife founders Nirali and Jagir Mankodi wanted to develop a way that the spread could be enjoyed “without the constraints of a jar”, transforming it into an on-the-go snack.  Nirali and Jagir explain: “With our Peanut Butter Buttons, we are ready to excite and delight taste buds in the much-loved peanut butter aisles all over the UK. Rather than compete, our range completes the current peanut butter offerings on the market. With …


Adam Lowry

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Ripple Foods Co-Founder Adam Lowry Joins Bon Dévil Desserts as Executive Chairman

Plant-based dessert company Bon Dévil, formerly known as The Coconut Collaborative, announces Adam Lowry has joined the brand as Executive Chairman, succeeding Tom O’Rourke.  As part of the executive team, Lowry brings extensive experience in the plant-based foods industry, most recently as the co-founder of the highly successful dairy-free brand Ripple. Lowry also co-created the eco-friendly cleaning products brand Method. According to Bon Dévil, he brings a robust overall track record of launching and building top CPG brands, based on his experience with Method and Ripple.   “Bon Dévil is an impressive brand in the plant-based food category with a great trajectory for growth,” said Lowry. “My interest in building businesses with sustainability principles while generating strong shareholder returns meshes perfectly with Bon Dévil’s mission.” Guilt-free …