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MycoTechnology and IFF Partner to Develop Innovative Alt-Proteins for European Market

Mycelium solutions company MycoTechnology and IFF announce a partnership to co-develop alternative proteins and next-generation food and beverage products for the European market.  The new agreement will allow MycoTechology to capitalize on IFF’s RE-IMAGINE PROTEIN innovation program and use its state-of-the-art facilities in Brabrand, Denmark, including the Culinary Design Center, which specializes in novel plant-based foods.  The two companies have previously partnered in the US to combine MycoTechnology’s mycelial fermentation with IFF’s technical expertise. “This is an exciting new level of collaboration,” said Alan Hahn, CEO of MycoTechnology.”IFF understands the importance of innovation and using it to build a better, more sustainable food system. We’re delighted to embark on a new journey together to create the cutting-edge solutions consumers demand for taste, nutrition, and sustainability.” …


Prime Roots Plant-Based Deli Meat

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Prime Roots Launches First Sliceable Koji Meats to Disrupt $300B Bulk Deli Industry

Fungi innovator Prime Roots announces its breakthrough line of Koji-Meats is now available at select deli counters and sandwich shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Offered in bulk sizes for fresh slicing, the launch is a preview ahead of a larger US retail and restaurant expansion in 2023.  Prime Roots’ preview launch features classic deli staples and charcuterie, including:  Whole Koji-Turkey in Classic Smoked, Cracked Black Pepper, and Golden Roast  Whole Koji-Hams in Classic Smoked, Black Forest, and Sugar Shack Maple  Koji-Pepperoni  Koji-Salami  Koji-Pâtés with apple & sage or black truffle  Koji-Foie Gras Torchon In the Bay Area, local diners can find the products at the following restaurants and markets: Berkeley Bowl Bi-Rite Market Rhea’s Deli Timeless Coffee Millennium and Above Ground Pizza Driver’s …


Mycelium MyBacon

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Following Strong Demand, MyForest Foods Expands MyBacon into New York City

Food tech startup MyForest Foods Co. announces its mycelium-based MyBacon is now available in NYC, marking the product’s first foray into a major retail market. MyBacon can now be found at Westerley Natural Market and organic grocery store Elm Wellness in Manhattan and the West Village, respectively.  According to MyForest, the launch results from significant momentum the company has gained since unveiling MyBacon in 2020. In addition to retail, MyForest will expand into food service by offering MyBacon at Herbie’s Burgers, a popular burger chain in Albany, NY.  “Westerly Natural Market is New York’s City’s destination for plant-based, organic and all-natural items and supplements, which serves a diverse customer base with equally diverse preferences,” said Ricardo Nieves, store manager of Westerly Natural Market. “We are …


planetary to scale food fermentation industry

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World First Integrated Precision and Mycelium Fermentation Protein Plant Coming to Switzerland

Fermentation manufacturing platform planetary SA has hired Glatt and IE Group to engineer what is claimed to be the world’s first integrated precision and mycelium fermentation plant. Based in Switzerland, the facility will be able to produce fermented proteins, lipids, and other compounds at scale, along with mycelium biomass. Planetary raised $8 million to build the facility earlier this year, with the intention of removing bottlenecks in the fermentation industry caused by a lack of bioprocessing capacity. This should help to reduce costs. Integrated process solutions firm Glatt will plan the process and safety technology systems for the facility, while IE Group — an industrial construction specialist — will design the building and infrastructure. The engineering process will have a focus on sustainability and resource …


Esencia Founders

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Esencia Foods: “The First Company in Europe to Produce Alt Seafood Based on Mycelium”

Headed by Scientist and Chef Bruno Scocozza, and ‘Mercenary turned Missionary’ Hendrik Kaye; Berlin’s Esencia Foods says it is “building the fish and seafood alternatives of the future based on mushroom mycelium”. We caught up with Bruno and Hendrik to find out about their plans to feed the world with with mushroom roots. Please introduce yourself and Esencia Foods to our readers Henrik: Esencia Foods is the first company in Europe to produce alternatives to seafood based on mushroom mycelium, using solid-state fermentation. Our mission is to promote the global transition to sustainable ocean stewardship – without asking consumers to compromise on taste, texture or price. What inspired you to start a company?  Henrik: A Dutch researcher said, “Humanity needs to produce more food in …


Meati Mushroom chicken burger


TIME Names Meati Cutlet, Beyond Steak and MyForest Bacon Among Best Inventions of 2022

TIME Magazine has named plant and fungi-based meat creations from Meati, Beyond Meat and MyForest Foods among its top 200 Inventions of 2022, which selects innovations changing how we live. Best-selling cutlets Made from 95% mycelium, or mushroom roots, Meati’s Crispy Cutlet and Classic Cutlet earned glowing praise for looking and tasting like actual chicken. The Colorado startup has identified a unique strain of mushroom root that provides unparalleled flavor, texture, nutrition and speed of growth. According to Meati, it can transform a fifth of a teaspoon of spores into a full cow’s equivalent of meat in four days. The company also reports its first pre-order event in early 2022 sold out in less than 24 hours, while its most recent product drops sold out …


Mamu Kebabs

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Sempera Organics Launches Mamu – A ‘First of Its Kind’ Protein Made From 3 Species of Mushroom

Sempera Organics announces the launch of Mamu, a new center-of-the-plate protein intended to provide a highly versatile, nutritious and sustainable protein source. Described as a “first-of-its-kind” ingredient, Mamu is crafted from three species of mushrooms and chickpeas, using both the whole mushroom and mycelium roots.  Created with proprietary technology, Mamu features just six ingredients: three species of mushroom (shiitake, king oyster, white button) chickpeas, oil and water. Unlike many mushroom-meat producers, Mamu uses both the mycelium (root structure) and visible fruiting body of the mushroom.  The non-GMO, high-fiber protein is designed to be endlessly adaptable to a wide variety of cooking applications, including sauteeing, grilling, frying, baking, poaching, broiling and searing. “Juicy and flavorful” “Mamu retains moisture throughout the cooking process, resulting in a juicy, …


sweetgreen and Meati Bowl


US Salad Chain sweetgreen Partners with Meati for New Miso Meati Bowl

US salad chain sweetgreen announces it has joined with mushroom meat brand Meati to introduce The Miso Meati Bowl. Launching Nov. 10th at sweetgreen’s Culver City Food Lab, the item marks the chain’s first plant-based partnership and Meati’s first time joining a fast-casual menu. High-protein option Described as a flavor-packed, warm and hearty option, the new dish features Miso Marinated Meati™️ with roasted sweet potatoes, shredded cabbage, basil, kale, toasted almonds, wild rice, and miso sesame ginger dressing.  According to sweetgreen, the new item answers strong customer demand for a high-protein vegan option. The chain also states it chose to partner with Meati because both brands share a similar food ethos and goal of creating a sustainable impact on the planet.  Mushroom meat leader Based …


Prime Roots Deli Meats Slicer

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All-Star List of Global Industry Leaders Unite to Form Fungi Protein Association

An impressive cast of fungi protein manufacturers from around the planet has united to form a new trade body, the Fungi Protein Association (FPA). The FPA’s founding members include Quorn, Nature’s Fynd, ENOUGH, The Better Meat Co., The Protein Brewery, Prime Roots, Mycotechnology, Mycorena, Aqua Cultured Foods, Mush Foods, MyForest Foods, Bosque Foods, and nonprofit organizations ProVeg and The Good Food Institute. The FPA will represent the interests of its member companies, including advocating for fungi as a sustainable protein in public policy, conducting consumer research, and more. Fungi, a sustainable protein The Fungi Protein Association asserts that meat, egg, and dairy alternatives made using fungi proteins are nutritious, delicious, and more sustainable than wheat, soy, or other plant proteins. The association cites a 2022 …


food tech enough new hire john gray


ENOUGH Appoints John Gray as Managing Director for EU Operations

Food tech startup ENOUGH, a leader in mycoprotein production, has appointed John Gray as Managing Director for its EU operations. Gray has been hired to strengthen and lead the company’s commercial B2B focus and build scale.   John Gray was previously MBU Director Europe & Global Poultry Lead for OSI – one of the world’s largest privately held food manufacturers with more than 65 facilities in 18 countries. Gray’s appointment comes just after one month after ENOUGH inaugurated what it claims to be the world’s largest mycoprotein facility. According to ENOUGH, Gray has an exceptional track record of building and supporting customer relationships in both branded and own-label arenas in the global marketplace. His 30 years of experience across the food manufacturing, marketing, sales, food …


REVO x Mycorena

Image courtesy Revo Foods

Mycorena & Revo Foods to Develop “Whole New Realistic Meat-Like Product Segment” For Alt Seafood

Mycoprotein specialist Mycorena and 3D printed seafood expert Revo Foods have begun a research collaboration to develop a mycoprotein suitable for 3D printing alt seafood products. The printable mycoprotein will have a soft fibrous texture, light colour and neutral taste, making it particularly suitable for seafood alternatives, according to the companies. Says Austria’s Revo Foods: “Being able to combine the meat-like properties of mycoprotein with the unrestricted shaping possibilities of 3D food printing, a whole new realistic meat-like product segment can be created.” Revo Foods is developing new food processing technologies, including 3D tech, for plant-based seafood products including its salmon and tuna alternatives which are already seeing retail success around Europe. Most recently, Revo announced the Austrian launch of new products Revo Gravlax, Revo …


Bernhard Ilerup, Mycorena

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Mycorena Hires Quorn Commercial Director to Drive Growth

Swedish foodtech company Mycorena onboards Bernhard Ilerup as Head of Commercial Growth to support the company’s ongoing growth process. Bernhard Ilerup comes directly from a management position at Quorn Foods, a long-time market leader in mycoproteins. In his new role as Head of Commercial Growth at Mycorena, Ilerup is tasked with taking the company to a new level on the commercial side. With the goal of becoming the market leader in mycoproteins, the company is nearing the start of commercial production at the new Promyc production plant 3P, scheduled for 2023. Recently, there have been reports of a decline in the market for plant-based products, however, the market for mycoprotein is still on the upswing and is expected to continue to increase due to its …


Plant-based pea-fungi products

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Peas of Heaven Launches Frozen Pea Protein Hybrids in Collaboration With Mycorena

Peas of Heaven announces the launch of a “totally unique range of products” combining pea protein and Mycorena’s mycoprotein ingredient Promyc. Peas of Heaven is known for its fresh pea-based meat alternatives ranging from burgers meatballs, bacon, mince, and various types of sausage, which sold out within 24 hours upon the opening of the brand’s online store last spring. Mycorena is a food tech that works with fungi technology to create its mycelium-based protein Promyc. Earlier this year, the two Swedish brands developed The Converter, the first hybrid vegan sausage made using pea protein and Promyc. Following its success, the companies again joined forces to create this newly announced range of frozen products. Julia Granung, head of product development at Peas of Heaven, said: “We see …


Adamo Foods develops steaks made from fungi

Image: Damir Omerović on Unsplash

Adamo Foods Raises $620K For Ultra-Realistic Steaks Made From Fungi

UK-based food tech company Adamo Foods has secured $620,000 to further develop its meat-free steaks made from fungi. The new funding comes from three separate organisations. The first is the UK government’s research and innovation department, Innovate UK, which awarded Adamo one of its highly competitive Smart Grants. Adamo then went on to receive investment from venture capital fund Beeches Group. Finally, the company received further funding after being selected as the winner of the SHAKE Climate Change 2022 competition, which aims to support sustainable food innovations. Adamo produces its clean label steaks from mycelium (the root structure of fungi) using a proprietary fermentation process. Mycelium has a naturally fibrous, muscle-like texture, and is a rich source of protein and fibre. Mycelium-based whole cuts Worldwide, …


A mushroom burger

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Spain’s Innomy Receives €1.3M For Mycelium-Based Meats 

Spanish startup Innomy, dedicated to mushroom-based alternatives to meat, announced it has raised €1.3 million in a Pre Series A funding round to scale, promote and market its products in Europe. Innomy is part of Spain Foodtech startup acceleration program developed by Eatable Adventures in collaboration with ICEX (Spain Export and Investment), CNTA, and Rockstart’s AgriFood program. Innomy is based in Bilbao and was founded in 2021. The team consists of CEO and co-founder Juan Pablo de Giacomi, COO and co-founder Pablo Sánchez Rey, and mycologist CSO Francisco Kuhar. Innomy says it is developing a new generation of healthier, sustainable, and more delicious meat alternatives combining fungi and biotechnology. For years, the startup has been researching mycelium properties and their benefits on people’s health and …