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Michelin Chef Promotes Veganism

Michelin star chef Jason Atherton, former employee of renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, recently called for more openness towards vegan food within his profession. According to Atherton, too many cooks are still sceptical about veganism, although the trend is becoming increasingly widespread.


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Sweden: Max Burgers Focuses on New Vegan Burger Options

The Swedish hamburger chain “Max Burgers” is expanding its vegan and vegetarian range. With this move, it is responding to the decline in meat consumption in Sweden. The company wants to generate only half of its turnover with red meat by 2022 – this goal seems realistic based on the figures to date.


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Peapod Partners with Vegan Cook

More and more customers now order their groceries online. If you order online in America, you are probably aware of Peapod, the USA’s biggest online food supplier. And to further cater to its customers, Peapod has brought in some support.


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Burgerheart Opens New Restaurant in Essen

The Würzburg fast food chain Burgerheart will soon be opening a new restaurant in Essen-Rüttenscheid. In addition to its classic dishes, Burgerheart also offers meatless options. Some examples are sweet potato and kidney bean patties and halloumi veggie burgers.