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Carrefour Continues to Focus on Vegan Range, Plans Expansion into China

On June 21st 2018, the French company Carrefour opened a new branch in the centre of Paris, one third of which is dedicated to vegan, gluten-free and organic food. The shop employs over 20 people and has a wide range of almost 6,000 different products. In addition to the new store in Paris, the French retailer also plans to expand into other regions of the world. Carrefour recently opened its first high-tech store in Shanghai. Based on the growing demand for vegan products in the Chinese market, the company sees China as an ideal location to win new customers.


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Michelin Chef Promotes Veganism

Michelin star chef Jason Atherton, former employee of renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, recently called for more openness towards vegan food within his profession. According to Atherton, too many cooks are still sceptical about veganism, although the trend is becoming increasingly widespread.


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Sweden: Max Burgers Focuses on New Vegan Burger Options

The Swedish hamburger chain “Max Burgers” is expanding its vegan and vegetarian range. With this move, it is responding to the decline in meat consumption in Sweden. The company wants to generate only half of its turnover with red meat by 2022 – this goal seems realistic based on the figures to date.