Mr. Charlie's Vegan Big Mac

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‘Vegan McDonalds’ Mr. Charlie’s Opening in San Francisco, Will Expand to Australia, New Zealand, and More

Mr. Charlies, the Los Angeles-based fast food restaurant popularly known as the “Vegan McDonald’s”, will soon open its second location in San Francisco’s Union Square. Debuting on January 28th, the new store on 432 Sutter Street is reportedly located directly across from an actual McDonald’s restaurant. The company also says that, since opening last year, it has attracted enormous interest from investors and is planning to open new locations in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore as early as Q1 in 2023. Mr. Charlie’s achieved overnight viral fame in 2022 for apparently spoofing McDonald’s iconic logos and branding. Its 100% vegan menu features items like the signature “Frowny Meal”, ‘Not a Hamburger’, and ‘Not Chicken Nuggets.”  Within months of opening, Mr. Charlie’s reported receiving an “overwhelming …


Seaweed tampons

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Vyld’s Seaweed Tampons Outperform Conventional Products

Vyld, a Berlin-based startup that develops period products made from seaweed, claims that its fiber tampons outperform conventional products when tested for vaginal microbiome presence. Vyld’s news comes from a scientific study in collaboration with MyMicrobiome, the world’s leading company in independent microbiome-friendly certifications. “The results of the pilot project are promising: lactobacilli, which are important for the vaginal microbiome, showed above-average positive growth compared to comparative products made from cotton and viscose. An intact vaginal microbiome is important to ward off pathogens,” explains Dr. Kristin Neumann, CEO of MyMicrobiome.  The Kelpon tampons Conventional menstruation products used worldwide contain toxic substances dangerous for women besides generating immense amounts of waste that pollute waters and soils.  According to the company, its Kelpon tampons are plastic-free and …


Next Meats skirt steak bowl

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Japan Sees Soybean Boom in Plant-Based Food & Drink Production

Soy and tofu have been staples in Japan for around 1,300 years, traditionally consumed by Buddhists and initially introduced to the country by Chinese monks. Asia News reports today that use of the soybean in food and drink production has increased significantly over the past two years, and additionally, Japan Times states this week that “soy-based alternatives to animal-based sources of protein appear to be growing on Japan”. Aside from its traditional soy-based food items such as tofu, soy milk, soy sauce, and soy-based condiments; many of Japan’s meat-processing companies are starting to develop soy-based meat alternatives. This is attributed to increasing demand for healthier food options post-pandemic as well as  and the government’s drive for net-zero carbon emissions. The rise of soy milk Despite …


Kokiriki plant-based ham


Kokiriki Expands Plant-Based Offerings from Vegan Charcuterie to Alt Tuna to Carrefour France

French plant-based producer Kokiriki is continuing to expand its alt meat offerings with the launch of an extensive new line. Having started with the production of vegan charcuterie, the brand is now launching a range of vegan nuggets and breaded alt fish products, as well as its awarding-winning plant-based tuna.  Kokiriki, a subsidiary of the Morbiano Jouault group, has been producing vegan meat in the form of charcuterie, burgers, and meatballs since its launch in 2021 and has been listed nationally in all Carrefour hypermarkets in France since the beginning of February. The product range launch comes after the brand won the Most Innovative Product award in the fresh and frozen category award at the Gulfood international trade fair in Dubai for its Veg-Toona plant-based …



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Future Proofing Our Food System, by Katie Briefel

How do we sustainably grow food to meet future demand? This was the key question for policymakers and business leaders at the UN’s Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods event in Dubai last week. With the human population set to reach almost 10 billion by 2050, and precious resources such as water and land dwindling, reshaping the future of our food has never been more important. The meat industry produces 44% of global anthropogenic methane emissions, is a significant driver of deforestation worldwide and produces double the waste created by the entire human population. Despite this, the average per-capita consumption of meat globally is increasing. Is it inevitable that such a system with meat consumption at the forefront will remain the incumbent? Or are we shifting towards …


Help Ukraine – How to Donate Now For the Ukranian People and Animals

The people and animals in Ukraine need our help. The vegconomist team would be happy if you could support one of the following organisations with a generous donation. Thank you very much. Nova Ukraine: An non-profit organization focused on bringing humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations in Ukraine and spreading awareness of issues facing its residents to concerned parties in the United States. They are taking donations via Paypal, check, or cryptocurrency. Viva! Poland: Adopting animals at the border that need help. Our activists from Viva! Poland waited 24 hours to pick up dogs, and the Ukrainian woman who saved them drove with them for over a day. The food collection is still ongoing, details at…/ Support our activities by donating account number 53 1500 …


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Luxury Haircare Brand VEGAMOUR Receives $80M Funding From General Atlantic

VEGAMOUR, a digitally native brand of plant-based hair wellness products founded in 2016 by CEO Daniel Hodgdon, announces $80 million in minority growth investment from growth equity firm General Atlantic, to expand its portfolio and expand into new channels and geographies. Hair loss affects approximately 35% of women – amounting to around 60 million people in the US alone – and VEGAMOUR directly addresses this target group with its topical serums, organically-sourced supplements and natural hair maintenance and scalp health products. Daniel Hodgdon describes his brand and yesterday’s announcement: “After years of observing how things thrive in nature, it’s clear that when it comes to healthy hair, we should consider the body’s entire ecosystem. Hair wellness is impacted by so many factors – aging, stress, …



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UK Supermarket Iceland Doubles Plant-Based Offerings With Launch of LIVEKINDLY Brands in 1000 Stores

Following the LIVEKINDLY Co’s acquisition of No Meat, Iceland’s vegan meat alternative brand, the UK discount supermarket announces today it has doubled its meat-free offering in almost 1,000 stores, with the rollout of Fry’s, Oumph! and LikeMeat products. Andrew Staniland, Trading Director at Iceland Foods, stated: “We’ve seen substantial growth in meat free sales”. The products to be launched into Iceland and The Food Warehouse include: Fry’s – Chicken Burger, Chicken Nuggets, Big Fry Burger, Curry Pie and Fishless Fillet. Oumph! – Oumph! Kebab Spiced, Pulled Oumph!, Oumph! Balls, Oumph! Mince and Oumph! Smoky Bits. LikeMeat – Like Chicken Nuggets and Like Breaded Chicken. Domenico Speciale, General Manager, LIVEKINDLY Collective UK says: “Partnerships are crucial across the whole value chain to help deliver our mission …