70% of Medicines Contain Substances of Animal Origin – Veggiepharm is Here to Make Change Happen

Veggiepharm was founded by Luc Lamirault and Kévin Bondiguel in 2017 as the very first pharmaceutical company to develop medicines certified without animal ingredients and not tested on animals. The two founders come from Medipha Santé, an independent French pharmaceutical laboratory that develops drugs and acts as a service provider for other French and international laboratories.


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NØKO FOODS: Sports Recovery Foods, Made For Fighters and Powered By Microalgae

NØKO FOODS from France is participating in the current cohort of the ProVeg incubator programme, founded by a professional boxer, engineer, certified coach in nutritional sciences, who states that his brand’s mission is to shape the future of fight foods, to accelerate fighters’ progression and to make them better. “We are initiating a new generation of world champions with pro performance, healthy and sustainable foods, using the highly functional power of microalgae.”


Vegan Toys

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Ethically Made Sex Toys, Lubes and Condoms For a Very Vegan Valentines

We covered the subject of vegan condoms (yes that’s a thing and no they aren’t usually vegan) back in 2018 when vegan was far less mainstream. These days we have a plethora of ethically made, cruelty-free adult products available at a click – so for this Sunday 14th of Feb, here are a few ways to have some 100% animal-free fun and feel good on all levels, including morally!


EU Commission

EU to Stop Promoting Red and Processed Meat in Newly Published Cancer Plan?

This week, the EU Commission published a new plan to fight cancer, stating a commitment to encourage a “shift to a more plant-based diet, with less red and processed meat and other foods linked to cancer risks and more fruit and vegetables.” Compassion in World Farming says to vegconomist that an earlier leaked version was more ambitious and indicated a phasing out of the promotion of red and processed meat. …


Dr Natasha Fernando

Dr Natasha Fernando

Study of 10,000 Brits Shows Health Differences Between Vegans & Non-Vegans

A ‘veganalysis‘ by leading UK health check service Medichecks cross referenced key biomarkers for both plant-based and omnivorous eaters, and found significant differences between the results in both groups. Vegans had a lower blood sugar (HbA1c) count, which means they have lower risk of type 2 diabetes Vegans showed reduced non-HDL (unhealthy) cholesterol and lower overall cholesterol than meat-eaters – meaning decreased risk of heart disease and stroke Vegans had …