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UK Health Alliance on Climate Change Says Meat Should be Taxed to Help the Planet

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC), a collaboration between 21 British health organisations, was founded to raise awareness of dietary changes which could improve both public health and the environment. Now, the Alliance has released a policy paper with suggestions for government actions, including a tax on foods such as meat which have a high carbon footprint.


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New Zealand & Australia – New Report Finds Plant Meats “Nutritionally Superior” to Animal Products

Food Frontier, an independent think tank on alternative proteins in Australia and New Zealand, has released a first-of-its-kind report that analyses the health and nutrition of plant-based meat products available in said countries, citing Sunfed Meats and Fable Foods as the biggest plant meat brands in the region.

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Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Joins Million Dollar Vegan’s “Take Pandemics off the Menu” Campaign

Million Dollar Vegan, the nonprofit organisation that famously challenged President Trump last year to try vegan in return for $1M for war veterans, has now launched “Take Pandemics off the Menu”, with support from Evanna Lynch, vegan star of the hugely successful Harry Potter films.