Danny O'Malley – President Before the Butcher

© Danny O'Malley – Before the Butcher

Before The Butcher: “In five years we will be a well-known international brand.”

Consumers now have a wide range of products to choose from if they are looking for plant-based meat alternatives. Nevertheless, there are some companies and products that consumers repeatedly highlight on social media. One of these companies is “Before the Butcher”, with its B4 Burger. The American company’s mission is “universal acceptance of plant proteins”. We interviewed Danny O’Malley – President of Before the Butcher – about this mission and the current status of the company.


Maren Herrmann, Senior Innovation & Commercialisation Manager bei der Diageo Germany GmbH

© Maren Herrmann – Diageo Germany GmbH

Baileys Almande: Vegan Cream Liqueur Breaks into New Markets

“We’ll never be this young again!” is something older ladies like to exclaim over a liqueur. But cream liqueurs are not a dusty niche product. That has become especially apparent with the introduction of Baileys Almande – a cream liqueur that appeals to the rather younger target group of healthy and vegan consumers. In an interview with the PR department of Diageo Germany, we learned more about the (vegan) developments in the company.


Helge Weitz und Tobias Goj von Oatly

© Helge Weitz (li.) & Tobias Goj (re.) – General Manager Oatly DACH.

Oatly: “We See Ourselves as Pioneers of the Post Milk Generation”

The demand for plant-based milk alternatives has been growing rapidly in recent years. Oat drinks are particularly popular, which is particularly beneficial for the company Oatly. The Swedish manufacturer of milk alternatives uses oats, cocoa and fruit flavours to make its products. In an interview with Helge Weitz and Tobias, general managers of Oatly DACH – we asked about recent developments and future plans.


Hooba: “The future is looking really good”

We spoke with John Shepherd from Hooba, who have created a fungus-based product that is sustainable, healthy and plant based. He describes the taste and texture as “second to none” and says that with interest from home and abroad, they are looking to grow the brand in all sectors and countries as a truly ecological offering.


Hendrik Schillkes

© VeggieWorld

VeggieWorld: Vegan Fair Conquers Europe

Anyone who eats consciously – or even completely vegetarian or vegan – will not be able to avoid The VeggieWorld for long. The VeggieWorld started as a rather small vegetarian fair, but now attracts up to a 5-digit turnout and even big retailers like Aldi Süd.


Interview with Jan Bredack, CEO & Founder, Veganz GmbH

Veganism has long been more than just a trend. This realization is becoming clear to more and more private individuals, as well as commercial enterprises and industries. But there is someone who has always been convinced of this and has positioned himself early in the market with his own chain – Jan Bredack, Managing Director of Veganz GmbH.


Porträt: Godo Röben

© Rügenwalder Mühle Carl Müller GmbH & Co. KG

Rügenwalder Mühle Continues on Vegan Course

Are future alternatives limited? Not when it comes to vegetarian/vegan sausage and meat substitutes.Whilst young start-ups, with support from top-class investors, are entering this market with innovative products, established producers of conventional meat products are also getting ready for the turnaround. This includes Rügenwalder Mühle, which is deeply concerned with social development. It has long since expanded its product range with vegetarian/vegan products.


Portrait Matthias Rohra

Matthias Rohra, COO ProVeg International

ProVeg: Internationalisation and Startup Incubator

ProVeg – formerly VEBU – is an international organisation dedicated to mindfulness in the food sector. ProVeg International is currently active on four continents, and has plans for further expansion. It is setting the course for its vision of a world in which people choose delicious and healthy foods which are good for humans, animals and the environment. Matthias Rohra (COO, ProVeg) tells us more about the development of ProVeg and its future plans.


Mauritz Stefanie portrait

Mauritz Stefanie (Director) - © Koelnmesse GmbH

Veganfach: “Nobody Expected More Than 50% Extra Visitors.”

A trade fair like veganfach aims to bring together the companies that shape the market, as well as to be a place for newcomers and new ideas. If this is accomplished, it will attract visitors who dominate the market. This combination has obviously proved successful for veganfach, because although only it started in 2016, the fair is enjoying increasing popularity both nationally and internationally. We asked Stefanie Mauritz, Director of Kölnmesse, about the progress of preparations for the fair in November 2018.


Meeting of the Vegan Entrepreneurs Network

© Vegan Entrepreneur Network

V-Entrepreneurs: The Vegan Network by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, it is simultaneously difficult and easy to establish a successful vegan start-up. It’s difficult because there are already many competitors, and easy because (digital) information processing has never been faster and easier than it is today. What many founders want, however, especially in the critical initial phase, is personal exchanges with like-minded people and a strong network to help them scale up their ideas. These two things have now been brought together by the “vegan entrepreneurs network” (v-entrepreneurs for short) – a network by vegan entrepreneurs for vegan entrepreneurs. In an interview, we found out more about this exciting project.


Henrik Lund: Naturli Foods CEO

© Naturli' Foods

Naturli’: “Plant-Based Foods are the Future and the Future is Now.”

For a long time, the meat industry has effectively been plundering the world. Overconsumption of animal products has led to overfishing, unilateral land management and a huge waste of resources. One could almost say that the balance of the world has been destroyed. But change is happening. For example, the Danish company Naturli’ wants to use its plant-based products to bring the world back into balance. In an interview with Henrik Lund, we learned more about this mission.


Marcus-Keitzer: New board member for "alternative protein sources"

© Timo Lutz Werbefotografie

PHW Group: “We Have Always Taken Unconventional Paths.”

Many milk and meat producers are aware of the growth of vegan products in the market and are adapting their ranges accordingly. The PHW Group has gone one step further and established a new business area called “alternative protein sources”, which includes involvement with SuperMeat and the distribution for Beyond Meat. We asked Marcus Keitzer – the new board member for alternative protein sources – about vegan developments within the PHW Group.



© Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

IKEA: “Our Vegetarian and Vegan Products are Becoming Increasingly Popular.”

Vegan foods have long been more than niche products which are banished to the darkest corners of the shelves. One could even say that veganism is becoming mainstream. This is also reflected in the fact that more and more companies are expanding their existing range with vegan products and “veganising” classic products. This is how the international furniture store IKEA does it. Beside vegan versions of popular classics, vegan furnishings and a vegan caviar substitute are also now available. We asked IKEA about the current status of vegan developments in the company.