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Beyond Meat CEO Predicts Category “Shakeout” as Company Reports Widened Q3 Losses

On Nov. 9, Beyond Meat reported its 2022 third-quarter earnings, and results showed wider-than-expected losses and decreased revenue as the company continues to battle the pressures of inflation. Despite lowered forecasts, Beyond’s stock soared 20% during Thursday’s market trading. According to CEO Ethan Brown, inflation has taken a heavy toll on sales of the company’s plant-based burgers, sausages and chicken, with price-weary consumers opting for cheaper proteins. During its Wednesday earnings call, the company said total pounds sold fell 12.8%, while net revenue per pound decreased by 11.2%. Overall, the company posted a third-quarter net loss of $101.7 million ($1.60/share), which is wider than its net loss of $54.8 million (87 cents/share), in 2021. “As consumers intensify focus on making ends meet, health and environmental …


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Beyond Meat Posts Second-Largest Net Revenue in Q2, But Missed Earnings Lead to Layoffs and Cutbacks

On Thursday, plant protein leader Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND) reported its 2nd quarter results for 2022, and the company’s missed earnings have led to some layoffs and lowered revenue prospects amid ongoing economic turbulence. Net revenues for Q2 in 2022 were $147.0 million, a decrease of 1.6% year-over-year. The company posted a gross profit loss of $6.2 million, or a gross margin of -4.2% of net revenues. Beyond also decreased its net revenue forecast, from the previous expectation of a 21% to 33% increase (US$560 million to $US620 million) to 1% to 12% year-on-year (US$470 million to US$520 million). According to Beyond CEO Ethan Brown, the company’s operating environment continues to be affected by multiple near-term challenges including inflation, supply chain disruptions, rising interest rates, …


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MeaTech 3D Changes Name to Steakholder Foods to “Cultivate New Community of Meat Lovers”

MeaTech 3D Ltd., the first world’s first publicly listed cultivated meat company, announces it is changing its name to Steakholder Foods Ltd. (Nasdaq: STKH.) The new name is intended to reflect the company’s commitment to building a strong community of meat lovers who support changing the world through cultured meat production.  Founded in Israel, Steakholder is a leading innovator in the cultivated meat industry, having developed cutting-edge technology and processes to produce whole cuts of animal meat using 3D bioprinting technology. In December 2021, the company printed the largest-ever cultured steak, which weighed in at 3.67 oz. Recently, it secured its first patent for systems and methods that produce high-quality meat through enhanced muscle fiber formation. According to Steakholder, its proprietary 3D bioprinting techniques can …


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VanEck Launches New ETF for Global Alt Protein & Sustainable Food Production 

Global investment manager VanEck has launched a new European exchange-traded fund (ETF) for sustainable food companies. With the aim of providing exposure to companies such as plant-based meat and dairy producers, VanEck claims the ETF provides an efficient vehicle for accessing the companies benefitting from these long-term structural trends.  With global population increases and climate change-related disruptions to an already fragile food system, ETF and mutual fund manager VanEck recognizes the need to drive sustainable agricultural processes and technologies. Plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, vertical farming, precision agriculture, functional ingredients, and vegan organic and health foods will all form part of the platform, reports ETF Strategy.  The VanEck Sustainable Future of Food UCITS ETF has been listed on London Stock Exchange in US dollars (VEGI …


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VegTech and Top Investors Celebrate NYSE Listing of EATV – First Plant-Based Innovation ETF

On June 23rd, VegTech Invest gathered nearly 100 investors, bankers, innovators and Broadway entertainers to celebrate the listing of the VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (NYSE: EATV) on the New York Stock Exchange. The event included a visit to the exchange floor for a fund overview and a toast by members of The Good Food Institute. VegTech Invest advises the VegTech ETF, which first launched in December 2021 as the world’s first ETF focused on plant-based innovation and alternative proteins. According to VegTech, the ETF is a “pure play” in plant-based industries and is helping the sector gain critical exposure. As of May, its top constituents include Beyond Meat (NASDAQ:BYND), Ingredion (NYSE:INGR), Oatly (NASDAQ: OTLY), Gingko BioWorks (NASDAQ: DNA) and Vitasoy International (HK:345).  “With …


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$504M Moolec to Become “World’s First” Molecular Farming FoodTech Listed on Nasdaq

Moolec Science has entered a new business agreement that will see it become the first molecular farming foodtech to be listed on Nasdaq. The foodtech ingredient pioneer is aiming to become a category creator in the alternative protein landscape and has entered a definitive business combination agreement with LightJump Acquisition Corp, a special purpose acquisition company. UK-based Moolec focuses on developing real animal proteins in plants using molecular farming; a scalable, affordable, and sustainable technology which is the production of animal proteins using plants as small factories. The transaction sets Moolec’s proforma equity value at $504 million and upon closing the combined company is expected to be listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “MLEC”.  Targeting the rapidly expanding alt protein sector, Moolec claims its …


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VegTech Invest Releases Video Describing Harmful Effects of Animal Ag For Earth Day

VegTech™ Invest, advisor to the VegTech Plant-based Innovation financial products, including the VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index (Ticker EATVI), releases a no holds barred video for Earth Day, intending to educate the public on animal ag’s negative practices.  Animal ag: outdated in every way  “Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, a major contributor to climate change, and an inefficient, resource-intensive system that isn’t capable of feeding a growing population of almost 10 billion by 2050. An outdated system in every way, we wanted to share these facts with the financial community at large,” says CEO of VegTech™ Invest, Elysabeth Alfano. “Plant-based Innovation and Alternative Proteins are disrupting the global food supply system. Made possible with plant-based innovation, alternative proteins create fewer …


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After Terminating CEO, The Very Good Food Company Embarks on New Strategy

The Very Good Food Company, the parent company of Canadian plant-based meat producer The Very Good Butchers, (NASDAQ: VGFC)  is undertaking a new profit strategy following the departures of CEO Mitchell Scott and co-founder James Davison.  In a statement, the company announced Scott was terminated while Davison resigned as Chief Research and Development Officer. The shakeup comes as Very Good faces considerable difficulty in turning a profit – the company has been unable to achieve profitability since its inception in 2016.  On April 1 the company showed a dramatic loss of CAD54.6M (US$43.6M) in fiscal year 2021. The price of its Canadian shares has also dropped 80% in the past 12 months.  A new way forward In an effort to correct course, Very Good now …


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Planet Based Foods Gets New Listing on OTCQB Market and DTC Approval

Planet Based Foods, which produces hemp-based meat products, announces the company has begun trading its subordinate voting shares on the US-based OTCQB equity market under the symbol “PBFFF”. In addition to trading in the US, Planet Based Foods’ subordinate voting shares continue to trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)  as “PBF” and the German Börse Frankfurt (FRA) exchange under the symbol “AZ0”. Planet Based says the move will increase its visibility and transparency while enhancing liquidity and shareholder value.  The OTCQB is a mid-tier equity market recognized by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission which provides public information for analysis and value of securities. Planet Based says it has also received approval from DTC, a subsidiary of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation. …


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MycoTechnology Closes $85M Series E, Bringing Total Raise to $200M, in Preparation for IPO?

MycoTechnology, Inc., which describes itself as the world’s leading explorer of mushroom mycelia, announces it has closed a Series E round of $85 million bringing its total to over $200M. Notable returning investors in the round include Tyson Ventures and Maple Leaf Foods. IPO in late 2022? Tyson, Greenleaf Foods, and Kellogg’s were notable participants in the company’s August 2020 Series D, during which an IPO for late 2022 was discussed, with CEO Alan Hahn commenting to FoodNavigator at the time that there were some exciting projects coming up that may “trigger” the opportunity to become publicly listed. In the November of that same year, Mycotechnology was named winner, along with BlueNalu, of Syngenta’s Radicle Protein Challenge, an initiative to invest a total of $1.25 …


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VegTech Invest Launches First Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index

VegTech Invest, the firm behind the first Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (NYSE: EATV), is officially launching the VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index. Calculated and distributed by Morningstar Indexes, the new index aims to lead and define a new global investment category.  According to VegTech, the index also serves as a benchmark for the emerging plant-based and alt-protein sector. It focuses on large, mid-, and small-cap companies that produce, among other innovations, consumer packaged goods, ingredients, biotechnology, and agtech using plant-derived or animal-free technologies. By offering these companies increased exposure, the index aims to attract greater investment toward a more eco-friendly, efficient and cruelty-free food supply chain.  “An underweighted sector”  Before listing its calculated index, VegTech first introduced a non-weighted tracking index, The …


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Wall Street Green Summit to Feature Elysabeth Alfano as Key Speaker on Plant-Based Investing

The premier ESG and sustainability investing summit, Wall Street Green Summit, has invited plant-based business expert and CEO Elysabeth Alfano to talk about sustainable investing through plant-based innovation and alternative proteins. The event takes place from March 28-31. Elysabeth is the CEO of VegTech™ Invest and advisor to the active VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (Ticker EATV). Elysabeth states: “This year’s summit is focused on the two hottest sustainable finance markets in 2022 – ESG and Carbon.  I am excited to add a third market: plant-based innovation and alternative proteins.” Says Peter C. Fusaro, founder of the Wall Street Green Summit: “There has never been a time like this for ESG investing. We are very pleased that Elysabeth Alfano is joining us at the …


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VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF Launches on New York Stock Exchange

VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (Ticker: EATV), a global ETF of publicly-traded plant-based innovation companies, has launched on the New York Stock Exchange.  The first financial product from the VegTech™ Invest advisory, the VegTech™ ETF (Ticker EATV), includes 37 publicly traded companies actively innovating with plants and plant-derived ingredients and producing primary products that are animal-free.  VegTech™ Invest advisors, Elysabeth Alfano and Sasha Goodman, say they feel these companies positively impact climate change as well as solve some of the world’s most pressing problems such as food security, deforestation, animal cruelty and growing public health concerns. VegTech™: A Pure-Play in Plant-Based Innovation “We are excited to be what we believe is the first pure-play ETF that invests in companies innovating with plants and producing …


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Plant-Based Accelerator Backed by Kimbal Musk Debuts on Canadian Stock Exchange

The Fresh Factory, a vertically integrated platform for launching clean-label plant-based foods, announced it has joined the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE symbol: FRSH) in a bid to attract that country’s venture capitalists. Headquartered just outside of Chicago, The Fresh Factory was created to accelerate the growth of healthier plant-based products. Led by a team of food and marketing veterans, including good food advocate Kimbal Musk, it operates a fully-equipped manufacturing facility that can quickly launch and scale innovative new brands. Such speed is invaluable, according to the company, because most current food and beverage infrastructure is designed for large brands with huge production runs, and is thus often limited and inefficient. In contrast, Fresh Factory’s flexibility and smaller run sizes allow it to meet the …


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Odd Burger Enters European Market, Now Trading On Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Odd Burger, the first vegan fast-food chain to go public, today announces it has entered the Frankfurt Stock Exchange to begin trade in the European market, and that it has received eligibility from the Depository Trust Company (DTC), enabling its stock to be more easily purchased by US investors. The Toronto-based company has begun trade under the symbol IA9 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the twelfth largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, and the largest in Germany. In addition, Odd Burger has changed its U.S. ticker symbol on the OTCQB to ODDAF.   Odd Burger currently operates six locations, plus four in development, with plans to have 20 restaurants operational by this time next year throughout the US and Canada. Previously known …