Beyond Burger 3.0

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Beyond Meat Shares Drop as Revenue Falls Short of Expectations  

Beyond Meat’s stock dropped 19% in premarket trading this Thursday after the company reported a loss in its third-quarter financial results. Higher costs ate into profits while revenue fell short of analysts’ estimates. “We believe we are steadily executing against our vision of being tomorrow’s global protein company” – Ethan Brown The alt meat giant also disappointed investors with its revenue outlook for the fourth quarter, with revenue down 13.9% compared with a year ago, owing to weaker grocery demand. The company has been investing significantly in new product development of late, including its alt chicken offering and a host of new potential markets. “Our third quarter results reflect variability as we saw a decline from record net revenues just a quarter ago. Despite current …


Nabati liquid egg

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Nabati Foods Commences Trade on Canadian Stock Market Following Plant-Based Egg Launch

Canadian plant-based producer Nabati Foods continues its recent growth by commencing trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange. The news precedes the North American launch of Nabati Plant Eggz, which the brand claims to be the first Canadian plant-based egg substitute. To celebrate World Egg Day this October 8th, the Nabati Plant Eggz will be available in the US and Canada. Uniquely in the market, the plant-based liquid egg product is soy-free and gluten-free, with Nabati Foods’ mission being to create alternatives that are free from all of the most common allergens. The Edmonton-based food technology company has plans to take the egg product next to Australia and is in the process of filing in Europe and China. The moves form part of Nabati’s global expansion …


Alpha Foods Chickenflation

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The Alpha Foods ‘Chickenflation’ Campaign to Crash Poultry on the US Stock Market

In the same month that Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods went head to head with plant-based chicken launches, closely followed by Field Roast rolling out its vegan tenders en masse in CostCo; California’s Alpha Foods yesterday began a bold campaign to capitalise on the increase in poultry prices and bring attention to plant-based chicken. Alpha says it will closely monitor the “chickenflation crisis” at and decrease the price of its Chik’n Nuggets by a cent for every cent that the price of chicken increases. During the campaign, consumers will be able to claim coupons for Alpha Chik’n Nuggets from street teams in Times Square. To bring further visibility to this important issue, Alpha will take over the digital billboard at NASDAQ in New York …


Claire Smith: CEO & Founder at Beyond Impact

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Canada’s Plant Veda Announces Claire Smith as Company Board Member & Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Plant Veda Foods Ltd. announces today the onboarding of Company Board Member, Claire Smith, Founder and Principal at Beyond Impact Vegan Advisors. Earlier this month the company, which creates one-of-a-kind and first-to-market alt dairy products such as the “world’s first” vegan lassi, began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol “MILK”. Claire has been part of Plant Veda‘s board of directors since 2020, following an investment in the Company by Beyond Impact Vegan Partners LP. Claire has over 35 years of experience in capital markets previously working at global investment banks and investment houses, with her vegan lifestyle and environmentalism leading to the founding of humane investment platform, Beyond Investing. Beyond Investing creates a platform for investments driven by animal-rights advocates and …


Very Good Butcher

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The Very Good Butcher, World’s Second Plant-Based IPO, Sees Shares Increase by 790% in First Week of Trading

Following the success of Beyond Meat’s IPO last year, The Very Good Food Company (VGF) was the second plant-based company to successfully launch onto the stock market when it began trade began under the ticker “VERY” on  18th June. Investor Eat Beyond Global Holdings has announced it has already seen a 790% increase in share price.


Beyond Burger

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Beyond Stock up by 520%

Shares for Beyond Meat have reportedly risen by 69% as of Thursday’s close. On Monday, the price per share had hit $168.10 per share — almost seven times more than the original IPO of $25. This means that stock in BYND has increased more than 520% since it launched as a public company on 1st May.