CELL AG TECH Joins with Canadian Research Firm CCRM to Scale Cell-Based Fish Manufacturing

CULT Food Science, an alt-protein investment platform, announces its portfolio company CELL AG TECH is collaborating with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) to efficiently scale CELL AG’s cultured seafood manufacturing. CELL AG has also been named a winner in Canada’s AcCELLerate-ON competition for its work on scaling fish muscle stem cells in 2D and 3D. As part of the signed agreement, CELL AG and CCRM’s scientists will …


Fava or broad beans

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NUTRIS Opens “Europe’s First Fava Bean Protein Facility” in Croatia

NUTRIS Group has opened what it claims is the first factory in Europe for the production of fava bean protein isolate. Located in Novi Senkovac, Croatia, the facility will also be able to produce potato-based ingredients. In conjunction with Denmark’s SiccaDania, NUTRIS has invested €30 million in the new site. The technology used at the facility was developed by the University of Copenhagen over a ten-year period, and has been …


Mooji Meats Founders

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Mooji Meats is Using Better 3D Printing to Scale Whole Cut Plant-Based and Cultured Meat

Mooji Meats, a 3D printing plant-based meat startup, has raised $3M in seed funding to advance its 3D printing technology. A graduate of Y Combinator, Mooji Meats  has developed a printer that can produce whole cuts of meat using plant-based or cultivated meat cells, including Wagyu beef, reports TechCrunch.  Founded in Baltimore in 2021 by Insa Mohr and Jochen Mueller, Mooji is focusing on larger cuts of meat rather than …


The Future of Protein Report


First-of-Its-Kind “The Future of Protein” Report Features 30 Curated Opinions from Alt Protein Experts

TrueInvestor, an international community of investors in the agrifood space, has released The Future of Protein – its first Global Investor Trend Report. Unlike other research reports, The Future of Protein features 30 written contributions from leading experts in the cultivated, fermentation and plant-based fields. Notable excerpts are highlighted here.  Fermentation is outperforming cultivated meat “While cultured meat is not going to be realistically viable in less than a decade …


Nature's Fynd Yellowstone Park/ Buffalo

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Nature’s Fynd Awarded $4.76M Grant to Expand Fermentation Tech to Rural Farmers

Nature’s Fynd, a food company growing novel Fy™ protein from fermented microbes, has received a $4.76M grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to introduce its fermentation technology in low- and middle-income farming communities. Intended to bolster global food security, the multi-year grant will support the development of inde­pen­dent fer­men­ta­tion-based pro­duc­tion units that can provide more income and nutritional benefits to rural farmers.  “Decentralizing fermentation” According to the company, approximately …


FoodPlant facility

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Singapore: New Small-Scale FoodPlant Facility Expands Plant-Based R&D Options

The opening of the FoodPlant facility is set to increase the number of manufacturing and R&D options available to Singaporean plant-based companies. Equipped with innovative small-scale machinery such as high-moisture extruders, the FoodPlant facility is a joint venture between the Singapore Institute of Technology, JTC Corporation, and Enterprise Singapore. Alt-protein manufacturer SGProtein explained to The Straits Times that conducting R&D at FoodPlant would be far more affordable and create significantly …


BVeg Foods and Buhler collaborate for HME

Co-Founder and COO Mr. Prateek Ghai. © BVeg Foods

BVeg Foods and Bühler Collaborate to Bring High-Moisture Extrusion to India

BVeg Foods and Bühler have joined forces to bring more meat alternatives made with high moisture extrusion (HME) technology onto the Indian market. BVeg is one of the first Indian companies to purchase HME machinery, which is unique in its ability to replicate the texture of whole muscle meat. The new extruder, made by Bühler, is capable of producing a quantity of plant-based meat equivalent to 3,000 chicken breasts per …


Rebellyous nugget

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Rebellyous Reveals “World’s First” Vegan Nuggets at Price Parity With Chicken

Seattle’s Rebellyous Foods announces that, following three years of development, the company has produced what it says are the first restaurant-quality vegan nuggets at price parity to poultry, stating that these first iterations will allow the company to eventually outperform animal-based nuggets. Rebellyous, founded by former Boeing engineer Christie Lagally, says the nuggets were created using a proprietary system that will “reinvent” the process of producing vegan meat, fulfilling its …


Dr. Martin Hofmann

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Swiss Scientist Dr. Martin Hofmann Develops New Process for Making Marbled Plant-Based Steaks

Dr. Martin Hofmann, a materials scientist at research university ETH Zurich, has developed a novel method for recreating the fibrous structure and “marbling” effect of high-quality steak, reports Phys.org. Before working with plant-based meats, Dr. Hofmann’s previous research focused on soft materials, particularly the flow properties and mixing behavior of emulsions. For his doctorate, the scientist demonstrated it was possible to control the flow movements of very thin layers of …


Loryma vegan Fried Fish


Loryma Expands Extrudate Portfolio for Crispy Meat Alternatives  

Loryma, the German ingredients specialist, has expanded its extrudate portfolio to include Lory® Crumb breadcrumbs and Lory® Crisp cereal crispies. The food tech applications can be used to coat vegan goods, adding crunch and crispiness to meat alternatives and other products.  Optimizing the nutritional values and mouthfeel of applications across the sector, the brand claims the new product range complements its Lory® Tex texturate, which serves as the basis for …


Product developer preparing a burger and fries_Shanghai-5285

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ADM Announces $300M Investment to Grow Alt-Protein Production and Open Protein Innovation Center

Agrifoods giant Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM) announces the company is investing approximately $300 million to expand its alternative protein production facilities in Decatur, IL, in addition to opening a new state-of-the-art Protein Innovation Center. Once completed, these and other investments are expected to grow ADM’s global alternative protein production capacity by more than 30%, the company says.  Major increase in production ADM says increased production is needed to meet …


Evrnu NuCycl T Shirts

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Evrnu Reveals Breakthrough NuCycl Cotton That Could Replace Up to 90% of Textiles

Textile innovation company Evrnu has launched NuCycl r-lyocell, the world’s first high-performance, fully recyclable material made entirely from cotton waste. In what the company calls a “huge breakthrough” for the industry, Evrnu is sourcing discarded cotton to create better fibers that can replace up to 90% of common textile materials.  Through this technology, Evrnu says it is forging a pathway for tens of millions of tons of textile waste to …


Planteneers plant-based salmon

Plant-based salmon fillet ©Planteneers

Planteneers & Hydrosol to Present New Plant-Based Concepts for the Meat Industry

German food tech Planteneers joins with Hydrosol to offer plant-based and hybrid solutions for meat companies looking to diversify into alt protein. As the alt protein boom shows little sign of slowing down, Planteneers and Hydrosol offer the new PLUSmulson series stabilizing system for meat manufacturers aiming to move into the plant-based movement. Planteneers and Hydrosol, sister companies within the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, are offering the meat industry product concepts that …


The Live Green Co

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The Live Green Co Merges with 5 Chilean Startups to Demonstrate Its Tech Across Product Categories

The Live Green Co, a Boston-based food tech company, announces five Chilean food startups have merged with it to accelerate the world’s transition to a healthier plant-based food system. Through the merger, Live Green also aims to position Chile as a global leader in the sustainable foods marketplace.  The five merging brands – Terrrium, Aztlan, Gibit, EcoKetrawe and Regional Food – will operate independently while mutually benefiting from each others’ …


PlantForm Logo


BREAKING: PlantForm Presents its Global Mission to Accelerate Plant-Based Foods to Market

PlantForm, a modern manufacturing accelerator for plant-based innovators, launches today with a bold mission to expedite path to market, product development and scale, for leading and emerging companies around the planet. “The greatest way to combat the disastrous effects of climate change starts with what we eat and feed our families” Food tech investment advisor and APAC industry expert Allen Zelden co-founded PlantForm to “offer a unique service tearing down …