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Cornell University Studies Ethical and Economic Implications of Plant-Based Beef on US Market

A Cornell University study published in The Lancet, titled “Ethical and economic implications of the adoption of novel plant-based beef substitutes in the USA: a general equilibrium modelling study”, examines the impact of the plant-based meat industry on the US market. Plant-based alternatives to beef have the potential to help reduce carbon emissions, though the paper says that their growing popularity could affect farm labour and threaten more than 1.5 …


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ProVeg: There’s No Stopping the Rise of Plant-Based Meat

Several recent reports have speculated that setbacks in the plant-based sector are a sign that the appetite for plant-based food has reached its peak. ProVeg International has recently published an article which explores the sources of this misleading reporting and looks at whether plant-based meat sales have dropped overall. Market data released by data technology company SPINS towards the end of 2021 suggested the plant-based meat market had fallen by …



Plant-Based Meat Now Cheaper Than Animal Meat in Netherlands

Plant-based meat alternatives have suddenly become cheaper than their conventional counterparts, according to new figures. Compiled by supermarket researcher Questionmark on behalf of the Dutch branch of food awareness organization ProVeg International, the data shows how inflation and high raw material prices have caused animal meat prices to skyrocket in comparison with plant-based alt meats.  ProVeg and Questionmark systematically mapped the price differences between animal products and plant-based substitutes for …


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Global Market for Nooch to Soar to Almost $1Billion

Nutritional yeast, known colloquially as nooch, has reached a global market size of  $428.1 million according to a new report, and is set to more than double in the next ten years, reaching almost a billion, at US$999.5 million. Nutritional yeast, an inactivated yeast usually made from saccharomyces cerevisiae, has been widely used by vegans as a cheese replacement, for added umami flavour or use in sauces. Nooch offers several …


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Alt Shrimp Making Waves as 72% of Consumers Do Not Want Their Seafood to Harm the Environment

Though research shows shrimp as the most popular seafood item in the US, consumer concerns regarding ocean pollution are changing ordering habits. Alt shrimp producers across the globe are meeting the demand for environmentally friendly seafood options, with 72% of consumers stating they do not want their seafood consumption to harm the environment, as reported by Restaurant Business Online. With alt shrimp looking like the next big segment in alt …


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South Korean Alt-Meat Investments Soar in the Face of Sustainability Concerns

As reported by The Korea Economic Daily, South Korean alt-meat investments have risen considerably over the past year, beginning to rival the country’s infotech startups. For the first time, plant-based and cultivated meat companies are appearing on the list of early-stage startups that have raised over 5 billion won ($3.8 million) within the last year. A number of factors have been credited for this, including growing sustainability and food security …


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High Demand for Plant-Based Meat in Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt, Says New Study

A new study has found high demand and consumer acceptance of plant-based meat in a range of African countries, particularly Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt. The results suggest a viable market-based solution to mitigate the effects of rising meat consumption and accelerate the emerging alt protein sector across the continent. The new study, from US-based North Mountain Consulting Group and South Africa’s Credence Institute, found that four out of five Gen …


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Burger King Belgium Says One in Three Whoppers Sold is Meat-Free

Has Burger King become the European fast-food leader in terms of veggie offerings? That’s what a new Burger King statistic leads us to believe, according to which one in three Whopper burgers sold in Belgium is vegetarian. A few weeks ago, the Foodservicealliance platform spoke to Vic Dresen, Marketing Manager of Burger King Belgium and Luxembourg, who made some revelations about the sales of vegetarian products: “About one in three …


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One in Four UK Consumers Have Now Reduced Animal Product Consumption 

In response to the “new normal”, almost a quarter of UK consumers are cutting down on animal products, according to new research by the Vegan Society. With the Covid-19 pandemic a primary driver, 17% of Brits have actively reduced meat consumption, while 8% have cut back on dairy and/or eggs. The latest research into how shopping and eating habits have changed since the start of the pandemic finds that almost …



“A New Sense of Freedom”: Over 65s Turning Their Backs on Meat and Going Plant-Based  

A new study has revealed that older UK consumers are saying no to meat and embracing a flexitarian diet. 52% of over 65s are reported to be eating 3 or 4 meat-free meals a week, not far off the number of millennials doing the same at 57%.  The study of 2,000 people was commissioned by Dopsu, one of the UK’s leading meat-alternative brands. It found that over half (54%) of …


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China’s Interest in Fermented and Cultivated Proteins Soars as Country Faces Meat Deficit

According to GFI Consultancy, interest in fermented and cultivated proteins is rising considerably in China as the country seeks to improve its sustainability and become more self-sufficient. The country’s investors are increasingly targeting the alt-protein sector, and Chinese fermentation companies have raised a total of 80 million yuan ($11.9 million) since 2020. Lever China recently reported six new alt-protein investments, taking its portfolio in this sector to 12 companies. Meat …


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New Report Says Alt Protein is On Track to Shape Multi-Trillion Dollar Food Market

A new report by consultancy firm Bain & Company and capital fund ZINTINUS says the “transformation of the world’s food market towards a more sustainable model is now at a tipping point, within an annual global food market of US $8 trillion.” Sustainability will define the future food supply, and the report identifies alternative proteins as a key trend to help the sector improve consumers’ health while reducing food waste …


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ProVeg Opens Shanghai Office to Promote Plant-Based & Cell-Based in China

ProVeg announces today it has become the first global NGO promoting alternative proteins to be granted approval for an office in China, where it will promote the importance of plant-based diets as well as innovation and trade within the category. Sebastian Joy, Founder and CEO of ProVeg, states: “We are delighted to be able to open an office in Shanghai and to work more closely in China promoting the benefits …


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European Survey Finds 19% of Consumers Will Eat More Plant-Based Foods Post-Covid

A survey of consumers in seven European countries, conducted by V-Label, has found that a growing number of respondents are looking to eat more plant-based foods post-Covid. Across all the countries surveyed — Denmark, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, England, and Poland — an average of 19% of consumers said they planned to change their diets to incorporate more plant-based foods. Denmark topped the list at 24%, while Poland had the …


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JBS Claims Plans to “Foster and Develop” Alt Protein Through Multiple Investments & Acquisitions

In a new podcast with Food Manufacture, the largest meat processing company in the world, JBS SA, has revealed plans for its alt protein future. JBS claims it intends to “foster and develop” alt protein innovation with multiple investments and acquisitions across plant-based, fermentation, and cultivated sectors. Citing expected levels of population growth and increased demand for proteins, the Brazilian conglomerate says it has a responsibility to increase alt proteins …