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Market Report: Significant Market Growth for Vegan Chocolate by 2027

Although the vegan food sector is still described as a niche market, it has developed much more rapidly than the conventional food sector in recent years. This also reflects the growing demand for plant-based chocolate which, according to Transparency Market Research, will significantly boost the global market for these products in the coming years. Health trend drives demand up The positive forecasts of the market study extend through to 2027. The driving force behind this trend is consumers themselves, who see vegan food as a healthier alternative to conventional food. The growing wellness and health trend among consumers is therefore also leading to the assumption that plant-based chocolate is healthier than traditional varieties. Since vegan chocolate contains no dairy and therefore no animal ingredients, it …


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A.T. Kearney Study: Meat Alternatives and Laboratory Meat Could Have 60% Market Share by 2040

According to a survey by the management consultancy A.T.Kearney, the market share of vegan meat alternatives and laboratory meat/clean meat could reach almost 30% of the global meat market by 2030. This would be equivalent to sales of $400 million, reports SPIEGEL ONLINE. According to the study, the market share could even climb to 60% by 2040.



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Market Report: Leather Industry Redefined by Plant-Based Innovations

For some time now, the leather industry has been experiencing a steady change in demand towards new, wholly plant-based materials. Traditional animal leather is increasingly competing with a steadily growing number of innovative plant-based alternatives with identical properties. According to an analysis by Market Research Hub, the traditional leather industry is now being redefined by an increase in vegan and sustainable materials. The authors of the report find that the decision of many large corporations to use alternative materials is a response to criticism of the meat and livestock industries, which are inevitably closely linked to the leather industry. Tesla, for example, recently announced its intention to become 100 percent leather-free, and a number of automotive companies have the same ambition. In comparison to the …


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Extensive Investment in Plant-Based Food on the American Market

The American plant-based food market is currently booming, and investment in this sector is rising steadily. For example, Greenleaf Foods recently announced a $310 million investment in a new production facility, and plant-based producer Tofurky is being backed by further private investment. US company Greenleaf Foods, a subsidiary of Canadian Maple Leaf Foods Inc., announced that it will build the “largest plant for the production of plant-based proteins” in North America. The construction of the factory, which will be located in Shelbyville, Indiana, is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020. The new facility will cost approximately $310 million and create approximately 460 new jobs. According to President and CEO Michael H. McCain, the investment will contribute to the company’s vision of becoming the …