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Surprises in Store – FRUIT LOGISTICA Trend Report 2019

FRUIT LOGISTICA is the leading trade fair for the global fruit industry, and recently presented a new trend report highlighting the role of fresh fruits and vegetables in food retailing. The report, entitled “Surprises in Store”, was prepared by the strategy consultancy Oliver Wyman and presented for the first time at the “Fruitnet World of Fresh Ideas“. It offers new insights into which factors influence consumer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables.


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Experts Say Vegan Job Market On the Rise

According to recent reports, the number of vegan job roles has been steadily increasing over the past 12 months, with the most significant growth seen in the hospitality industry. According to Plant Based News, the  hospitality industry has seen a 123 % rise in vegan-specific job roles since 2018. We spoke to an expert in vegan employment to gain further insight into the developing market.


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Over One in Five Brits Will be Meat-Free by 2020

Comparison website, Finder, carried out a survey of 2,000 adults to investigate the diet routines of UK consumers. The results of their findings suggest that veganism will be the most popular newly adopted diet in 2019, with a reported 2.2 million Brits intending to convert to a vegan lifestyle. This would see the total number of vegans increase by 327 percent, to a total of 2.9 million people.


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Market Report: The global Market for plant activators

Persistence Market Research gives vital insights on the global plant activators market in terms of value and volume, in its latest report titled, “Plant Activators Market: Global Industry Analysis (2013-2017) and Forecast (2018-2027)”. The global plant activators market is expected to show a healthy CAGR of 5.8% in terms of value during the forecast period. PMR offers vital insights on the global plant activators market with several forecasting factors in the report.



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Rapid Growth for Vegan Leather Alternatives: Market Volume Expected to Reach $85 Billion by 2025

According to a report by management consultant Grand View Research (lnk GVR), the global market for leather alternatives will grow to $85 billion over the next decade. Lower manufacturing costs for artificial leather and growing consumer awareness of the conditions in the leather industry are important growth factors. In addition, the technological and qualitative progress of imitation leather is accelerating growth, as is the availability of new plant-derived materials.


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Guest writer Geri Mileva

Here’s Why You Should Invest in the Vegan Market in 2019

Guest post from freelancer writer Gergana Mileva.
Veganism’s surging popularity is now a global phenomenon. Big chains such as Marks & Spencer, Pret a Manger, and Pizza Hut are introducing a wide range of vegan options to their loyal patrons. Others are taking the plunge into veganism. Guinness, for example, decided to stop using fish bladders in their brewing process, after two and a half centuries of carrying out this practice.


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Market Report: The Global Market for Vegan Cosmetics

Market research specialists Market Research recently published a new analysis of the global vegan cosmetics market, predicting robust annual growth rates through 2027. The report features detailed industry insights, sales figures, and other important information about the target market and its various trends, drivers, limitations, opportunities and threats through to 2027.