FIAPO India Launches Nationwide 21 Day Compassion Challenge Campaign

The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations  is the collective voice of the animal protection movement in India, which protects the interests of animals on a local and national level. FIAPO works in collaboration with members and volunteers in over 70 cities throughout India, hoping to change the lives of animals across the country, through education, research, lobbying, mobilisation, training and direct action. The focus of the FIAPO campaigns is …



Image courtesy of Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm Calls for Supermarket Renaming of a “Protein Aisle”

The Meatless Farm, a successful alt protein startup originally from the UK and now expanding internationally with their successful sausages and mince products, has called for the meat aisle to be rebranded as the “protein aisle,” to include plant meat products, as the market witnesses several changes and 95% of consumers of plant protein products were recently shown to also be consumers of animal meat.