Bill Gates

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Bill Gates: Environmental Benefits of Cultured Meat “Sketchy at Best” – The Experts Respond

bill gates
© Masaru Kamikura – – Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

MIT Technology Review published last week their annual Ten Breakthrough Technologies edition, this time curated by Bill Gates in a piece titled, “Bill Gates: How we’ll invent the future.” In his list of technologies he believes will shape the future, Gates includes the “cow-free burger” and discusses how “lab-grown meat improves our quality of life.”


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Vegan First: The Biggest Vegan Media Platform in India

Vegan First is India’s first digital and print publication and portal dedicated to everything vegan and cruelty-free. Recognising the rise of interest in veganism and the lack of readily available information about it, Vegan First is dedicated to fill the gap in the market by providing engaging, accessible, and informative content for vegans and the vegan-curious.


Jerome Flynn


Jerome Flynn Urges People to Go Vegan

Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn has spoken out for veganism and against animal cruelty in farming practices. In this video made for animal right organisation PETA, Flynn talks about the intense suffering of animals and asks everybody to join him by rejecting cruelty and live vegan.


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Celebrities are Driving the Vegan Lifestyle Forward – Classic Food Industry at a Disadvantage

Lewis Hamilton, Leonardo di Caprio, Miley Cyrus, James Cameron etc… again and again many vegan stars speak out on social media about animal welfare and vegan nutrition. Recently, Lewis Hamilton told his almost nine million followers on Instagram that everyone has a choice to boycott companies that kill animals for their business. In another post, he shows a dead sow with her dead piglets dumped in a dirty trash can. He announces in this context that he wants to use his platform against animal killings and to promote the vegan way of life.


The Game Changers

The Game Changers

James Cameron Documentary Regards Vegan Athletes

The creators of The Game Changers have announced that they will feature two additional vegan athletes. The documentary, produced by James Cameron and directed by Louis Psihoyos, focuses on the health benefits of a vegan diet. The film is set to follow special elite forces trainer and martial arts champion James Wilks on his quest for the truth behind the world’s most dangerous myth: that meat is necessary for protein, strength and optimal health.”


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Lizza Raises 1.7 Million Euros via Crowdfunding

The German vegan start-up Lizza, known for its appearance on the TV programme “Die Hohle des Löwen” (Dragons’ Den in the UK), has successfully completed its crowdfunding campaign after just a few months, raising a total of EUR 1.7 million. The successful start-up plans to use its new capital to expand its business model and drive product development.



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Waitrose Commits to Vegan Labelling

UK supermarket Waitrose has confirmed that it is in the process of introducing clear vegan labelling for its own-brand products. Following Animal Aid’s #MarkItVegan campaign which calls for all major supermarkets to clearly label their own-brand vegan products in some way, Waitrose has stated that they will gradually introduce such a label for their own-brand products.


Miley Ray Cyrus eats Impossible Burger

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Miley Cyrus Promotes Vegan Business

Miley Cyrus is an often-controversial popstar with one of the biggest followings in social media. In the past, her fame was associated with negative connotations and scandal. However, recently the 25 year-old singer has been using it for the benefit of veganism, which has been her chosen cause since around 2014. As part of the 4th July celebrations this year, the star took to her Twitter account where she has over 40 million followers, to post a photograph of herself eating an Impossible Burger. The post received more than 30,000 likes by her fans. In May this year Cyrus used her time in the spotlight at the Met Gala to promote veganism, appearing in a gown created by vegan designer Stella McCartney and saying to …