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Big Brother-Like YouTube Series Is All About Vegans

In the 4th season of the YouTube series “YouTube House”, the cast will for the first time consist exclusively of vegans.
The concept is simple. As with the television reality show “Big Brother”, several participants will live together in one house for a few weeks. In the new season, the series’ creator, Bryan Turner, will invite eight vegan YouTubers to his home in Los Angeles. Turner is a vegan and bodybuilder himself, and with about 250 thousand subscribers on YouTube, he too will participate in the series.


Zusammenschluss vegan first & VegPlanet Magazine

India: Largest Vegan Magazine in Asia Launched

The two Indian vegan magazines Vegan First and Veg Planet have started a joint venture. They will pool their resources to jointly publish Vegan First Magazine in the country with the world’s largest vegetarian population.