Beyond Meat Leo deCaprio

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Beyond Meat Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio Urges Public to Go Plant-Based For Climate Change

Leonardo DiCaprio yesterday asked his millions of followers on  Facebook and Twitter, with the quote as depicted here, to help reduce climate change by incorporating more plant-based meat into their diets. Leo is an investor in Beyond Meat, along with Bill Gates, who recently made the statement that people should shift to eating plant-based meats in order to reduce climate change.


Heura billboard in Madrid Photo Credit Heura Foods

Heura billboard in Madrid Photo Credit Heura Foods

Vegan Advertising 101 With Spanish Food Activists Heura

Spanish plant meat pioneer, Heura, continues to advertise in an interesting and educational way, rather than just trying to convince the public of how tasty their products are, as is often the case with traditional advertising. Heura is disseminating information about the benefits to the environment if consumers replace traditional meat with plant-based meat. The ads, which can be seen across Spain and on social media, include messages showing facts, …


Oatly Germany GmbH

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Oatly Debuts TV Ads in its Continued Media Domination

The “Oatly Department of Mind Control” presents its largest national moving image campaign to date. Oat drink pioneer Oatly launched its biggest ever campaign in Germany on 15 February. At the centrepiece are five TV spots in which the company introduces viewers to its top sellers Oat Drink Barista Edition, Oat Drink Deluxe, Oat Drink Cocoa and Oat Drink Calcium. Display content from YouTube Click here to display content from …


EU Commission

EU to Stop Promoting Red and Processed Meat in Newly Published Cancer Plan?

This week, the EU Commission published a new plan to fight cancer, stating a commitment to encourage a “shift to a more plant-based diet, with less red and processed meat and other foods linked to cancer risks and more fruit and vegetables.” Compassion in World Farming says to vegconomist that an earlier leaked version was more ambitious and indicated a phasing out of the promotion of red and processed meat. …


Lidl Next Level Spain


Lidl Spain Debuts Next Level TV Ad as Spanish Supermarkets Step Up Their Vegan Game

Last year, Lidl launched its own label Next Level Burger into stores across Spain, making it the only Spanish supermarket to produce its own vegan meat. In Spain, Lidl now offers a full range of Next Level products including sausages, beef style burgers, chicken style burgers, ground beef, and chicken fillets. In many stores the products are so popular that they are often sold out. As we reported last month, …


Footprint Coalition Robert Downey Jr

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Robert Downey Jr. Invests $10M+ of Own Money on a Mission to Save the Planet

Actor Robert Downey Jr. has put at least $10 million of his own fortune into the launch of a new rolling venture investment fund called Footprint Coalition Ventures. The investment focus areas listed so far are bamboo (MISSION: Build the world’s most sustainable paper. End global deforestation), insect-based protein, and plastic alternatives, with grants available for cellular agriculture, microplastics, and conservation tech.