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Liux Develops Electric Car Made With 90% Plant-Based and Recycled Materials

Spanish electric vehicle startup Liux has revealed that it is developing a car called the Animal, with 90% of the materials used either plant-based or recycled. The Animal’s interior, body, and some of the chasse are made from bio-polymers, which are produced using organic fibres and resins. Specifically, the outer “amphibian skin” features cork and linen reinforced with organic resin. This skin is then finished with primer and paint. The parts and moulds for the bodywork and chassis are 3D-printed, which reduces the energy required and the carbon emissions produced by 70%. Simple components make the vehicle easy to assemble, disassemble, repair, and recycle, reducing the volume of materials required by 25%. The Animal will travel at a top speed of 200 km/h, with a …


peta campaign for vegan wool featuring a woman dressed with plants


PETA Offers $1M for Market-Ready Vegan Wool Alternative 

The animal rights group PETA launched a $1 million Vegan Wool Challenge Award this week to find the first individual, group, or company that creates a vegan wool material “visually, texturally, and functionally akin to or better than sheep’s wool.” The winning animal-free wool must be a biomaterial that is biodegradable or recyclable and has traditional wool’s advantages like maintaining body temperature, neutralising doors, and repelling moisture. Among other entry rules for the wool challenge, PETA requires the participants to demonstrate the innovative material’s commercial viability. Alternatives to animal-derived materials This vegan wool prize comes at a time when innovations in the animal-free leather category are thriving, with leather made from upcycled tamarind pods and cactus leather used to make shoes, gloves, and watches. Vegan silk is …


Tesla Plaid S in grey tune-up with vegan red leather seats

Courtesy of von Holzhausen

von Holzhausen’s Vegan Bamboo Leather Upgrades Tesla Interior

High-tech plant-based material company von Holzhausen and Unplugged Performance, a Tesla-specialist tuning shop, are partnering on a unique Tesla Plaid S tune-up that will showcase at the Petersen Automotive Museum in California.  Both companies work in Los Angeles, upgrading Tesla’s vehicles to improve their performance and features. von Holzhausen replaces the leather and plastic materials used for the car’s interiors with its negative carbon fabrics made from plants.  For this Tesla Plaid S tune-up, the seating upholstery and other interior elements will feature von Holzhausen’s Banbū Leather in “an exclusive rich red shade called Serrano, inspired by speed with a classic automotive appeal.”  Luxury without compromise  Crafted from bamboo, von Holzhausen’s animal and petroleum-free leather shifts the automotive industry’s favoritism for animal leather to guilt-free, sustainable luxury …


Tarform electric motorcycle

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Tarform Designs Electric Motorcycle Made With Plant-Based Materials

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Tarform has revealed a new model made with plant-based, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. The Luna, designed by Taras Kravtchouk, has a body made from an innovative plant-based composite material consisting of flaxseed biofibres and bio-resin. This material is coloured with a natural algae-based pigment. The motorcycle’s frame is made from widely recyclable aluminium, while the seat uses plant-based leather alternatives made from either pineapple, mango, or corn. The Luna is built in a modular fashion, meaning bodywork, battery packs, and software can be easily upgraded as technology evolves. This prolongs the life of the motorcycle. “The idea was to create the motorcycle of tomorrow,” said Tarform lead designer and CEO Taras Kravtchouk. “If you were to build a bike with sustainability in …


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Overstock Bans Cashmere Products, Receiving PETA Compassionate Business Award

Overstock.com, a US based retailer of furniture and home furnishings retailer, has been awarded PETA‘s Compassionate Business Award following its recent ban on products made from cashmere. The company previously banned products with exotic skins and other furs, including badger hair, mohair, angora, and alpaca. Working together with PETA, Overstock has already identified and removed from its website several products made of cashmere and says it is committed to putting measures in place to ensure such products are no longer offered on its e-commerce site by the end of this year. “Thanks to Overstock’s kind decision, fewer cashmere goats will be harmed for throw blankets,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA is recognizing this conscientious company for being a leader in animal-free commerce …


Ananas Anam Piñatex

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Ananas Anam Partners With FORVIA for Pineapple-Based Automotive Interiors

Ananas Anam has announced a collaboration with automotive technology leader FORVIA to develop vehicle interior materials made from waste pineapple leaf fibres. The two companies have formed a Joint Development Agreement, with Ananas Anam contributing its knowledge of developing eco-friendly pineapple-based materials and FORVIA bringing its expertise in automotive technology. The news comes as the latter company launches MATERI’ACT, a new unit with the purpose of developing sustainable materials. Sustainable car interiors At the beginning of 2022, sustainability was described as a key trend in the automotive industry. It was recently reported that all BMW and Mini cars will have fully vegan interiors from next year, while a study in May found that 70% of drivers would be interested in purchasing an animal-free car. A …


Allbirds Vegan Sneaker


Allbirds Launches First 100% Vegan Sneakers Made from Upcycled Rice and Citrus Peels

Footwear brand Allbirds has announced the launch of the Plant Pacer, its first 100% vegan sneaker. While Allbirds is traditionally known for its natural line of shoes incorporating sheep’s wool, the Plant Pacer makes use of sustainable, plastic and petroleum-free plant leather.  88% less carbon The Plant Pacer offers the same signature comfort Allbirds is famous for, and is constructed from innovative materials like rubber, plant oils, upcycled rice hulls and even citrus peels.  The shoe’s eco-friendly ingredients mean it produces 88% less carbon than conventional animal leather, and 75% less than standard synthetic pleather. The Plant Pacer, which retails for about $135, also features lightweight eucalyptus-based TENCEL™Lyocell blend lining. Allbirds is offering a canvas version of the Plant Pacer constructed with organic cotton and …


CEO Tessa Callaghan. © Keel Labs

AlgiKnit Rebrands as Keel Labs in Mission to Become Leader in Sustainable Textiles

US-based sustainable materials producer AlgiKnit has announced that it is rebranding to Keel Labs. The company’s flagship seaweed-based yarn has also been given a new name, Kelsun. Keel Labs says the new branding, developed in collaboration with award-winning design firm Pentagram, aims to reflect its mission of supporting a sustainable future. A keel is the structural spine of a ship, helping to create balance and keep the vessel moving forwards. The name therefore symbolises the company’s intention to be a leader in sustainable textiles. According to Pentagram, the visuals it has developed for Keel Labs celebrate the beauty of the natural environment with simple, clear presentation. The new name and branding are now rolling out across all platforms. Producing seaweed-based yarn Keel Labs produces its …


mylo-mushroom-leather-Bolt Threads

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Bolt Threads and Ginkgo Bioworks Join Forces to Boost Production of Mylo Mushroom Leather

Materials solutions company Bolt Threads announces a new multi-project collaboration with biotech firm Ginkgo Bioworks to increase the efficiency and performance of Bolt’s portfolio, and to develop novel biomaterial proteins. The companies’ first project will focus on optimizing production of Bolt’s Mylo™ leather alternative. Made from mycelium, the underground root structures of mushrooms, Mylo is an animal-free and sustainable “unleather: that does not require livestock or petroleum inputs. During Bolt’s production process, the mycelium is grown in a foamy layer that can be harvested, dyed and transformed into fully customizable sheets. Mylo can then be used to make a wide range of products such as handbags, footwear, wallets, and phone cases. Mylo is already been utilized in handbags and accessories by top fashion houses such …


Adidas X AMSilk

Adidas X AMSilk

AMSilk Moves to New Site, Will Produce “Game Changing” Vegan Silk at Industrial Scale

AMSilk, a German producer of bio-based silk alternatives, is relocating to new headquarters at Campus Neuried in Munich. Campus Neuried is a laboratory and office space development for companies across various industries. AMSilk’s purpose-built headquarters will cover over 2000m2 at the site, featuring pilot plants alongside biotech labs and offices. The footprint is three times the size of the company’s previous office space. The new site will support AMSilk in expanding beyond Europe and scaling up production, as the company works to produce several thousand tons of fibres per year within the next three to five years. AMSilk’s fibres are vegan, fully biodegradable, and produced only with renewable plant-based raw materials. AMSilk applications While the fashion industry is the most obvious application for vegan silk, …


MycoWorks Raises $125 Million to Mass Produce Mushroom Leather


MycoWorks and General Motors Collaborate to Develop Materials for Automotive Design

MycoWorks and General Motors have announced a partnership to co-develop Fine Mycelium™ materials for use in automotive design. As part of the collaboration, General Motors’ investment arm GM Ventures will provide funding to MycoWorks. Fine Mycelium technology uses the root structure of mushrooms to develop natural, sustainable, and customisable leather alternatives. According to MycoWorks, these match the performance of animal leather, providing high strength at low thicknesses. This is MycoWorks’ first entry into the automotive space. It is hoped that the leather alternatives could eventually support GM’s goal of achieving zero emissions. Fashion collaborations MycoWorks’ previous collaborations have all been focused on the fashion industry. Earlier this year, the company partnered with hatmaker Nick Fouquet for a collection of hats made with its flagship Reishi …


vegan leather cars in a porsche

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Rising Trend Towards Vegan Friendly Cars

“There is not a completely vegan car on the market,” the Vegan Society says in its Vegan Vehicles: The Future of Cars Report 2022. However, car manufacturers have been offering non-leather interiors for a while, with many pledging to use alternative materials in their new and existing models in coming years.  Animal leather has traditionally been the standard option for premium car seats and interiors, but current luxury trends do not involve the slaughter of animals. Demand for alternative materials is making the automobile industry incorporate more vegan options for its models, adding to the rise in the global synthetic leather market which is on track to reach $67.2 billion by 2030, according to Straits Research. Growing trend towards animal-free interiors In 2020, PETA published its …


cruelty-free material black handbag

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California: Doshi Presents New Accessories Using Luxury Vegan Leathers

Doshi, an eco-friendly, luxury vegan brand of work, leisure, and travel accessories, reveals a new line of products made with innovative cruelty-free materials. Handbags, backpacks, wallets, money clips, belts, and cardholders made with microfibre vegan leather, kraft paper, and Piñatex are among the company’s newly presented creations. Based in California and founded by Paras Doshi, the company designs and creates 100% vegan alternatives for customers with ethical, religious, or environmental concerns. “We would love to share our mission and message with the world. And let more people understand that they do not have to give up on quality or style when switching to ethical and sustainable accessories,” says Doshi. Durable, cruelty-free accessories Doshi is constantly researching new durable, cruelty-free materials with a luxurious appeal that …


Really Clever biomaterials

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Really Clever: Biodegradable Leather Alternatives Made From Mushrooms & Algae

UK-based startup Really Clever is developing fully biodegradable vegan leather made entirely from mushrooms and algae. Really Clever describes itself as a “fungal discovery platform”, examining the characteristics of various types of fungi and matching them to relevant applications. The company claims it can customise every aspect of its leather alternatives and iterate the material in just 72 hours. Despite only having launched this year, Really Clever is already attracting interest from both the fashion industry and investors. The startup closed a pre-seed funding round earlier in the year, with participation from Hoxton Ventures and various angel investors. In the near future, Really Clever plans to raise £7.2 million, which it will use to open a 28,000-square-foot facility. This will allow the brand to begin …


vegan leather interior porsche and colourful design by sean wotherspoon

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Streetwear Artist Sean Wotherspoon Designs Vegan Porsche

Porsche and streetwear designer Sean Wotherspoon recently collaborated on a unique design for Porsche’s Taycan 4 Cross Turismo featuring vegan leather for the seats and doors and carpets made with repurposed fishing nets. The result is an attention-grabbing multicolour Taycan that displays Wotherspoon‘s characteristic vibrant, colour palette and also reveals the designer’s preference for sustainable materials and alternative leathers. Wotherspoon, known for his vibrant rainbow designs and collectable vegan trainers, the most famous being his Nike Air Max 97/1, was commissioned by the German automobile manufacturer to take his view on the Taycan. Porsche has tested vegan interiors before and, not long ago, announced that its Taycan model would be available in a vegan version using a textile from recycled polyester. Inspiration Wotherspoon traveled to Weissach, …