Mushrooms growing

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Mushrooms and Regenerative Agriculture Top List of Natural Trends for 2022

US natural foods brokerage Presence has released its first annual report, with research conducted by SPINS, assessing major trends in the food, beverage, and wellness industries. Several of the report’s key insights are highlighted here.  Rise of regenerative agriculture According to the report, the popularity of regenerative farming has soared and will play a key role in shaping the future of agriculture. Business interest in regenerative agriculture has increased 138% since 2019, with this approach to farming gaining heavy favor during the pandemic.  As a term, regenerative agriculture refers to a movement that promotes ecological harmony and biodiversity while prioritizing soil health. Regenerative tactics such as no-till planting and the use of cover crops will help make agriculture more appealing to conscious consumers, who don’t …


AMSilk vegan spider silk

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AMSilk Vegan Silk Can Prevent Infections and Post-Op Complications, Says New Study 

A new study has demonstrated that AMSilk engineered vegan spider silk coatings have the potential to prevent inflammation and reduce post-operative complications of implants. AMSilk is one of the world’s first industrial suppliers of vegan silk biopolymers, with results showing the repellence properties of its coatings reduced microbial adherence up to 99.7%.  The study, published in the MRS Communications journal, was led by Professor Thomas Scheibel, Professor of Biomaterials and Head of the Department at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. His team tested the microbe repellence of AMSilk engineered spider silk coatings on a number of silicone implant materials against bacterial strains. The results proved the vegan spider silk coatings work by creating an anti-adhesive “bioshield” thus reducing the chance of infections considerably.  Headquartered in …


GlassWall Syndicate’s Macy Marriott and Material Innovations Initiative’s Elaine Siu Discuss New Collaboration

Macy Marriott of the GlassWall Syndicate and Elaine Siu of Material Innovations Initiative join Elysabeth Alfano on The Plantbased Business Hour to discuss if Alt Materials will be as strong as Alt Protein in the marketplace. Hear about the latest investments and innovations in the next big sector. Specifically, they discuss, What is The GlassWall Syndicate and Materials Innovations Initiative and why are they working together? Will alt-materials track alt proteins? What materials are they seeing? Is it mostly in fashion and cosmetics? What kind of investing are they seeing in alt materials? What kind of interest do investors have? What are the consumer perceptions of alt materials? What are their predictions for the value of the alt materials market and who will be the big winners in the space? A …



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Portugal Bans ‘Vegan Leather’, Industry Insiders Speak Out

A ban on the term ‘vegan leather’ and other plant-based prefixes has been announced in Portugal. Alt leather companies now using prefixes such as ‘vegan’, ‘plant-based’, or ‘pineapple’ or even “synthetic” along with the word “leather” in their product marketing may face fines and criminal proceedings.  Portugal has a thriving fashion and textiles industry, with companies like B_Boheme producing sustainable shoes from vegan leather in the country. Founder Alicia Lai told vegconomist; “We have all heard the terms ‘vegan sausage’, ‘vegan chocolate’ and ‘vegan leather’. These terms are not aiming to mislead consumers but to show that there are no animal ingredients in the product, and these terms are very much accepted”. The new laws claim that terms such as ‘vegan leather’ are technically incorrect …


Modern Meadow's Bioleather1

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Study Shows Modern Meadow’s Bioleather1 Produces 80% Fewer Emissions Than Bovine Leather

A peer-reviewed life cycle assessment of Modern Meadow’s Bioleather1 material family has compared its environmental impact to that of conventional leather. The paper found that Bioleather1 produces 80% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than bovine leather and 20% fewer than PU-based synthetic leather alternatives. Additionally, the bio-based leather reduces blue water use, land use, and eutrophication by 95% compared to conventional leather. However, Bioleather1 has a slightly greater ecosystem impact than PU-based alternatives as its production requires agricultural resources. Bioleather1 Bioleather1 is made using Modern Meadow’s Bio-Alloy™ technology, which is a blend of plant-based protein and bio-based polymer. This blend is functional enough to be used in applications such as footwear and accessories, though Bioleather1 is currently still in the prototype stage. Bio-based vegan leather While …


vegan silk robes by niLuu

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niLuu Launches PETA-Approved Vegan Silk Robes in Time for Valentine’s Day

Miami-based luxury fashion brand niLuu has launched a new range of vegan silk robes in collaboration with PETA. The kimono-style robes are made from cupro, a sustainable, animal-free silk alternative produced using cotton waste. On sale now in time for Valentine’s Day, the vegan silk robes are available for both men and women, featuring a wrap at the waist and relaxed sleeves. They come in nine different colours, packaged in a box with both niLuu and PETA branding. 20% of proceeds will be donated to PETA. Cupro While many sustainable vegan silk alternatives rely on complex production methods such as fermentation and bioengineering, cupro is innovative in its simplicity. To produce the fabric, cellulose is made soluble by combining it with copper and ammonia. It …


FIBRAL Material Alliance

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FIBRAL Material Alliance Formed to Bring Forward Next Paradigm of Plant-Based Textiles

The founders of three plant-based textile companies have joined forces to create the FIBRAL Material Alliance. The organisation aims to bring together companies and individuals working with both traditional and innovative plant-based fibres. Dr Carmen Hijosa from Ananas Anam, Hannes Schoenegger from Bananatex, and Ricardo Garay of Regenerate Fashion established the international alliance in response to the environmental crisis facing the textile industry. Currently, the majority of fibres are either derived from fossil fuels or rely on destructive intensive agricultural systems. FIBRAL intends to create change by bringing together producers making fibres from renewable, Earth-friendly resources — these include pineapple leaves, hemp, abaca, and agricultural wastes. According to the organisation, these materials have so far been neglected in favour of biosynthetic materials and manmade cellulosics, …


MII materials collage


MII’s Material Innovation Conference to Bring Together Leaders in Next Gen Materials

The Material Innovation Initiative (MII) announces a next-gen materials conference featuring industry experts including Forager, MycoWorks, VitroLabs, Modern Meadow, Veshin, NFW, and Everlane, who will gather online to discuss the future of materials. The event guide can be downloaded here. This two-day event will bring together innovators, brands, scientists, investors, academia, retailers, incubators, suppliers, mills, and nonprofits, to discuss opportunities and challenges in the development, manufacturing, commercialization, business and supply chain integration, and communication of next-gen materials. Speakers at the event will share their insights into how next-gen materials can out-compete animal-based materials and provide solutions that are functional, fashionable, and cost-effective. “By bringing together thought leaders with the research insights, the market expertise, and the vision to see past the status quo, MII is …


Texon Vogue vegan alt leather material


Texon Achieves Vegan Society Certification for Vogue Plant-Based Alt Leather 

Texon Vogue has received certification from the Vegan Society as a fully vegan plant-based leather alternative. Texon – the global manufacturer of materials for the footwear and textile industries – made the move in celebration of Veganuary and the growing popularity of its sustainable and cruelty-free materials.  The cellulose-based material Texon Vogue is a 100% natural alternative to leather widely used by brands, which carries the Forestry Stewardship Council and Oeko-Tex certifications as well as the globally renowned Vegan Trademark. Texon has seen a significant uplift in interest in its Vogue material over the last five years, which it attributes, in part, to the increasing number of people becoming vegan. Texon boasts many global brands in its manufacturing supply chain, including Adidas, New Balance, Decathlon, …


MycoWorks Raises $125 Million to Mass Produce Mushroom Leather


MycoWorks Raises $125M in Series C to Mass Produce Mushroom Leather

MycoWorks, a San Francisco-based biomaterials company, announces the startup has raised $125 million to open a full-scale mushroom leather production plant.  MycoWorks’ Fine Mycelium is a proprietary biotechnology platform that transforms mycelium – the underground root structure of fungi – into materials that rival animal-based leathers in look, feel, aesthetics and performance. The Fine Mycelium process can engineer mycelium to grow made-to-specification fabrics, including its flagship product Reishi, in a fully controlled and uniform process. Surpassing milestones Based in Union County, SC, MycoWorks’ new facility is modeled on the company’s semi-automated plant in Emeryville, SC, which successfully achieved high production yields within target costs and surpassed a production milestone of 10,000 trays in one year. The new facility is scheduled to begin operating within a …


Ford Mustang Mach-E


Sustainability Emerging as Driving Trend in Automotives as Most Vegan-Friendly Cars Revealed 

As sustainability becomes a growing trend in the automotive industry, carmakers are increasingly opting for vegan alternatives in car interiors and greener solutions to transport. As consumers’ desire for sustainable materials drives demand, the most vegan-friendly cars on the market have now been revealed.  Analysing data from PETA and car manufacturers globally, UK car dealer Dick Lovett has named Ford in first place, which currently boasts 28 car models with vegan-friendly details, with further eco-friendly options available. Many of the models feature all-vegan interiors, including vegan steering wheels, as standard.  Vegan cars?  Although car pollution contributes significantly to climate change – up to 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, for example – moves towards sustainable and cruelty-free options are signs of change in …


lenovo laptops featuring vegan leather

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Lenovo Launches ThinkPad Laptops Featuring Vegan Leather and Recycled Materials

Multinational technology company Lenovo has launched a range of sustainable laptops featuring vegan leather. The ThinkPad Z Series “reflects changing attitudes towards technology, its impact on the environment and the origins of raw components”. Laptops in the series have a vegan leather cover made from 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate, meaning no new fossil fuels are required to produce it. The body of the laptops features 75% recycled aluminium, while the power adapter is made from 90% post-consumer content. The PCs are also sustainably packaged in recyclable and compostable bamboo and sugarcane. According to Lenovo, the Z Series features high-performance processors, excellent battery life, and an improved webcam, microphone, and speakers. Vegan technology Lenovo is not the only tech company to have developed a more sustainable …


Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX


Mercedes-Benz Opts for AMSilk Vegan Materials in New Concept Car 

AMSilk GmbH, the biotech-based vegan silk material innovator, has announced a new partnership with German car giant Mercedes-Benz. The collaboration will see the development of novel, sustainable car door pulls, as part of the car manufacturer’s latest technology program. “Amid a fresh wave of ambitious climate pledges, we are proud to be playing a leading role in providing solutions for a zero-waste future” Called the VISION EQXX, the new concept car features organic and sustainable interior materials throughout, including the new door pulls made from AMSilk’s Biosteel fiber. The high-strength, certified-vegan, silk-like fabric is made using AMSilk’s proprietary biotechnology, with the company claiming to be the world’s first industrial supplier of vegan silk biopolymers which are 100% biodegradable, renewable, and zero waste.  The all-electric VISION …