Matt Gibson, New Culture

Matt Gibson, © New Culture

Op Ed: Matt Gibson, CEO and Co-Founder of New Culture, on Precision Fermentation

“Precision fermentation is here to define a more sustainable, delicious path for the alternative protein industry,” says Matt Gibson, co-founder and CEO of California’s New Culture. Founded in 2018, New Culture is “revolutionizing how cheese is made by combining traditional cheesemaking methods with modern fermentation technology”, a process that Gibson asserts has been used for decades and is already used to make products in nearly every aisle of the grocery store. Precision Fermentation: The Future of the Alternative Protein Industry By Matt Gibson, CEO and co-Founder, New Culture In mid-November 2022, the global human population reached 8.0 billion from an estimated 2.5 billion people in 1950, adding 1 billion people since 2010 and 2 billion since 1998. This is causing the global demand for meat …


Loui Blake

© Loui Blake

OP ED: Loui Blake, Entrepreneur & CEO of Miami Foods

Loui Blake, founder of Erpingham House vegan restaurant and Vegan Dough Co pizza kitchen, as well as CEO of Miami Foods, here gives a call to action amid the current naysaying in mainstream media: we are more powerful when we act together as a collective movement. “The same people and energy that gave rise to this industry can help to continue this growth,” he urges. Plant-based is slowing down? Here’s how we move it forward. By Loui Blake As a plant-based industry, we’ve enjoyed unprecedented levels of growth in recent years. It now looks like a very smart decision to have gone “all in” on plant-based based and leave my other businesses behind back in 2015, but even I was grossly unaware, and not even mildly …


Image courtesy Elysabeth Alfano

Elysabeth Alfano: 2023 Is The Year We Dig Ourselves Out. Here’s How

This is normally the time of year for predictions about the year to come. And that’s fine. If you would like my top 5 predictions for 2023, you can find them in my Linkedin Post here. However, 2022 was not a normal year (we haven’t had much of those lately), and I don’t think 2023 will reside on the normal scale, either.  So, this New Year’s article calls for something more bespoke. Acknowledging that 2022 was a toughie: war, continued supply chain mayhem, inflation, recession and just an overall sense of dread left most businesses and the market as a whole bloodied and battered. With this in mind, I thought my New Year article would be specific to the Plant-based Innovation Sector and its next …


Dominique Side

Image courtesy Dominique Side

Op Ed: Dominique Side, Co-Founder VgnBae Studios & Nikki Green

Dominique Side is a sustainability expert and authority in luxury ethical living. As the co-founder of the 7-figure entrepreneurial multiplex VgnBae Studios, luxury vegan fashion line Nikki Green and serial entrepreneur, her mission is to inspire and support other change-makers and influencers to transition to a compassion-based vegan lifestyle, without compromising on their luxury quality of life. Understanding the Challenges of Shopping for 100% Vegan Clothing By Dominique Side Being a vegan shopper can be a difficult game of constant tag-reading and in-store googling. You want to feel confident in the pieces you choose to bring into your home and put on your body. But frankly, the fashion industry doesn’t make it easy for us. Sure, something might be free of animal products, but was …



©Aqua Cultured Foods

Op Ed: Anne Palermo, Aqua Cultured Foods

In the third instalment of our new Opinion section featuring the views and insights of leaders and figures from across plant-based and cell-based; Anne Palermo of Aqua Cultured Foods shares her thoughts about the current narrative on the alleged slowing-down of the alt meat category. Hype of ‘Slowdown’ in Plant-Based Meat Sector Misses the Point: The Planet Depends on Our Success Research firms, financial analysts, business pundits, and the journalists who amplify them have all contributed to a great deal of doom and gloom about the alt-meat industry in recent months. Declining fortunes of publicly traded companies, the lackluster performance of product lines owned by megacorporations, and flattened post-pandemic sales triggered smug headlines that the plant-based meat market had fizzled out like the coconut oil …


Henrik of Naturli' Foods

©Naturli' Foods

Op Ed: Henrik Lund, CEO Naturli Foods

In the second instalment of our brand new Opinion section which will feature the views and insights of leaders and figures from across plant-based and cell-based industries; Henrik Lund, CEO of hugely popular Danish plant food producer Naturli Foods, talks about how we need to accelerate our green transition. Speeding up the green future Going shopping in a supermarket is becoming a nightmare for consumers. They can really feel the effects of war in Europe and high inflation when they have to pay at the checkout. I try to remind myself that a crisis always brings something good with it, even though it can be difficult to focus on that here and now. My guess is that the global crisis will push the taste for …


Jack Truman

© Jack Truman

Op Ed: Jack Truman, Vegan Democratic Candidate, Missouri USA

In this, the first instalment of our brand new Opinion section which will feature the views and insights of leaders and figures from across plant-based and cell-based industries; Jack Truman, Democratic Candidate, Missouri 4th Congressional District, shares his thoughts about the changes which need to be made in society. An animal rights activist and vegan for 22 years, Truman is a self-described liberal conservative who intends to bring positive change to Missouri’s 4th district, which he notes is located in the heart of cattle country. The Times Need to Change, by Jack Truman It’s time for a change. Change is good. People should embrace change. This country is definitely changing. But from what I’ve seen, especially over these last few years, people are only willing to …