Rawesome Canadian Lawsuit


Canada’s Rawesome Vegan Cheese Wins Legal Right to Label Dairy-Free Products “Cheese”

Canadian vegan cheese producer Rawesome has won a four-year-long court battle against the City of Montreal over its right to the use the word “cheese” on its product labels, reports CTV News. On Monday, Superior Court Justice Gregory Moore overturned a prior court ruling that found Rawesome guilty of violating federal food regulations and had required the business to pay up to $2,000 in fines.  According Rawsome’s lawyers, the case could be a legal turning point for Canada, and they are currently seeking a broader constitutional argument that exempts some vegan cheese producers from federal food and drug regulations.  Legal battle The legal case began in 2018 when the City of Montreal sued Rawesome, which sells a line of cashew-based cream cheeses, for allegedly violating an …


Squeaky Bean Egg

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£20M Earmarked for Alt Protein Research and Development in the UK

The Biotechnical and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the UK’s biggest public funder of non-medical bioscience, states in its 2022-2025 strategic delivery plan that it will jointly invest at least £20M for developing alternative, more sustainable protein sources.  The funds will be used for capacity building, research, innovation, and business-led commercialisation of alternative and more sustainable protein products states BBSRC.  The Good Food Institute Europe (GFI), the leading NGO advancing alternative proteins, welcomed the announcement: “It’s great to see one of Britain’s biggest funding bodies investing in research that will help make sustainable proteins more appealing and affordable and help to establish the UK as a world leader in this growing industry.” Objective 4: world-class innovation The UK has the potential to access the global sustainable protein …


Veal Cow Compassion in World Farming

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Switzerland to Vote on Abolition of Factory Farming Next Week

The people of Switzerland will take a vote next week regarding the banning of factory farming as part of an initiative which also demands that the dignity of farm animals is protected as a constitutional requirement. Text of the initiative The text of the initiative states that the federal government would have to set stricter minimum requirements for animal-friendly housing and care, access to the outdoors, slaughtering practices and the maximum group size per pen. The requirements state that all farms would have to comply with the new rules in their animal husbandry and would apply to the import of animals and animal products as well as foods with ingredients of animal origin. “This is a fantastic opportunity for the people of Switzerland to lead …


clean palm oil

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EU Parliament Backs Proposed Law to Ban Products Linked to Deforestation

Members of the European Parliament have backed a proposal for a law that would ban the sale of agricultural products linked to deforestation. Once the law is approved, businesses will be required to ensure that their agricultural goods do not contribute to deforestation anywhere in the world. The legislation will cover soy, cattle, palm oil, wood, cocoa, and coffee. It may also be extended to include meat from pigs, sheep, goats, and poultry, along with maize, rubber, charcoal, and printed paper products. As an extension of the law, MEPs propose that goods should be produced in accordance with human rights provisions and in a way that respects the rights of indigenous people. They also suggest that banks and financial institutions should be covered by the …


President Joe Biden Alternative Proteins

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President Biden Issues Executive Order Supporting the Advancement of Cultured Meat

This week, President Biden signed an executive order aimed at advancing US leadership in biotechnology and biomanufacturing, which includes exploring new innovations in the agricultural sector, and specifically mentions the advancement of alternative proteins.  In the order, Biden directs the heads of relevant government agencies to submit reports assessing diverse fields of biotechnology within 180 days to explore their potential impact on medicine, climate change, and food production. Regarding agriculture it reads:   “The Secretary of Agriculture… shall submit a report assessing how to use biotechnology and biomanufacturing for food and agriculture innovation, including by improving sustainability and land conservation; increasing food quality and nutrition; increasing and protecting agricultural yields; protecting against plant and animal pests and diseases; and cultivating alternative food sources.” Growing a “bioeconomy” …


Annual vegan BBQ Parliament The Hague

Vegetarian Butcher burger served to Dutch politicians © Vegan Today

Famous Vegan Brands Serve Plant-Based BBQ to Dutch Parliament

Vegan Today and Diervriendelijk Nederland, in partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher, Beyond Meat, Vivera, Alpro, Willicroft, and other top vegan brands, organised the 7th edition of the Annual Plant-based BBQ in the House of Parliament in The Hague, offering politicians an opportunity to taste the best vegan foods in the Netherlands Both organisers declared the event delivered a clear message: the future is vegan. The Netherlands is known for the progressive work done by its plant-based brands and the high consumer demand for animal-free options. The politicians at the event sampled planet- and animal-friendly versions of traditional foods like hamburgers, chicken, beef, salmon, calamari, shrimp, cheese, milk, desserts, and sweet treats, offered by Dutch brands.   Maryen van Castro and Matthijs den Hollander of Vegan …




New PM Liz Truss Urged to Prioritise Meat Reduction to “Avoid the Prospect of Eco-System Collapse”

The Plant-Based Food Alliance UK (PBFA) has implored Liz Truss, the new UK Prime Minister, to update the government’s food strategy to address the current global climate and food crises.  According to the Alliance, the food strategy’s white paper that was made public last June was a missed opportunity that did not even consider the government’s own climate advisors’ recommendations on the inclusion of meat reduction targets of 30% by 2030. The organisation urges the government to rewrite its food strategy and include time-bound targets for reducing meat and dairy consumption to make it fit in a century in which climate resilience and food security must become a priority. “Setting targets for meat reduction is no longer a radical measure. Institutions from the UN to …


MeaTech production line


Israel Declares Food Tech & Alt Protein as National Priority; GFI Implores EU to Follow Suit

The Israeli Government this week declared “Food tech, with an emphasis on alternative proteins” as one of five national priorities. The decision was made in consultation with the nonprofit GFI Israel, which plays a key role in the region in promoting the advantage of alternative proteins as a solution to global climate and food crises.  Alla Voldman-Rentzer, vice president at the GFI Israel, commented: “The decision to select food tech with an emphasis on alternative proteins as one of Israel’s five national focus areas, positions the field as a key growth engine for Israel, especially in light of global trends such as the climate and global food crises, and will be a global strategic asset as well.”  Annually, the Ministry of Innovation and Science allocates NIS180M …



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PBFA Launches New Institute to Drive Transition to Plant-Based Food System

The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) announces the launch of a sister non-profit, The Plant Based Foods Institute (PBFI.) Led by food systems experts and industry pioneers, the Institute aims to drive transition to a plant-based food system by advancing key business and policy initiatives.  While the PBFA works to expand access to plant-based foods in the marketplace, PBFI’s goal is to cultivate solutions that shift government policies, agricultural practices, and demand toward a regenerative plant-based food system. To accomplish this, the organization will work with stakeholders to identify and implement effective strategies and approaches. Its board members include: Rachel Dreskin, CEO, PBFI and PBFA Jaime Athos, CEO, The Tofurky Company Matt Dunaj, CFO & VP of Operations, Follow Your Heart Tyler Whitely, Director, Transfarmation …


Quorn truck Downing Street

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Quorn Truck Says “No More Porkies” As Boris Johnson Leaves Office

Quorn has sent a food truck to Downing Street emblazoned with “No More Porkies” (porkies, or pork pies, referring to the rhyming slang for lies) as Boris Johnson gets ready to leave office after a leadership term famous for his repeated lies to the British people. Just hours before Johnson leaves office, the stunt saw Quorn’s truck serving up free pork-free ham sandwiches featuring its new Deli range to the public in order to celebrate the end of the PM’s “porkies”. The pork-free sandwich truck toured Whitehall, Downing Street, Parliament Square and Westminster Bridge with the stunt organised by PR firm Taylor Herring. Quorn’s new Deli range consisting of Yorkshire Ham, Roast Chicken, Roast Beef and Finely Sliced Ham will be available in the chilled aisles …


Rügenwalder Mühle Vegan Filet Type Chicken

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Germany: Green Party of Bremen County Calls For Plant-Based Policies

The Green Party of Germany’s Bremen County has called for measures to encourage residents to adopt a plant-based diet. These could include an information campaign on the benefits of plant-based foods, along with updates to dietary recommendations. Public canteens would be asked to set an example by offering vegan meals, and a plant-based cooking school would be established for caterers. Additionally, major events such as the Freimarket or Breminale would be required to make at least 50% of their food stands vegan, while the local food industry would be supported to transition away from meat. Plant-based in German politics Earlier this year, the German Federal Health Minister Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach suggested introducing initiatives to drastically cut meat consumption, including taxing meat and providing subsidies …


Rawesome Canadian Lawsuit


Canada: Animal Justice Will Intervene in Gov’t Labelling Lawsuit Targeting Rawesome Vegan Cheese

Canadian animal law advocacy group Animal Justice announces it has been granted intervener status in a court case concerning the ability of plant–based food brand Rawesome to use the term “cheese” on its product labels.  In 2021, the city of Montreal filed charges against the brand, which produces a popular line of cashew-based cream cheeses, alleging its use of the term “cheese” could mislead consumers and should only describe foods made with cow dairy milk. However, Rawesome and Animal Justice counter that the brand’s packaging is not confusing, as it cleary states the products contain no dairy. Rawesome is now suing the federal and provincial governments to challenge the constitutionality of the Food and Drugs Act’s decades-old regulations that limit the terms “milk” and “cheese” …


Fry's sausage


Temporary Victory in South Africa Where Seizure of Plant-Based Foods Has Been Halted

Plant-based advocates in South Africa are celebrating a temporary victory after succeeding at the Johannesburg High Court on Saturday in halting thousands of product seizures scheduled to take place today, 22nd August. The Food Safety Agency (FSA) was set to begin the seizure of thousands of plant-based meat alternatives from retailers across the country for using terms such as “burger”, “nugget”, and “sausage”, in a now familiar battle that plant-based industry has been winning in various markets. To name recent examples, the French decree on labelling was suspended just three weeks ago down to insufficient legality, and famously, Amendment 171 actioned by the dairy lobby was rejected by the EU parliament last May. Saturday’s ruling prohibits the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development …


COP27 Food Systems Pavilion

Image: UN

COP27 Food Systems Pavilion to “Put Food Centre Stage” in Fight Against Climate Change

A coalition of 15 food organisations has announced it will be hosting a Food Systems Pavilion at COP27, the United Nations’ climate change conference. The diverse group features policymakers, scientists, farmers, youth, and more, with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors all represented. The co-hosts are Clim-Eat, Coalition of Action for Soil Health (CA4SH), EIT Food, Environmental Defense Fund, FOLU, Good Food Institute, Infarm, SNV, and Yara International. Session partners are Aleph Farms, Food Tank, Just Rural Transition, One Acre Fund, and Rabobank, while supporting partners are World Farmers’ Organisation, World Food Forum, YPARD, IAAS World, and YOUNGO. COP and food system change Despite the huge proportion of emissions that originate from the food industry, this will be the first year that COP has featured …


ProVeg Food4Climate Pavilion

Image: ProVeg International

“Tectonic Shift” as ProVeg is Granted 130m² Food4Climate Pavilion at COP27

This year, food awareness organisation ProVeg International is set to host its Food4Climate Pavilion at COP27, the United Nations’ climate change conference. Organised in collaboration with 15 partners, the 130-square-meter pavilion will feature ten food and agriculture topics. This will be the first time COP has hosted pavilions dedicated to food system change, highlighting the environmental impact of the food industry to delegations from over 200 countries. According to ProVeg, it will be impossible to meet climate targets without addressing agricultural emissions. Using the banner Diet Change Not Climate Change, the organisation will encourage UN member states to make plant-based food systems a part of their climate policy. COP26 and the food industry At last year’s climate conference, COP26, there was considerable criticism of the …