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European Commission Approves End The Slaughter Age Initiative to Transfer Animal Ag Subsidies to Alt-Protein

The European Commission has approved a European Citizens’ Initiative (ICE) titled End the Slaughter Age. If it passes, subsidies currently given to the livestock industry would instead go to alt-protein. This would mean that plant-based and cellular agriculture companies receive tax breaks and subsidies that could help to make alt-protein cheaper than conventional meat. To be successful, the ICE will need to collect a million signatures over the next year. …


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CEO of Poultry Giant PHW Calls Upon Europe to Allow Cultivated Meat

Peter Wesjohann, CEO of Wiesenhof / PHW, one of Europe’s largest poultry producers, is calling on the EU to allow the sale of cultivated meat. Wesjohann said in an interview with the German publication Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung: “If Brussels doesn’t speed things up a bit, we will end up with approval for sale in the USA and Asia, and here in Europe we will once again be too late.” The …


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“A Missed Opportunity”: Alt Protein Leaders Respond to UK Government Food Strategy Published Today

The UK Government Food Strategy was published today, highlighting how sustainable and alternative proteins can play a major role in British food production. However, the report falls short and has been labelled as a disappointment to the UK and to the planet. Here follows commentary on the whitepaper from leaders and experts from within alt protein: Russ Tucker, Co-Founder of UK’s first cultivated meat company Ivy Farm; Morten Toft Bech, …



Report Tells UK Government to Revise “Fragmented and Underdeveloped” Alt-Protein Policy

A report by the Social Market Foundation has called on the UK government to update its alt-protein policy, with the aim of improving consumer choice and accelerating the transition to a more sustainable food system. The report says that with its current “fragmented and underdeveloped” policy, the UK risks falling behind other countries. The authors propose several steps the government could take to remedy this. The recommendations are as follows: …


Plant Based Treaty Activists

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IPCC Expert Calls for “Global Veganization” as Calls for Plant Based Treaty Intensify

Climate campaigners will be in Bonn for the United Nations Climate Change Conference starting today to present a new position paper and urge delegates to begin negotiations for a Plant Based Treaty. The move comes after a senior IPCC expert has backed the paper, calling for “global veganization”; an urgent transition to plant-based diets to avoid climate disaster.  The new position paper titled “Appetite for a Plant Based Treaty” highlights …


Congress Alternative Protein Research

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Jack Truman, Vegan and Animal Rights Activist, Launches Run for US Congress

Jack Truman, a resident of Barton County, Missouri, announced he is running as the sole Democratic candidate for Missouri’s 4th Congressional district. An animal rights activist and vegan for 22 years, Truman is a self-described liberal conservative who intends to bring positive change to Missouri’s 4th district, which he notes is located in the heart of cattle country. Truman’s previous life experience includes 35 years in the entertainment industry, as …


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Orbillion Declares Cultivated Meat Price Parity by 2026 Ahead of Davos Talks 

Orbillion Bio, the Silicon Valley-based cultivated meat startup, has claimed it will reach price parity by as early as 2026, as well as commodity pricing for beef in 2030. Orbilion CEO and co-founder, Patricia Bubner, will now head to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to speak about how cultivated meat can address global food insecurity. Backed by Y Combinator’s accelerator program and confident of being the first company …


School Children Cafeteria Lunch

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Illinois Schools, Which Serve Nearly 2 Million Students, Will Begin Offering Plant-Based Lunches

Under a new law, children in Illinois will have access to plant-based school lunches for the first time. House Bill 4089, recently signed by Governor JB Pritzer, mandates all Illinois school districts to provide plant-based meals that meet federal nutrition guidelines. Scheduled to take effect on August 23, 2023, the law is expected to set a precedent for other school districts across the US.  Helping students thrive Sponsored by State …


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UK Politicians Consider More Agile Cultivated Meat Regulations

On May 18, cultivated meat startup Ivy Farm Technologies and the Good Food Institute Europe (GFI) hosted an event at the UK Parliament to discuss cultivated meat regulations. The organisations argued for more investment in cultivated meat research in the country, as well as a more collaborative regulatory process. Politicians from all parties attended the event, which featured talks from Elena Walden, Policy Manager at the Good Food Institute Europe, …


German federal health minister

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German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach: “Meat Consumption is Completely Unreasonable, Bordering on Delusional”

The German Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach spoke in an interview at the ZEIT für Forschung conference, emphasising how meat consumption should be discouraged, as reported to vegconomist by the country’s ZEIT publication. “As a child and as a young man I was very fond of meat, and from that point of view it was not easy for me to say goodbye. Meat was a pleasure for me,” said Lauterbach, …


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Cultivated Meat & Plant-Based Products Featured at Israel’s Independence Day Celebrations

Participants in Israel’s Independence Day celebrations at the UN have been invited to sample a range of alt-protein products developed by Israeli companies. 250 guests, including several ambassadors, had the chance to taste animal-free pastrami sandwiches, schnitzel nuggets, ice cream, cheeses, and poached eggs. These products included a mixture of cultivated, fermented, and plant-based foods. One of the companies involved was ReMilk, which uses precision fermentation to produce animal-free cream …


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China Prioritises Alt Protein in Bioeconomy Plan 

China’s main economic regulator has unveiled a five-year plan to boost the country’s bioeconomy with alt protein at its center. The new strategy highlights alt protein’s role as a critical growth sector to achieve food security and decarbonization goals. The 14th Five-Year Plan released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) included a call to develop biology technology to explore alt protein R&D to reduce the pressure on environmental …



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EU Citizens Tell Their Leaders to Shift to a More Sustainable Food System

The Conference on the Future of Europe (COFE) has called for a shift to sustainable diets, plant-based eating, and increased animal welfare. The citizen-led EU initiative enables people from across the bloc to propose ideas, with a transition to a more sustainable food system high among citizens’ concerns. The COFE is based on a series of discussions featuring citizens and EU representatives, from which the urgency to shift to a …



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Dutch Government Announces €60M Cellular Agriculture Fund

The Dutch government has earmarked €60 million for a new cellular agriculture fund. The investment will be awarded through the National Growth Fund, which supports innovative economic sectors. It is believed that €60 million is the largest ever sum of public funding to be granted to cellular agriculture anywhere in the world. The proposal for the funding was submitted by Cellular Agriculture Netherlands, a consortium of 12 organisations, and its …


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Industry Groups Join Forces to Strengthen Canada’s Plant-Based Food Policies

Protein Industries Canada announces it is partnering with Loblaw Companies Ltd., Pulse Canada, and Plant-Based Foods of Canada to strengthen Canada’s plant-based foods regulations and establish a Regulatory Centre of Excellence.  A total of $1.6 million is being invested in the endeavor, which is Protein Industries’ 38th project announcement aimed at supporting Canada’s growing plant-based food and ingredient sector. Through consumer surveys and experiments, the partners will engage with Canada’s …