Danish Plantbased Business Association

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Danish Government Launches “Plant Fund” to Invest $100M in Plant-Based Foods 

The Danish government will invest over $100 million into a new ‘Plantefonden’ – or Plant Fund – to promote climate-friendly plant-based foods. The Danish Plantbased Business Association has been named on the board of the Plant Fund, an initiative of the Danish Agency for Agriculture. A historic amount of DKK 675 million (100 million USD) has been set aside until 2030 for the Plant Fund, going exclusively to plant-based foods. …




Tofurky Wins Historic Louisiana Court Case in Fight Against Plant-Based Censorship

Tofurky, one of the leading plant-based brands in the US, has won a major lawsuit victory for vegan meat producers, as a federal judge ruled against a controversial labeling law. The judge ruled the Louisiana law unconstitutional after it stopped plant-based producers like Tofurky from using terms like “burger” or “sausage”. Facing fines of $500 per day for using such terms on its plant-based meat products, even when featuring qualifiers …


Oxfordshire to host vegan council meetings

Councillor Ian Middleton. Image: Facebook

Oxfordshire to Host All-Vegan Council Meetings Despite Jeremy Clarkson Protest

Oxfordshire is to become the first county in the UK to host entirely vegan council meetings and events. The county council voted in favour of the measure, which was proposed for sustainability reasons. Plant-based options will also be added to the menu at 14% of schools in the county on some days of the week, though conventional meals will remain available. The initiative is timely — a recent study found …


Mosa Meat Cultivated Burger

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Cultured Meat Law Breakthrough in the Netherlands as Public Samplings Approved

In another step forward for the European cultivated meat industry, the government of the Netherlands has passed a motion to legalize the sampling of cell-cultured meat products. The legal breakthrough could pave the way for cultivated meat to be sold in supermarkets within a few years, according to Dutch manufacturers.  “Cultivated meat deserves a fair chance and that’s why we have to make tastings possible” The motion, proposed by the …


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Meati Foods & The Better Meat Co. Lawsuit Escalates Over Mycelium

Update 11th March, comment sent by Paul Shapito of Better Meat Co: ” No one claims (Gus Pattillo) was ever employed by Meati. The dispute relates to when Pattillo was on a 2017 fellowship at the Dept. of Energy at the same time the founders of Emergy (a battery company which in 2019 rebranded as a food company called Meati) were also doing work at the Dept. of Energy.” Meati …


Impossible Shop Foods Restaurant Burger Dog Haus

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Impossible Foods Files Lawsuit Against Motif Foodworks Over Heme Patent

Impossible Foods, the alt meat market leader, has sued Motif Foodworks over accusations that the food tech startup copied its heme technology. Motif Foodworks has disputed the claim, which concerns its debut product; HEMAMI. The lawsuit states that Motif’s development and commercialization of HEMAMI infringes Impossible Foods’ patent by using the iron-bearing protein molecule heme and making it available for large-scale distribution. Heme is the ingredient that gives Impossible Foods’ …


vegan garlic kyiv

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Better Naked to Donate 50% of Vegan Garlic Kyiv Profits to Ukraine Relief Effort

UK plant-based brand Better Naked, owned by Finnebrogue, has announced that 50% of profits from its vegan Garlic Kyiv will be donated to the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. Better Naked has also renamed the product, formerly called the Garlic Kiev, in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Chicken kievs originate from the Ukrainian capital, which was known as Kiev in the days of the Soviet Union but is now often spelled …


PureField Ingredients wheat blue

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Conflict in Ukraine to Cause Spike in Food Prices Worldwide

The G20’s Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS) has warned that the current conflict in Ukraine will bring a spike in food prices that will threaten food security globally. Russia and Ukraine together produce 29% of the world’s wheat, along with 19% of corn and a huge 80% of sunflower oil. The countries are also key producers of fertilisers and fuel, both important for agriculture. AMIS has urged G20 countries to …


German federal health minister

Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach. © German Federal Ministry of Health

German Federal Health Minister Calls for 80% Cut in Meat Consumption

In an interview with Der Spiegel, The German Federal Health Minister Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach has suggested that initiatives should be introduced to dramatically cut meat consumption in the country. Lauterbach said this would be essential in order to meet sustainability targets, suggesting that meat should be taxed to make it less affordable and alt-meat products should be subsidised. But unlike many politicians, Lauterbach also referenced the animal welfare and …



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Portugal Bans ‘Vegan Leather’, Industry Insiders Speak Out

A ban on the term ‘vegan leather’ and other plant-based prefixes has been announced in Portugal. Alt leather companies now using prefixes such as ‘vegan’, ‘plant-based’, or ‘pineapple’ or even “synthetic” along with the word “leather” in their product marketing may face fines and criminal proceedings.  Portugal has a thriving fashion and textiles industry, with companies like B_Boheme producing sustainable shoes from vegan leather in the country. Founder Alicia Lai …


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How Patent Protection Can Secure the Future of Alt Meat

Gavin Dundas, Senior Associate at Reddie & Grose LLP – a European firm of patent, trademark and design attorneys– says that as meat substitutes continue to move into the mainstream and investment in these products increases, protecting market position and investments is going to become even more critical in the future. The market opportunity for meat alternatives, both plant-based and cell-based, is huge and growing.  According to Statista, the UK …


IvyFarm Sausage

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Update to UK’s Novel Foods Regulations Will Boost Sustainable Protein Innovation

The UK’s novel foods regulations will be reviewed to make them more “transparent and effective”, the country’s government has announced. In a report titled The Benefits of Brexit: How the UK is taking advantage of leaving the EU, the government says it will no longer be necessary to follow the EU process for approving novel foods. Instead, the UK will have a system specifically designed to “support innovation in the …


Joes Future Food

Professor Zhou Guanghong. © Joes Future Food

China’s Five-Year Agricultural Plan Includes Cultivated Meat for the First Time Ever

The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has just released its official Five-Year Agricultural Plan, which for the first time specifically mentions cultivated meat. The report describes how innovation could be boosted in “frontier and cross-disciplinary technologies,” a category that includes cultivated meat. According to GFI APAC, this signals that Chinese officials believe producing cultivated meat is in the national interest — and this makes it very likely that …


Fruit and stethoscope plant based health

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Could Plant-Based Diets Save the NHS £30BN?

As record numbers of people sign up to go plant-based for Veganuary 2022 across the UK and the world, doctors are taking the opportunity to show how a vegan diet could benefit the economy and save the NHS billions.  Growing fears about the climate crisis have spurred growth in the movement, with a total of two million people officially signing up since the pledge began in 2014. Health concerns also …


Cultivated Meat Meatball

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Former Defense Secretary Says Alternative Proteins Critical to National Security

The production of plant-based and cultivated meat should be regarded as a national security issue, according to Matt Spence, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense. In a recent op-ed titled “The National Security Case for Lab-Grown and Plant-Based Meat”, Spence outlined several reasons why the US government should invest in animal-free protein to enhance food security.  The article highlights Israeli President Isaac Herzog, who became the first world President …