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GrownAs* Foods to “Revolutionize” Vegan Mac and Cheese With These Gourmet Flavors

GrownAs* Foods says it has reimagined vegan mac and cheese with these new Classic and Truffle varieties that apparently “cut the crap” found in conventional counterparts. A subsidiary of Colorado’s Seed Ranch Flavor Co; GrownAs* Foods states its intention to revolutionize the mac and cheese category by manufacturing clean ingredient, gourmet mac and cheese products for the modern market. The company also sells its vegan cheese to food service providers. Vegan mac and cheese is a relatively unsaturated market; at time of publication, the brands offering boxed vegan varieties in the US include Daiya, Banza, Annie’s, Chickapea, Trader Joe’s, and Goodles. According to the Boulder-based sauce specialist, what makes the GrownAs* products unique is their “stellar nutrition profile”, including simple ingredients like nutritional yeast, smoked …


Doctor Salsas range

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Spain’s Doctor Salsas Launches Ultra Hot Sauces For the Spicy Vegan

Doctor Salsas, a Spanish producer of spicy dressings and sauces, has launched Carolina Reaper sauce on the market along with three other vegan-friendly sauces: Habanero, Chipotle and Jalapeño. The company states that the Carolina Reaper sauce is made with one of the “hottest chillies in the world” and is designed to accompany grilled, roasted or baked dishes. The Chipotle sauce is made with smoked ripe jalapeño peppers with moderate spiciness, specially crafted as a base for dressings, marinades and stir-fries. The Habanero sauce is suitable for dressing fajitas or traditional dishes due to its citrus flavour and medium level of spiciness. The Jalapeño sauce, on the other hand, has a milder level of spiciness and fresher flavour intended for those who are just starting out …


PeaTos Snacks


PeaTos Closes Oversubscribed Series A3 Round and Launches into US Walmart Stores

Plant-based snack brand PeaTos announces it has closed an oversubscribed Series A3 round led by POST Holdings, and is launching into several hundred US Walmart stores nationwide. The brand says the Series A funds will enable it to continue challenging the dominance of snack giant Frito Lay, which PeaTos accuses of monopolizing the salty snack category with unhealthy ingredients.  “While the amount of money we raised is a rounding error to Frito Lay, we are extremely proud of this show of strong show of support from our investors, as well as retailers and consumers, who believe in our important mission,” said PeaTos founder Nick Desai. Great strides He added, “Even in today’s challenging fundraising environment, there is still a strong demand for a compelling and …


juicy marbles' plant-based whole cut loin pictured on a wooden board and being cut by a man

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Juicy Marbles’ Whole-Cut Plant-Based Loin to Launch in the UK in Time for Christmas

Juicy Marbles‘ latest plant-based meat product, a whole-cut beef-style loin, will be available for UK customers to purchase over the festive season. The beef-style loin, which according to the company is the “biggest piece of plant-based meat ever conceived“, will go on sale via the company’s website from December 1st. Raw and unseasoned  Juicy Marbles’ whole-cut loin is a versatile piece of plant-based meat that can be grilled, broiled, or boiled. It can also be used to make broth, or cut into fillets, chunks, or slices. The main ingredients are non-GMO soy, sunflower oil, and beetroot powder, and the product has a Nutri-Score rating of A. It comes uncooked and unseasoned to allow customers to express their preferences and creativity. Plant-based whole-cut pioneer Although other …


MeliBio Naryan Plant-Based Honey

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MeliBio Raises $2.2M and Partners with Narayan Foods to Bring Plant-Based Honey to European Market

MeliBio, the world’s first company creating real honey without bees, announces it has raised an additional $2.2M in investments and is partnering with Narayan Foods, an organic foods leader, to launch its products in 75,000 European stores. Through the first-of-its-kind partnership, Narayan will sell MeliBio’s plant-based honey under the Better Foodie brand, with the first products shipping out in early 2023.  According to MeliBio, retailers throughout Europe have shown strong demand for the honey, which will also be available for private label opportunities, using MeliBio’s technology and Narayan Foods’ operational capabilities. “As a food innovation platform, Narayan Foods is constantly on the lookout for novel sustainable products that would revolutionize the market,” said Mario Brumat, founder and CEO of Narayan Foods. “Just by tasting MeliBio’s …


vegan Christmas range

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Morrisons Launches Vegan Christmas Range Including Gammon Joint & Cheesecake

UK supermarket chain Morrisons has revealed its vegan Christmas range for 2022, including eight brand-new products. Mains Three vegan mains are on offer, all part of Morrisons’ Plant Revolution line and made with wheat, pea, and soy protein. They are: Roast No Turkey Crown — Finished with horseradish and herb crumb along with a parsley and sage vegan butter melt. Beefless Wellington — A beef-style dish topped with mushroom duxelles and encased in flaky pastry. Vegan Gammon Joint — A plant-based joint finished with a maple and orange glaze. Sides and starters Morrisons is offering two vegan Christmas sides — a stuffing pack and the No Pigs in Blankets, made of meat-free sausages wrapped in plant-based bacon. Starters and small dishes include: No Prawn Toast …


JOOMA's Call Me Almond Milk, an almond concentrate to make the glass of milk pictures on top of a atble

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Jooma Introduces New Almond Milk Concentrate for the Chinese Market

Jooma, a Chinese subsidiary of Munich-based NOIX AG, is launching an almond milk concentrate called Call Me Almond Milk for the Chinese market. The company claims it is the first to offer this type of product.  NOIX is a plant-based food developer operating in China. The company was awarded the Good Food Award in 2021 and 2022 for its sustainable almond-based yogurt brand Jooma, becoming only the second foreign producer to receive this award after Oatly. Recently, Jooma continued its innovation in the plant-based food sector with a range of coconut based-yogurts. High-quality almond milk Call Me Almond Milk allows consumers to make high-quality almond milk for any occasion, including warm almond milk — an important option in China. “Our panel tests have confirmed the excellent taste,” …


v2food plant-based meat range in a photo for its launch in coles across australia

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v2food Launches New Plant-Based Meat Range in Coles Stores Across Australia

A few months after launching a vegan ready meal line for the convenience food category, Australian alt meat leader v2food has announced a new range of plant-based meats rolling out at Coles stores across the country. The range includes two new chicken alternatives, a Thai burger, and an ‘improved’ sausage range that comes in various flavours, including the Aussie favourite Garlic & Herb.  “We’re extremely excited to offer Coles shoppers a fresh selection of sustainable plant-based protein options that look, cook, and taste like their traditional counterparts. In Australia, a growing number of shoppers will happily choose plant-based sausages for their weekend BBQ or opt for plant-based mince in their spaghetti bolognese,” said v2food’s General Manager ANZ, Nathaniel Tupou. Plant-based meats for flexitarians V2food says …




Nestlé Launches Plant-Based Egg Product in Latin America

Following last week’s news of the F&B conglomerate’s vegan foie gras product for Spanish and Swiss retail, Nestlé announces it has developed a plant-based powdered egg mix which is being tested under the Malher brand in Central America, with plans to expand to further markets within Latin America. The egg product is soy based, suitable for scrambled eggs and omelettes, and according to Nestle offers a reduced amount of saturated fat and cholesterol but with the same protein at an affordable price. Nestle launched a vegan egg alternative under the Garden Gourmet brand last summer, called vEGGie, along with a plant-based shrimp called Vrimp. It states that “R&D teams are also exploring novel solutions for affordable, time-stable protein blends that can be used as meat …


Treeline Gourmet Non-Dairy Cheese

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Treeline Launches “Reserve” Line of Ultra-Gourmet Plant-Based Cheeses

Plant-based cheese producer Treeline announces the launch of Treeline Reserve – a new line of artisanal, “ultra gourmet” non-dairy cheeses. Initially debuting on Treeline’s website, the line will first offer two varieties – True Blue and Bloomy Rind – with more to come in 2023.  To create Reserve, Treeline partnered with Spanish cheesemakers to “take vegan cheesemaking to new heights” and offer products that capture the true essence of fine blue and ripened rind cheeses.  The first varieties include True Blue, a cashew-based classic blue cheese made with real Penicillium Roqueforti molds. The molds impart complex flavors and aromas found in premium blue cheeses, with no need for colorants or blue cheese flavoring. The second cheese, Bloomy Rind, is also crafted from cashews in the …



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Eco-Products Introduces Plant-Based Compostable Straws Derived from Canola Oil

Eco-Products of Boulder, Colorado today launches a new line of compostable straws made from plant-based plastic which will biodegrade in a commercial compost facility or a home compost pile. Made from polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a plant-based plastic derived from canola oil, the straws are BPI-certified compostable and meet the ASTM D6400 standard for compostability. The company also offers a range of cups, containers, plates and bowls, and utensils. “With demand rising for more sustainable choices, we are committed to offering the best in compostable products,” said Nicole Tariku, Director of Product Development for Eco-Products. “These innovative straws are heat resistant and durable like conventionally made straws, while still offering flexible composting options.”   “Businesses are increasingly looking for compostable products that perform as well as those made …


vegan foie gras product called voie gras made by gourmet garden

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Garden Gourmet Launches Vegan Foie Gras in Swiss and Spanish Supermarkets

Garden Gourmet, Nestle’s plant-based brand, recently announced the launch of a limited edition of Voie Gras, the brand’s vegan alternative to foie gras, in Swiss and Spanish supermarkets. Voie Gras, which simulates the taste, texture, and aroma of the traditional duck liver pâté, will be the first vegan-certified alternative to reach large retail distribution in both countries, said Garden Gourmet in a statement. Foie gras consumption has fallen  Traditionally, foie gras producers force-feed ducks to make their livers fatty for the rich and greasy spread. This routine is widely considered one of the cruellest practices in the farming industry. According to Animal Equality UK, foie gras production is banned in many countries, including Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Germany, and Turkey. …


vegan turkey and stuffing baguette

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Greggs Partners With THIS to Launch Vegan Turkey and Stuffing Baguette

UK bakery chain Greggs has joined forces with alt meat brand THIS to launch a vegan turkey and stuffing baguette for the festive season. The baguette contains plant-based turkey goujons with a sage and onion crust, along with vegan gravy and cranberry sauce. Available at all 2,200 Greggs locations, it is the chain’s second partnership with THIS, after the two brands began offering a vegan southern fried chicken baguette earlier this year. Another plant-based Christmas option on the menu at Greggs is the vegan festive bake, first offered in 2021. The puff pastry bake contains Quorn mycoprotein pieces, sage and onion stuffing balls, vegan bacon crumb, and sage and cranberry sauce. Greggs has been working to expand its vegan range since 2019, when the chain’s …


all-purpose oat milk

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Minor Figures Launches All-Purpose Oat Milk at Tesco and Morrisons

Best known for its barista milk alternatives, UK brand Minor Figures has expanded its range with two varieties of all-purpose oat milk. While the brand’s barista range is aimed at specialty coffee, the Everyday oat milks are designed to be suitable for all applications, including cereal, hot drinks, and smoothies. Everyday Oat contains no added sugars and is fortified with calcium and vitamins, while Everyday Oat Light is similar but made with less oil to lower its fat content. The range made its debut at 250 Waitrose stores in June, before launching at all Holland & Barrett locations nationwide. Now, the oat milks have launched at 300 Tesco and 400 Morrisons stores, and are expected to be available via Ocado in the near future. “We’re …


Milkadamia Vegan Milk Tea


Milkadamia to Debut More Sustainable Dairy-Free Milk Tea in 2023

Dairy-free brand milkadamia announces the debut of Milk Tea, a new ready-to-drink tea featuring macadamia milk and black tea, which will launch at major retailers in January 2023.  According to milkadamia, the global popularity of milk tea – typically rich black tea made with condensed or evaporated milk – is increasing exponentially among Millenial and Gen-Z consumers. Blending black tea with milkadamia’s “slightly decadent” macadamia nut milk, the new Milk Tea contains 100 calories per serving, and will be the first US brand offered in 32 oz. multi-serve cartons, versus less sustainable single-serve packaging. Each carton will retail for an MRP of $6.99.  Healthy benefits Native to Australia, macadamia nuts offer a host of nutritional benefits, including Vitamin E, antioxidant compounds, healthy fats and soluble …