Berger-Schinken, a German firm with over 130 years of history in ham and sausage processing, and the Austrian upcycling and food tech company Kern Tech have partnered to launch a 100% cheese plant-based sausages.

© Kern Tec

Ham Producer Berger-Schinken & Upcycled Fruit Pit Startup Kern Tec Unveil Plant-Based Cheese Sausages

Berger-Schinken, a German firm with over 130 years of history in ham and sausage processing, and Austrian upcycling and food tech company Kern Tec, have launched a co-branded product: plant-based cheese sausages. The new vegan sausages are crafted from pea protein and feature Kern Tec’s most recent development — Berg-Gaudi — a plant-based cheese made from upcycled fruit pits.  This first-of-its-kind cheese launched in various flavors last year under Kern Tec’s brand Wunderkern, joining a range of no-milk drinks made with apricot kernels that became the most-sold product at vegan superstore BILLA Pflanzilla a few months later. Wunderkern also offers oils and chocolate spreads from waste seeds from the juice and jam industries.  The plant-based cheese sausages are gluten-free, lactose-free, certified vegan, and are available just in time for …


Lindt launches vegan truffles in USA

© Lindt

Lindt Launches Vegan Truffle Balls in the USA

Lindt LINDOR has launched a plant-based version of its popular Truffle Balls on the US market. The new vegan product range includes the flavors Non-Dairy OatMilk and Dark Chocolate OatMilk. The truffle balls complement the Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE oat milk bars launched in 2022 and expand the company’s vegan range. They are intended to offer a chocolate alternative for all consumers, not just those who avoid dairy products. “We wanted to create dairy-free truffles for all chocolate lovers, including those who avoid dairy products, are lactose intolerant or simply follow a more plant-based diet,” says Lindt Master Chocolatier Ann Czaja. The new dairy-free oat milk truffle balls from Lindt LINDOR are designed to offer a chocolate experience on a par with milk chocolate truffle balls. …


Better Balance launches Better Nera with Chunk Foods

© Sigma

Better Balance Launches Plant-Based Whole Cut ‘Better-Nera’ in Spain with Chunk Foods

Following the announcement this January that the company was to develop co-branded plant-based whole cuts for the Latin American market in collaboration with Chunk Foods, Better Balance now presents the 100% plant-based “Better-nera” cut for the Spanish market. Also co-developed with vegan steak specialist Chunk Foods, using a patented solid-state fermentation technology, this innovative cut of plant meat is a pioneer in its category in Spain, says Better Balance, a subsidiary of the Sigma group. Better-nera has a high protein content (21%) and is an excellent source of fibre, enriched with iron and vitamin B12. In addition, it is cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat and sodium, and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. The product has been categorised with Nutriscore A and can be prepared …


NotCo Not Turtle

© NotCo

NotCo Develops Plant-Based Turtle Soup Alternative to Combat Sea Turtle Decline

Food technology leader NotCo has created a plant-based solution to turtle soup aimed at preserving the global green sea turtle population while respecting the culinary traditions of the many countries that still consume turtle meat. The newly developed NotTurtle Soup leverages NotCo’s advanced AI technology coupled with the culinary expertise of Peruvian Chef Diego Oka to create a dish that replicates the taste and texture of real turtle meat without the turtle. Climate change and habitat loss are major factors in the decline of green sea turtles, with nesting females estimated at only 85,000, according to The Sea Turtle Conservancy. However, consumption of traditional dishes such as turtle soup continues to drive their endangerment. Despite legal protections, the demand persists, particularly in regions like Peru, …


La Vie sandwiches launch in multiple French retailers

© La Vie

La Vie’s New Range of Vegan Club Sandwiches is “Selling Like Hotcakes” in Multiple French Retailers

La Vie™, the fast-growing French startup behind a patented plant-based recipe that replicates the taste, look, and texture of pork from pigs, has launched a range of three 100% plant-based club sandwiches: Le Parisien, Le Suédois, and Le British. The sandwiches all feature one of the brand’s two hero ingredients, the famous vegan bacon, and the more recently developed ham. The two products have both received numerous awards in France and throughout Europe, and are rich in protein, sources of fibre, and rated green on the Yuka app. Founded in 2021 by Nicolas Schweitzer and Vincent Poulichet and enjoying consistent success throughout the UK and mainland Europe, including a permanent listing on Burger King menus, La Vie is now investing in takeaway sales and the …


Barbiecue sauce with miniature version

© Heinz

Heinz Partners With Mattel to Launch a Pink “Barbiecue” Sauce, and it Happens to Be Vegan

Heinz UK has partnered with Mattel to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Barbie with an unusual limited-edition product — “Barbiecue Sauce“. The condiment contains a combination of vegan mayo and barbecue sauce, with beetroot extract used to give it a bright pink colour. Heinz first teased the product on social media in August, along with another suggested sauce — “Tomato Kenchup”. After many fans expressed their enthusiasm for the idea, Heinz decided to make the Barbiecue Sauce a reality (though there is no sign of the Tomato Kenchup so far). The sauce is said to be ideal for drizzling on burgers, fries, and salads. Initially, the condiment will only be available in the UK and Spain, though it may later be expanded to other markets. …


Rügenwalder Mühle new vegan ham

© Rügenwalder Mühle

Rügenwalder Mühle Further Expands Vegan Range After Discontinuing Animal Ham

Following the announcement that Rügenwalder Mühle was to discontinue its meat-based Schinken Spicker sausage to increase capacity for the vegan segment, the company now releases the next product in its vegan Schinken Spicker range. The family business, recently acquired by Pfeifer & Langen, is further expanding its vegetarian and vegan segment and is launching the new Vegan Ham Spicker type meat sausage with pea protein. With its strong and spicy flavour and a slight smoky note, it is modelled on a meat sausage in one piece. According to the company, the new product clearly stands out from the sliced Vegan Ham Spicker in terms of both flavour and range of uses. The Vegan Ham Spicker Meat Sausage can be prepared both hot and cold, is …


Hodo Chili Crisp dip

© Hodo

Hodo Plant-Based Chili Crisp Dip Comes Out on Top at Expo West

In February, Californian plant-based food brand Hodo launched a new range of creamy soy-based dips, featuring three flavors — Chili Crisp, Sambal Sweet Chili, and Zesty Lemon. Hodo recently attended Expo West, where it asked booth visitors to sample each dip and choose their favorite. Chili Crisp came out on top, and was praised for its taste, versatility, and spiciness. Inspired by Sichuan cuisine, the dip is made from shallots, chili flakes, Sichuan peppercorns, and shiitake mushrooms. “When it comes to trending flavors, Chili Crisp is hot,” said Hodo founder and CEO Minh Tsai. Sambal Sweet Chili was the runner-up, followed by Zesty Lemon. Made with organic, non-GMO soy, all three dips are protein-rich, nutrient-dense, and free of dairy, nuts, and gluten. They are said …


THIS™ Isn’t Chicken Shawarma packshot


THIS and Planted Launch Plant-Based Chicken NPDs in UK as Vegan Chicken Market Soars

This week, two behemoths in the world of plant-based meats — THIS of the UK and Planted of Switzerland — this week both launch vegan chicken formats in the form of Asian rotisserie-style meat products. According to Global Market Insights, the market for plant-based chicken is projected to grow with a CAGR of 16% to 2032. THIS, the UK’s fastest-growing food brand (Alantra, Fast 50, 2022), this week reveals its latest NPD, THIS™ Isn’t Chicken Shawarma. Based on its THIS Isn’t Chicken Pieces recipe, THIS has leveraged its “chicken-iest” tasting vegan chicken pieces for the shawarma pieces, created with soy and fava bean protein, with a blend of spices including smoked paprika, cumin, coriander seed, cassia, ginger, mint and cayenne pepper. THIS claims that THIS …


Oddlygood Barista and desserts roll out into Asda

© Oddlygood

Oddlygood Arrives in Asda UK with Dreamy Desserts & Flavoured Barista Oat Drinks

Oddlygood, a spinoff of Valio, a renowned Finnish food company, this week rolls out its Barista Oat Drinks — already a best-selling range in Europe –as well as two varieties of its Dreamy Desserts, into Asda in the UK. The products are all free of gluten and palm oil and the milks offer “amazing foamability”, thanks to having one of the highest protein contents in the segment, according to the brand, of around 1.2g/100g. The Barista drinks launch into Asda in Salted Caramel and Vanilla, marking their UK debut, and the desserts launch in the varieties Dreamy Lemon Dessert and Dreamy Berries Dessert. Oddlygood’s original Barista Oat Drink will also be available in Asda stores from June. The launch comes as part of the brand’s …


Beyond meat beef crumbles

© Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat Launches Revamped Plant-Based Crumbles, Earning American Heart and Diabetes Association Certifications

Plant-based meat leader Beyond Meat has introduced an updated and expanded selection of Beyond Crumbles, now available in the freezer sections of grocery stores throughout the United States. This latest iteration of the company’s plant-based crumbles is offered in three flavors, and has notably received third-party certifications from both the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program and the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life Program. The revamped Beyond Crumbles range is available in: Beyond Beef Crumbles Original, Beyond Beef Crumbles Feisty, and a new addition, Beyond Sausage Crumbles Italian-Style, which will hit shelves this summer. The new crumbles can be prepared from frozen in minutes and each serving contains 12 grams of protein, less than one gram of saturated fat, and no cholesterol. …




NIÚKE Foods Launches New Line of Vegan Condiments and “Market First” Quinoa Milk

NIÚKE Foods has announced the introduction of its latest offerings in the vegan food sector, launching a lineup of plant-based condiments and milk alternatives. The new range includes eight varieties of chickpea vegan mayonnaise and three types of plant milk, including peanut and quinoa milk. The Miami-based company has been teasing the products since last year and has now officially launched its VMAYO products. Starting May 1, 2024, NIÚKE Foods will begin retailing its plant milks. The NIÚKE Quinoa Milk has been spotlighted in the launch as the first quinoa-based plant milk available in the US, according to the company. NIÚKE is also introducing two peanut-based milks, one plain and one combined with cacao, both utilizing selenium-rich peanuts sourced from Argentina. The Peanut Cacao milk …


Coop alt milk made from apricot kernels

© Coop

Coop Switzerland Partners With Kern Tec & Emmi to Offer Milk Made From Apricot Kernels

Swiss supermarket chain Coop has partnered with Austria’s Kern Tec and Swiss dairy manufacturer Emmi Group to develop a milk alternative made from apricot kernels. The Karma Kernel Apricot Drink is said to have a similar taste to almond milk, since apricots and almonds are related. It helps to prevent food waste and reduce carbon emissions by making use of European apricot pits produced as a byproduct of fruit processing. The drink is free of gluten and lactose, has no added sugar, and is enriched with calcium and vitamins. It is now available at Coop stores across Switzerland. Coop also offers whole apricot kernels as a snack food, along with a chocolate spread made from apricot kernels. Both products are sold under the chain’s Karma …


CRAVE alternative to peanut butter


CRAVE Launches Nut-Free Alternative to Peanut Butter

UK-based free-from food brand CRAVE has developed a new nut-free alternative to peanut butter, made from sunflower seeds. The spread provides an accessible option for those suffering from peanut allergies, which includes around 2% of children in the UK according to Allergy UK. Of these, only around 1 in 5 will outgrow their allergy. Called P’Not Butter, the new spread is described as a “luscious and crunchy alternative that cleverly emulates peanut butter”. It builds on the success of another CRAVE product, Sir Spread-a-lot, which is a chocolate hazelnut spread free from dairy, gluten, and eggs. Gluten-free and vegan snacks CRAVE has seen considerable success since appearing on the TV show Aldi’s Next Big Thing in 2022. After pitching its vegan and allergen-free snacks, the …


Nuveg unveils a new product: instant rice noodle high protein soup

© Nuveg

Nuveg is Pioneering Spanish In-House Production of Dehydrated Plant-Based Solutions

Nuveg, a Catalonian brand of dehydrated plant-based food products, has unveiled its latest development at the 2024 Alimentaria fair: a high-protein instant noodles soup that is said to provide the protein equivalent of two eggs. Nuveg’s rice noodle soup is made with organic dehydrated ingredients and the company’s high-protein broth, enriched with nutritional yeast for the savory umami flavor. Free from animal products, gluten, sugar, and artificial additives, the product targets vegans, athletes, and health-conscious consumers looking for a convenient option. With this new product, the company expands its existing lineup of 15 vegan-friendly products, including vegan powdered eggs, a Parmesan-flavored yeast, meat-free Bolognese sauce, and chicken curry, among others. All Nuveg products stand out for their fiber-rich and high protein content — up to …


Cauldron Foods announces new plant-based products and rebrand

© Cauldron Foods

Cauldron Foods Announces Colourful Rebrand and New Plant-Based Products

UK meat-free brand Cauldron Foods (not to be confused with Australian fermentation company Cauldron) has announced a full rebrand with updated packaging, as well as a selection of new plant-based products. This includes two new vegetable-based centre-plate options — Spinach & Carrot Veggie Bakes and Pumpkin & Caramelised Onion Veggie Bakes — which will debut at Asda from April 4, followed by Tesco and Waitrose. Additionally, Cauldon is introducing a new Extra Firm Tofu block, launching at Asda from April 8 and then at Sainsbury’s. Updated packaging The colourful new packaging will roll out from March 25, including for classic Cauldron products such as the brand’s authentic tofu and falafel. (According to Cauldron, Circana data indicates that the falafel is the UK’s No. 1 plant-based …


Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day's whey protein, has launched in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open.

Image courtesy of Strive FREEMILK

Strive Milk is Served at the Miami Open, Becoming First Animal-Free Milk at Major Sporting Event

Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day‘s sustainable whey protein, is being served in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open. This launch represents the first animal-free milk made with precision fermentation protein served at a major sporting event, marking a huge milestone for the alt dairy category, gaining mainstream visibility and recognition beyond just being available online or in stores. Strive Nutrition Corp., the company behind Strive FREEMILK, states that its “milk-like” product will revolutionize the coffee experience at the Miami Open thanks to its rich flavor, high protein content, sustainability, and ethical standards. MichaelAnn Cohlmia, Creative Director at Strive Nutrition, shared, “We are thrilled to introduce Strive FREEMILK to the tennis fans and coffee enthusiasts …


Better Foods launches You Are What You Eat brand

© Better Foods

Better Foods Debuts New Plant-Forward Brand “You Are What you Eat” at Expo West

Better Foods, a plant-based subsidiary of South Korea’s Shinsegae Foods that was first introduced in 2022 for the US market, spearheaded its US expansion with the launch of new brand “You Are What You Eat” at this week’s Expo West event. At the event, Better Foods unveiled the new brand which debuted with ten new alternative meat and plant-based meal replacement products for home consumers, which it says were “produced using newly developed technology”. Says the landing page for the new brand: “‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT‘ is Better Foods’ take on plant-forward. It’s all about bringing delicious, healthy food to the table while caring for our planet. Think of plant-forward as encompassing everything from the base materials to the final meal, a concept that’s …


Charcuterie company Aoste launches plant-based products

© Aoste

French Charcuterie Company Aoste Launches Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

French charcuterie company Aoste has expanded its presence in the meat alternatives market with the launch of a new range of products under the Better Balance brand. The range features five meat alternatives — burgers, sausages, breaded cutlets, original chunks, and chunks with herbs. They are made from ingredients such as soy, peas, wheat, and vegetable oil, and are free of palm oil. The products will be available for both retail and food service, and all five have received a Nutriscore of A. The launch is said to be Aoste’s most significant in a decade in the French market, and the company aims to achieve a 10% market share in plant-based by 2026 according to Points de Vente. Aoste will promote Better Balance through a …


Gosh! BBQ Texas style burgers

© Gosh!

Gosh! Launches New Plant-Based Street Food Range and BBQ Kits

British plant-based food brand Gosh! has introduced two new product ranges: Street Food and Glaze & Grill BBQ kits. The first launch in the Street Food range is falafacini, a fusion of falafel and arancini. This combines grains, wild rice, sun-ripened vegetables, chickpeas, and herbs, and features Italian-inspired flavours. The falafacini is crunchy on the outside with a filled centre; two different fillings are available, basil pesto and vegan n’duja. Inspiring people to incorporate more veg The Glaze & Grill kits are designed by chefs and feature vegetable-based products with brush-on glazes. The range includes Charred Aubergine Koftas, Smokey Veg Hot Dogs, and Texas Style Black Bean Burgers. The products are sold in a recyclable aluminium tray for barbecuing, and can also be oven-cooked. The …