Morningstar Farms Goes Vegan

The American food producer Morningstar Farms is known for its vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes. Its burger patties and chicken alternatives are particularly popular. Three of these chicken products have now been converted from vegetarian to vegan.


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Vegan Microwave Dishes from “Upton’s Naturals”

Quick-to-prepare vegan dishes are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, the food company Upton’s Naturals recently introduced its new vegan one-minute meals.The food kits have been made available to customers in Whole Foods Market and other selected US grocery chains for a short time.


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Nush Foods: Vegan Cheese Spread Made From Almond Milk

Are dairy-free products boring? The British company “Nush Foods” wants to put a definitive end to this myth. For the first time, customers of the British supermarket chains “Whole Foods Market” and “Planet Organic” will find a spreadable vegan almond milk cheese on supermarket shelves.


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South Africa: Ord de Rac Organic Winery Produces Vegan Wines

The number of vegans worldwide has been growing steadily for several years – a trend that can also be clearly observed in South Africa. The South African Society estimates that the number of vegans in the country is set to double every two years. In order to meet increasing demand from vegans, the former organic farm “Ord de Rac” in Swartland now offers vegan wines.


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United Kingdom: White Glo’s Vegan Toothpaste from Australia

“White Glo” is one of the leading toothpaste manufacturers in Australia. With its White Glo’s Pure & Natural toothpaste, the company is entering the vegan toothpaste market and presenting its new product in the UK for the first time. The vegan, gluten-free toothpaste uses only organic ingredients and is the result of years of research by dentists. In addition, each pack of toothpaste contains a free environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrush.


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USA: Vegan Muesli from Clif Bar

Clif Bar, the US market leader in energy bars, is already known for its healthy snacks and foods. The organic food company has recently added a plant-based protein muesli to its range. According to brand manager Elliot Freeman of Clif Bar, the Premium Muesli is already a “shining star”. The gluten-free, protein-rich muesli is primarily intended for athletes and active people who like to eat healthily and consciously.


Reataurant Byron

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Great Britain: Vegan Milkshake from Burger Chain Byron

Vegans and meat-lovers alike can now buy vegan milkshakes at the burger chain Byron. The British company is not alone in making this decision – the Swedish burger chain Max Burgers is also increasingly focusing on vegan products, and is only selling vegan milkshakes. Both burger chains are demonstrating that they have recognized increasing consumer awareness of the many benefits of vegan nutrition. In addition, many companies nowadays are at liberty to produce in an environmentally-friendly and meat-free manner.



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Vegan Condoms Slide onto Market

One product which may have been previously overlooked by many when it comes to veganism is the condom. The majority of latex condoms contain casein, a milk protein, which is added in order to make the material feel smoother. Since it’s clear that most vegans have made an informed decision not to put animal ingredients anywhere in or on their bodies, the need for a vegan condom has motivated several companies to develop a suitable alternative. Here we describe the five biggest brands currently available on the market.


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Roquette: New Vegan Pea Protein for Meat Alternatives

The French family business Roquette hopes to become a market leader in vegetable proteins with the introduction of the new vegan pea protein NUTRALYS T70S. With this product, the company is counting on the ever-increasing number of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians. As well as pea protein, some Roquette products are made from other raw materials such as corn, wheat and potatoes. The company is responding to the trend among many consumers of consuming more meat substitutes in order to have a healthy, sustainable diet.