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Modern Table® Debuts Vegan Mac Line

Modern Table®, maker of delicious, complete protein pastas and Mac & Cheese, unveils its first-of-a-kind complete protein Vegan Mac line in three new flavours – Southwest, Classic Cheddar Style and White Cheddar Style. Modern Table pastas are made with lentils, rice and peas, containing all nine of the essential amino acids, are GMO-free, gluten-free and soy-free with no artificial preservatives or colors.


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Modest Mylk Launches an Entirely New Category of Nut Mylk

Modest Mylk, an innovative new nut “mylk” brand, announced today the launch of its product lineup of organic, gluten free, preservative/stabilizer free, and vegan concentrated nut bases. Created with the mission to make nut mylk easier and healthier than ever, Modest Mylk offers a way to make fresh and delicious nut mylk at home. Modest Mylk is made by simply blending together the base of your choice with water for one minute.


ONLY Plant-Based Yogurt Alternative


New Plant-Based Yogurt Launches in Israel

Israeli start-up Yofix Probiotics Ltd., winner of Pepsico’s European Nutrition Greenhouse Programme 2018, has launched its first dairy-free, soy-free yogurt alternative line with three flavours. The products are made using a unique formula made from just a few natural ingredients and contain live probiotic cultures and prebiotic fibres through natural fermentation.