Noa Hummus

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NOA Launches Reduced-Fat Hummus

The delicious NOA taste and rich, creamy enjoyment with fewer calories – this is now possible thanks to NOA Hummus Natur, which contains 30% less fat than ordinary hummus. The irresistible combination of chickpeas, sesame and finely tuned spices uses considerably less fat than traditional hummus – and has a rich taste too! This makes it the perfect addition to the NOA range, whether as a dip, on bread or as an ingredient in delicious, creative dishes. Like all products in the NOA family, the new product is GMO-free, gluten-free and does not contain preservatives or artificial flavours.


Halo vegan dog food


Winners of Best Dog Food – Halo® Holistic Garden of Vegan®

For over 30 years, Halo® has insisted on creating only holistic pet foods, producing some of the most popular pet foods in the US and related markets. This year Halo was awarded with the 2018 VegNews Veggie Award for Best Dog Food, and the brand launched a #VegPledge social media campaign for dog parents wanting to lower their carbon paw prints.



Duckweed © sakhorn38 -

California Company is Cultivating “World’s Best and Most Sustainable Plant-based Protein”

Plantible Foods is creating plant-based protein made of aquatic plant lemna, commonly known as duckweed, which is neutral in colour and taste and has the characteristics of an egg white. Plantible says that they are “on a mission to revolutionize the food industry by harnessing the power of the humble, awe-inspiring lemna to create the world’s best plant-based protein.”




New Protein Superfood Emerging From Finland

Gold&Green’s Pulled Oats® was created with the vision to develop a new superfood – a plant-based complete protein source. In 2015, Finnish designer and entrepreneur, Maija Itkonen, collaborated with food scientist Reetta Kivela, putting the idea of combining oats and legumes to create a new superfood into action. After months of research and development they had a product ready for test sales.


Simply V Presents Barista-Quality Organic Oat Drink

The Allgäu-based start-up E.V.A. GmbH has already enjoyed great success with the introduction of its vegan own brand Simply V in 2015. The Simply V brand sells vegan cheese, and according to the company, has already attained a share of 70% in the market for cheese alternatives. Simply V has now launched a new barista-quality organic oat drink, which is said to be perfectly suited to coffee with milk, muesli, porridge and overnight oats.