Seed to Surf

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Tinned Plant-Based Fish Brand Seed to Surf Announces National Whole Foods Rollout

Seed to Surf, a Canadian plant-based seafood company, has announced its expansion into more than 150 Whole Foods Market locations across North America starting this month. The company, which specializes in tinned plant-based fish, was recently highlighted in the Whole Foods 2024 Trend Report for its innovative approach to plant-based seafood, earning recognition for “Fancy Faux Fish” and “Putting the ‘Plant’ Back in ‘Plant-Based.’” A recent survey commissioned by the Marine Stewardship Council found North Americans are concerned about the oceans, that 19% would eat more seafood if they knew it wouldn’t harm the oceans, and 64% felt an increased desire to protect the marine environment, indicating a consumer desire for such products in line with a demand for seafood that is not detrimental to …


Voyage Foods foodservice bulk spreads

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Voyage Foods Launches its Peanut-Free Butter & Hazelnut-Free Nutella Dupe in Bulk on Amazon

Voyage Foods announces the availability of its allergen-friendly peanut-free butter and hazelnut-free spread (self-described as a Nutella dupe) in foodservice-sized tubs on Amazon. These products are designed to cater to the needs of small foodservice operations, such as restaurants, bakeries, daycare centers, and juice bars, that may struggle to meet minimum order quantities from distributors. Voyage Foods’ CEO and founder, Adam Maxwell, explained the strategy behind the new product format: “Offering bulk tubs allows smaller and independent foodservice operators to expand their allergy-friendly and plant-based offerings, diversify their menus, streamline ordering, and bring in and retain new customers. Our core focus is ensuring our products are easily accessible and reasonably priced to reach the broadest possible community.” Sustainability and accessibility  The company’s products, including the …


Image: Redfine Meat/Velivery

Redefine Meat Announces Launch of Extensive Retail Portfolio in Germany

Redefine Meat has announced that its plant-based New Meat range is now available to German retail consumers for the first time. The brand’s entire chilled range has launched at Germany’s largest online vegan retailer, Velivery, which also delivers to Austria. Products include lamb kofta mix, pulled beef, pulled pork, burgers, beef mince, and bratwurst. Previously, the chilled New Meat range has launched at Ocado in the UK, Monoprix in France, and two Dutch retailers (Albert Heijn online and Crisp). Redefine Meat has already seen a highly successful food service launch in the DACH region, with its products now available at over 700 restaurants, hotels, and more. These include notable names such as The Grand, The ASH, and Enchilada. Daniel Gantenberg, CEO of Enchilada Franchise AG, …


nfh price barrier

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Closing the Price Gap: Economic Benefits of Affordable Plant-Based Foods

Achieving price parity between plant-based and animal-based foods in retail has the potential to impact the food industry significantly. If plant-based and animal-based products were priced more equally, it would be a win-win for producers/brands, retailers, consumers, and the overall plant-based market. In its latest New Food Hub article, ProVeg International examines the economic implications that could result from more competitive pricing of plant-based products. High retail margins Plant-based options are currently priced at a premium compared to animal-based products. While the gap is smaller for more developed categories like milk and butter, the disparity in plant-based meat remains high. Nielsen data demonstrates that, on average, plant-based meat is twice as expensive as beef, more than four times as expensive as chicken, and more than …


Planted steak launches in retail

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Planted’s Fermented Steak Arrives in Swiss & German Retail

Following the successful launch of its fermented steak in the catering trade in March, Swiss food tech pioneer Planted is now also launching its fermented steak in the retail sector in Switzerland at Coop and in Germany at REWE. The planted.steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients and, according to the company, has an unmistakable umami flavour. According to Planted, the use of fermentation technology also enables it to process other plant-based protein sources and improve the wholesomeness and flavour experience of its products. This overcomes the previous limitations of using alternative proteins. The steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients such as soy protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flour and a special mixture of microbial cultures. It has a high protein and fibre …


Heura launches at Esselunga

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Heura Launches at Leading Northern Italian Retailer Esselunga, Expands Presence in UK & Netherlands

Spanish plant-based meat brand Heura has announced that it is launching at Esselunga, a leading supermarket chain in Northern Italy. Heura products will be available at 173 Esselunga stores, expanding the brand’s Italian presence. The country is currently Heura’s third-largest market after Spain and France; total turnover reached €800,000 last year, and this figure is expected to double in 2024. Additionally, Heura has strengthened its partnerships with UK supermarket chain Waitrose and Dutch retailer Jumbo, gaining listings for its plant-based burger. The three new collaborations total 1,200 points of sale, and are part of Heura’s plan to establish strategic alliances with leading retail chains. In the past year alone, Heura has formed agreements with France’s Intermarché, Portugal’s Auchan, Italy’s Pam, and Belgium’s Colruyt. Heura’s turnover …


Oato in fridge

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Oato Launches its Fresh Oat Milk into Waitrose Nationwide with Ambitions to Become the UK’s Leading Dairy Alternative

Oato, based in Lancashire England, is the producer of what it says is a category-first product with its refrigerated, fresh oat milk (as opposed to shelf-stable, UHT), created in a factory that produces more solar power than it uses. This February Oato announced its launch into Booths stores across Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, and Cheshire, marking its debut in brick-and-mortar retail and first departure from its home delivery model. Now, the company celebrates its first fully nationwide launch as its 1L Fresh Barista Whole Oat Drink made with 100% British oats lands on shelves at 229 Waitrose stores throughout the country. Made exclusively with British Oats, Oato claims its carbon footprint and associated carbon miles are among the lowest of any plant milk on sale today. …


Bezmasna plant-based butcher shop

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“Prague’s First” Plant-Based Butcher Shop Offers Meat-Free Versions of Czech Classics

A plant-based butcher shop called Bezmasna, claimed to be the first in Prague, has opened its doors in the  Czech capital as demand for plant-based products continues to grow. Located in the city’s Letná district, the store offers fresh, high-quality meat alternatives in recyclable or returnable packaging. It aims to provide plant-based versions of Czech classics such as meatloaf, cold cuts, and deli salads, many of which are not available elsewhere. Additionally, customers can enjoy vegan versions of traditional Czech sandwiches (“chlebíček”), or request one of the ready-made products, such as meatloaf, in a bun. The meat alternatives are said to be made without harmful artificial additives or ingredients that have been imported long distances. “We will continuously change our offer. Consumers can also look …




Lidl Study: Placing Meat Alternatives Next to Conventional Meat Significantly Increases Sales

A pilot study conducted by Lidl Netherlands in collaboration with Wageningen University and the World Resources Institute (WRI) has found that placing meat alternatives next to conventional meat significantly boosts sales. The study took place in 70 stores over a six-month period, and the results indicate that sales of meat alternatives increased by 7% during this time. The effect decreased somewhat as the study went on, but remained noteworthy. Meat sales also fell slightly, though this was not considered significant. When Lidl customers were interviewed in-store or asked to complete online questionnaires, most said they supported the strategy. The study results come as the retailer works to make 60% of its protein sales plant-based by 2030. “We know from the research that the visibility of …


Dr. Praeger's Crunchy Stars and sliders

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Dr. Praeger’s Expands Distribution, Launches New Veggie Snacks and Burgers

Dr. Praeger’s, a long-standing player in the frozen food industry, has announced the introduction of two new products along with an expansion in distribution to various retailers across the United States. This month, Dr. Praeger’s will introduce two new products to 475 Target stores nationwide. The Southwestern Black Bean Crunchy Stars and the BBQ Black Bean & Sweet Potato Slider Patties are the latest additions to the company’s lineup. The Southwestern Black Bean Crunchy Stars combine black beans with brown rice, corn, red bell peppers, and Southwestern spices, for a crunchy snack option. The BBQ Black Bean & Sweet Potato Slider Patties feature a blend of black beans, sweet potatoes, various greens, and smoky BBQ seasoning in a smaller, snackable format than the original. Exclusive products …


Heura plant-based butcher shop

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Heura Opens Itinerant Plant-Based Butcher Shop in France as Traditional Butchers Close

Paris has reportedly lost a third of its traditional butcher shops over the past two decades, and Spanish plant-based meat brand Heura is stepping up to fill the gap. The company has announced the launch of an itinerant plant-based butcher shop that will initially come to three E-Leclerc hypermarkets in France, followed by a series of other stores in the coming months. Customers will be able to try flagship Heura products such as burgers, mince, and nuggets, along with the brand’s additive-free plant-based ham. Chef Clément Werbrouck, who is the Head of Plant-Based Cuisine at Heura, will also be present to give cooking demonstrations showing how plant-based meat can be incorporated into French cuisine. Heura first launched in France in 2021, and the brand’s products …


GOOD Meat in retail

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GOOD Meat Announces the World’s First Retail Sales of Cultivated Meat

US cultivated meat company GOOD Meat announces the retail launch of a new product, GOOD Meat 3, at the frozen section of the premium meats specialist Huber’s Butchery in Singapore.  GOOD Meat has been producing and selling its chicken in the city-state, by releasing limited quantities in fine dining establishments, food delivery apps, hawker stalls, and the Bistro of Huber’s Butchery (throughout 2023). However, for the first time since its approval three and a half years ago, cultivated meat will be available for customers to buy and cook at home. GOOD Meat 3 is said to be a lower-cost formulation using just 3% cultivated chicken that offers the same “delicious” taste, texture, and experience as conventional chicken. It will be available for the remainder of …



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E-Commerce Outpaces Retail in Plant-Based Food Sales, Reaching $394M in 2023, Reveals State of the Marketplace Report

The latest State of the Marketplace report by the Plant Based Foods Association unveils new data on e-commerce sales and highlights emerging trends in foodservice, alongside retail and consumer insights. The report includes perspectives from key industry leaders at Sodexo, Whole Foods Market, and Earth Fare, discussing their strategies for expanding their plant-based food offerings, which serve as a key resource for informing stakeholders in the plant-based food industry. Sales growth across platforms The report reveals a substantial increase in e-commerce sales of plant-based foods, which reached $394 million in 2023, a growth of 16.4% over three years. This trend is significant compared to the slower growth rates in traditional retail, where plant-based food sales accumulated to $8.1 billion. Despite economic hurdles, the segment has …


Better Nature

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Better Nature Tempeh Becomes the UK’s Fastest-Growing Wholefood Protein Brand 

Better Nature Tempeh announces the achievement of some major milestones. This week the brand expands its retail distribution in Tesco and Asda, as such it has become the UK’s fastest-growing wholefood protein brand; the B-corp now represents 51% of tempeh sales growth in the country, as shoppers increasingly look towards healthy protein options. “Despite the consolidation and shrinkage of the meat-free category, tempeh is coming out on top, growing 30% year-on-year. As a brand, we’re responsible for more than half (51%) of that growth*, with two of the top three Tempeh SKUs in the UK (by volume) being Better Nature Tempeh,” says co-founder and CEO Christopher Kong. The business has grown by 250% YOY and increased distribution to over 1,000 supermarkets across the UK, say …


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Sales of Animal Meat in Dutch Supermarkets Have Decreased by 16.4% Since 2020

Sales of animal meat in Dutch supermarkets have fallen by 16.4% since 2020, concludes animal welfare organisation Wakker Dier, based on Circana sales data. In 2023, these supermarkets sold 2.3% less meat than in 2022. The organisation attributes this largely to improvements in price points. Wakker Dier notes that retail nudging via low prices, shelf layout, and promotional policies have been influential in this change, with many of the mainstream supermarkets committing to transitioning towards less animal-based protein and more plant-based. Some examples of the above trends in the Netherlands include: Supermarket chain Jumbo decided to cease the promotion of fresh animal meat from the end of May this year. Albert Heijn, the leading chain in the Netherlands, recently launched AH Terra, an own-brand plant-based …


woman reading food label

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PBFA Paper Highlights Crucial Role of Transparent Labeling, Vegan Certification and Nudging in US Retail

Research by the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) has found that 70% of those surveyed are aware of the organization’s Certified Plant-Based seal. In the white paper, the PBFA also notes that 76% of shoppers believe transparency around ingredients and production methods is important. Furthermore, a huge 98% of consumers notice certifications when shopping, while 74% trust products more if they have a certified seal. The Certified Plant Based seal provides an authoritative definition of the term “plant-based”, which had previously remained ambiguous. Products marked with the seal are confirmed to be made with plants, fungi, and/or algae, and are entirely free of animal ingredients. The PBFA finds that plant-based certification acts as a nudge, a simple intervention that encourages consumers to purchase a product. …


Meati Foods whole foods

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Meati Foods Secures $100M in Funding and Expands to Over 6,000 Retail Outlets

Meati Foods, known for its MushroomRoot-based products, has announced its expansion into 2,000 additional retail locations across the United States, now totaling over 6,000. This expansion includes a significantly increased presence in Kroger Family Stores, along with established availability in other major retailers such as Super Target, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Meijer. Alongside this retail growth, Meati Foods has successfully raised over $100 million in a Series C-1 funding round. This round was led by Grosvenor Food & AgTech, with contributions from returning investors, including Prelude Ventures, BOND, Revolution Growth, and Congruent. The funding aims to support the escalating demand for Meati’s plant-based protein products. From this investment round, Mark Cupta of Prelude Ventures and Katrin Burt of Grosvenor Food & AgTech will join the …


Lidl Belgium drops prices of plant-based protein products

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Lidl Belgium Drops Prices of Plant-Based Protein Products as Price Parity Trend Continues

Lidl Belgium has announced it is permanently cutting the prices of its plant-based protein products from May 15, after a recent study conducted by iVox on behalf of the retailer found that 42% of Belgians would purchase more vegetarian and vegan foods if they were cheaper. The change will create price parity between all Lidl plant-based protein products and their animal equivalents, making plant-based foods more accessible to consumers. This is part of a wider strategy by Lidl Belgium to encourage a shift towards sustainable proteins. Additionally, the retailer aims to double sales of plant-based protein products by 2030, and will expand its range to make 20% of protein sources plant-based by 2030. This will involve launching a variety of legumes, seeds, and alternative protein …


Mind Blown New Crab Cakes

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Mind Blown by The Plant Based Seafood Co. Arrives at 80 Wegmans Locations

The Plant-Based Seafood Co. has announced a new partnership with Wegmans Food Markets in the United States to distribute its plant-based seafood alternatives across 80 Wegmans locations. Starting in May, customers in Washington D.C., Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia will be able to purchase Mind Blown’s Plant-Based Crab Cakes and Dusted Scallops. The Plant Based Seafood Co. is a family-owned business led by an all-female team that brings over two decades of experience producing seafood. The company now focuses on creating plant-based versions of popular seafood dishes, and its current product range includes plant-based versions of shrimp, scallops, coconut shrimp, and crab cakes. Growth strategy The partnership with Wegmans marks another strategic step for The Plant Based Seafood Co. …


Waitrose plant-based PlantLiving range

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Waitrose Expands PlantLiving Range to Meet Demand for Less Processed Plant-Based Foods

UK supermarket chain Waitrose has expanded its PlantLiving range with 12 products designed to cater to the growing demand for less processed plant-based foods. The new products are said to contain less soy protein and more vegetables and pulses than previous plant-based options. The range includes: Plant & Veg Mince Plant & Vegballs Organic Firm Tofu Marinated Organic Tofu Garlic-Filled Doughballs Southern Fried No Chicken Mediterranean Style Mini Rolls Curried Vegetable Mini Rolls Loaded Vegetable Kebabs No Chorizo Sausages No Chicken Kyiv Nduja Style Fiorelli. The launch comes as Waitrose reveals that searches for canned lentils and marinated tofu have increased by 200% and 134% respectively. Meanwhile, searches for vegan salad have increased by a huge 700% on the chain’s recipe site. “With customers prioritising …