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Aldi UK Continues Success Trajectory, Drops Fruit & Veg Prices to Encourage Healthy Eating, Creates 5,500 Jobs

Aldi, currently the UK’s fourth-largest supermarket, operates more than 1,000 stores and employs more than 45,000 employees. Yesterday the discounter revealed it is to create 5,500 jobs as it “continues growing at speed throughout 2024”. Furthermore, this week Aldi decided to drop prices for fresh fruit and vegetables to encourage healthy eating in the UK. Prices for berries, grapes, tomatoes, apples and ready-to-eat salads will be lowered in its biggest price cut so far this year, affecting around a quarter of its range, with prices on more than 50 items falling by an average of 7%. Just last month the chain expanded its Plant Menu range with plant-based smoked salmon slices, which have become extremely popular and are selling out around the country, as well …


MyForest Foods MyBacon

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MyForest Foods’ MyBacon Now Available in Whole Foods Markets Across the Eastern US

MyForest Foods Co., a producer of mycelium-based protein alternatives, has announced a retail expansion of its flagship product, MyBacon, into Whole Foods Markets across the northeastern United States. This new partnership increases the product’s availability to 57 Whole Foods locations across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Additionally, the company has announced the introduction of MyBacon in MOM’s Organic Market, enhancing its distribution across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. This significant milestone for MyForest Foods extends its commercial retail footprint to over 350 locations across eight states throughout the United States. MyBacon is a mycelium-based bacon alternative made with only five ingredients: organic mycelium, organic coconut oil, organic sugar, salt, and natural flavor. Last year, the company cited plans to launch its second product, …


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At Six Out of Seven Dutch Supermarkets Plant-Based Alternatives Are Cheaper Than Animal Products, Study Finds

Recent research by think tank Questionmark on behalf of ProVeg International has revealed that some plant-based products are now more affordable than their animal counterparts in six supermarkets out of the seven major Dutch retailers. The research compared prices of 12 standard products, including vegetarian meatballs, plant-based cheese, and yogurt, at supermarkets Albert Heijn, Aldi, Dirk, Jumbo, Lidl, Plus, and Ekoplaza. The results show that in nearly every case, the cheapest plant-based option was even more affordable than the most economical animal-based counterpart.  Up to 20% less At supermarket Ekoplaza, the savings on a shopping basket including vegetarian meatballs, plant-based butter, and vegetarian shawarma can be as high as €9.66, amounting to a 20% discount.  Jumbo and Lidl also offer attractive prices, with plant-based options being €3.89 and …


Not Co unsweetened vanilla

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NotCo Announces Launch of New Unsweetened Vanilla, Expands Availability of Barista Line

Foodtech leader NotCo has announced an expansion in the distribution of its latest products, NotMilk Unsweetened Vanilla and NotMilk Barista, at retailers in the United States. Starting in February 2024, NotMilk Unsweetened Vanilla will be available nationwide in Whole Foods Market stores. This product is an extension of NotCo’s NotMilk line and is designed with no added sugar, offering a creamy, vanilla-infused alternative to traditional milk. With health being a considerable driver in consumer behavior, NotCo’s sugar-free options aim to give customers more control over their sugar intake. NotMilk Barista, the coffee-optimized version of NotMilk, has seen increased expansion in its distribution across the US since its introduction last year. Beginning with a foodservice launch in August, this product is now available in major grocers, …


Lidl Austria equalizes prices for over 30 vegan items from its own Vemondo brand.

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Lidl Austria Joins Price-Parity Movement, Slashes Prices for Over 30 Vemondo Products

Starting today, Lidl Austria is undercutting prices by up to 52% for over 30 Vemondo products (its private-label brand), including alternatives to milk, minced meat, sausages, and other plant-based products. This radical price reduction aims to match the prices of vegan products with similar animal-based items to ensure what the retailer calls “equality on the plate.”  With this initiative, Lidl Austria joins the price-parity trend that started with Lidl Germany, followed by Kaufland, Aldi Süd, Penny, BILLA, Jumbo, Lidl Hungary, Lidl Denmark, and Salling Group to make plant-based alternatives more attractive and affordable for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians.  “We have abolished the price barrier for vegan products. The animal-based comparison items are not expensive branded products, but our affordable own brands. This means we are foregoing margins and investing a …



Reduction in Prices of Plant-Based Products at BILLA Results in 33% Increase in Sales

Recent figures revealed that Austria is leading the way in Europe in terms of veganism, with the vegan population rising from 3% to 5% since 2021. Whether for regional, animal welfare, organic, or purely plant-based products – a sustainable and conscious diet is becoming increasingly important in the lives of people in Austria. Rewe Group’s BILLA chain has been consistently reacting to this shift in recent months and would like to set new industry standards, with plant-based foods in particular playing a key role. The Vegavita own-brand has been an integral part of the world of plant products for more than 20 years. As a pioneer, BILLA set a milestone with PFLANZILLA, the first store in Europe by a classic food retailer with a purely …


Betty Bossi new line from Coop Switzerland

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Coop Switzerland Launches Betty Bossi Plant Kitchen Range, States it Has Largest Plant-Based Selection in Swiss Retail

Coop Switzerland states that it currently offers more than 2,200 vegetarian or vegan-labelled food products in its range, of which over 1,900 are vegan, claiming that this represents the largest plant-based selection in the Swiss retail trade. Coop’s offering includes over 100 vegan meat and fish alternatives, more than 50 milk alternatives, 40 vegan yogurt alternatives, and around 30 vegan cheese alternatives, many of which under its own-brand label Betty Bossi. Betty Bossi and Coop are now combining their vegetarian and vegan alternatives under one product line called “Betty Bossi Plant Kitchen” which replaces Coop’s own brands Délicorn and Yolo. The line will include spaghetti bolognese, nuggets, and sliced vegan deli meats which will gradually roll out from this month onwards. Independent alternatives, not animal …


ALDI, the popular discount supermarket chain, has announced the launch of its new vegan private label brand, MyVay, in celebration of Veganuary.

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ALDI Launches New Vegan Brand ‘My Vay’ in Germany Expanding Its Offer for Veganuary and Beyond

ALDI, the popular discount supermarket chain, has announced the launch of a new vegan private label brand, My Vay, in Germany coinciding with Veganuary. The introduction of the new brand expands ALDI’s plant-based assortment with vegan products to simplify shopping for customers while providing them with a diverse range of affordable options, said the retailer. The entire My Vay range is vegan and marked with the V-Label, making it easy for consumers to identify their choices. ALDI Nord offers over 850 vegan products, including Shepherd’s Pie, vegan steaks, smoked salmon, soy yogurt, and My Vay Organic Spread Cream, among many others. Meanwhile, ALDI SÜD has an impressive selection of more than 950 vegan options, with everyday products such as oat drink, falafel, vegetable balls, soy yogurt, My Vay Crème …


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Price Parity Trend Continues in Europe: Salling Group and Lidl Hungary & Denmark Announce Drop in Plant-Based Food Prices

Article updated 12th Jan: The price drop has also been carried out by Lidl in Denmark which states, “With the campaign ‘The choice is yours’, Lidl will focus on the vegan range in all Lidl stores in the coming months. Lidl will price-match the prices of vegan private-label products under the Vemondo brand with comparable animal products.” The trend of retailers dropping prices of plant-based products, to reach parity or lower than their animal equivalents, continues in Europe, with Lidl Hungary and Denmark’s Salling Group this week joining the list of retailers helping to promote the adoption of plant-based diets. Last October, Lidl Germany announced a 20% drop in price for its Vemondo plant-based range to reach piece parity with similar animal products. The move was followed by …


Meati Foods product lineup

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Meati Foods Announces Expansion at Super Target Stores Across the USA

MushroomRoot™ meat alternative producer Meati Foods announces the retail expansion of its Eat Meati product line to Super Target stores across the United States. This new partnership is a significant milestone in the company’s ambitious retail growth strategy, aiming to increase its presence from 3,000 to 8,000 retail stores by the summer of 2024. Meati Foods offers a range of chef-seasoned whole cuts, snacks, and nuggets. The company uses its proprietary MushroomRoot™ technology to create products from mycelium that are naturally fibrous and require minimal processing or fillers to create the meaty texture. The company has cited an increased demand for its products and high repurchase rates of up to 60%. President and COO of Meati Foods, Scott Tassani, states, “Achieving a retail footprint of …


One Planet Pizza and Ben and Jerry's offer Veganuary meal deal

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One Planet Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s Partner to Offer Exclusive Veganuary Meal Deal at Asda

UK-based vegan pizza brand One Planet Pizza has joined forces with ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s to offer a Veganuary meal deal at Asda. Available online only, it is the retailer’s first ever frozen vegan meal deal, allowing shoppers to order One Planet’s Peppernomi Pizza and Ben & Jerry’s new Oat of this Swirled sundae for a total of £5. Ordinarily, the pizza costs £4 and the ice cream costs £5.50. The Peppernomi Pizza consists of a wood-fired sourdough base topped with Italian tomato sauce, plant-based cheese, and hyperrealistic plant-based pepperoni. It is One Planet Pizza’s bestselling product, and was made permanently available at 400 Asda stores a year ago following a successful trial. “Veganuary is undoubtedly the best time of the year to …


Spar Veggie no tuna salad


SPAR Austria Reports Own-Brand Label SPAR Veggie Saw Sales More Than Double in Five Years

SPAR Austria is collaborating with Veganuary for the first time and is supporting the global initiative for a purely plant-based diet in January. SPAR reports that its own-brand range includes over 800 vegetarian and vegan products among various lines, including 120 under SPAR Veggie alone. The meat-free range at SPAR is supplemented by products from various manufacturers, including many startups. SPAR Veggie sales have more than doubled in the last 5 years. In 2023 alone, sales grew by 24%, says the company. Growth at SPAR Veggie The SPAR brand SPAR Veggie now offers 120 vegan and vegetarian products and the company states that sales of this range more than doubled from 2018 to 2023. Compared to the previous year, there was an increase in sales …


Aldi vegan corn dogs

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Aldi Launches its Biggest Ever Vegan Range, Predicting 40% Sales Uptick for Veganuary

Aldi announces the addition of several new SKUs to its own-brand Plant Menu range in the UK and states that it predicts a “huge” uptick in plant-based sales of around 40% this Veganuary. The Veganuary offerings, while it is unclear whether they will be permanent or seasonal, come as part of the discounter’s commitment to provide more than 1,000 products in its plant-based range by the end of this year. In Q1 2023 Aldi stated in its nutrition report: “Our goal is to offer our customers 1,000 plant-based product varieties spread across the year in our standard, seasonal and promotional ranges by the end of 2024. To achieve this goal, we are focusing not only on reducing the small quantities of animal-based ingredients in our …


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Frozen Vegan Products to See Over 40% Growth as Christmas Approaches

Research by UK retail sales insights firm Reapp has found that sales of frozen vegan products are likely to grow by over 40% in the lead-up to Christmas. As reported by Grocery Gazette, vegan food sales will reach almost £2 million over the festive season, with some consumers moving away from traditional options such as turkey and many increasingly focused on healthier foods. Previous data from Reapp, published earlier this year, found that volume sales of frozen meat alternatives had risen by 14.55% compared to 2022. Every month except January saw higher sales than the same month the previous year. Supermarket chain Tesco significantly expanded its frozen plant-based range at the beginning of 2023, reporting that consumers were increasingly choosing frozen products to save money …


M&S Plant Kitchen Pigs in Duvets

@ M&S at Ocado

Which UK Supermarkets Are Selling Vegan Pigs in Blankets This Christmas?

Aldi this week announces that, as it is reportedly the most popular supermarket in the UK for vegan products (whereas Lidl was found to be the most affordable for vegan Christmas foods), it is adding to its Christmas offering with new Plant Menu Ultimate No Pigs in Blankets. The discount retailer states that it projects sales of over half a million units of the plant-based bacon-encased mini sausages this festive season. On inspection, most of the large retailers are offering a similar product this year; here we list all (to our knowledge) of the pig-free pigs in bacon products from the UK’s main supermarkets and give a comparison in terms of price and ingredient. Aldi: Pea protein, £2.99 Plant Menu Ultimate No Pigs in Blankets: …



Singapore’s HAPPIEE! Plant-Based Seafood Arrives in Asda for Veganuary

Singapore-based HAPPIEE! announces that its products will be available in ASDA stores nationwide across the UK from January 3rd, in time for Veganuary. HAPPIEE is a brand launched in January 2022 by Growthwell Foods, a leading Southeast Asian producer of plant-based products. In 2021, Growthwell raised $22 million in a Series A to further expand into alternative seafood and chicken, then later in the same year announced the opening of an Innovation and R&D Manufacturing Centre, claiming it was the country’s first fully automated large-scale production facility for plant-based products. The HAPPIEE brand is currently available in frozen formats on and chilled in Tesco stores, having debuted its breaded and plain shrimp, breaded calamari rings, squid rings, and lamb shawarma, in the UK during August …


Asda vegan turkey - part of the vegan Christmas range

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One in Three Brits Have to Bring Their Own Food to Christmas Celebrations

Recent data coming from UK supermarket Asda indicates that 29% of Brits are uncertain about preparing a vegan-friendly Christmas dinner, while 75% of vegans often feel compelled to bring their own main dish to festive celebrations. Addressing this issue, Asda has introduced the OMV! Turkey & Trimmings for One, priced at £3.50. This vegan alternative includes a plant-based turkey, cranberry and orange stuffing, vegan sage and onion stuffing balls, and ‘no pigs’ in blankets, aiming to simplify the vegan Christmas dinner experience. Concerning Christmas Day preparations, according to the survey, about 17% of Brits express anxiety over cooking a separate meal, and 19% are unsure about vegan meal options. Additionally, 21% fear their offerings might not meet expectations. In response, 28% of Brits have researched …


Armored Fresh american cheese slices almond

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Armored Fresh Expands Retail Presence, Disrupting $2.4 Billion US Cheese Slice Market

Food tech alt dairy company Armored Fresh is expanding the US retail footprint for its Almond Milk American Cheese Slices with new partnerships established Fresh Thyme Market, Town and Country Foods, Fred Meyer, and more. Armored Fresh specializes in crafting alternative dairy products using “patented fermentation” to overcome the taste barrier and meltability challenges commonly associated with plant-based cheeses. After launching the product online earlier this year, these new retail partnerships will help make Armored Fresh’s plant-based cheese products more accessible to a wider audience. Rudy Yoo, CEO of Armored Fresh, states, “We are on a mission to bring zero dairy cheeses to the masses, so everyone can enjoy what we love about cheese, regardless of [whether] they are plant-based or not.” Disrupting a multi-billion …


Lidl announces price parity of own brand Vemondo range

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Just 6 Food Retailers Can Have Significant Impact on Climate & Planet by Shift to 50% Plant Proteins by 2030

A new report by Dutch research consultancy Profundo commissioned by US environmental group Madre Brava shows that the world’s leading supermarket chains have the power to reduce the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and achieve significant climate, land, and water benefits for humans, animals, and the planet.   According to the report, if food retailers Ahold Delhaize from the Netherlands, Carrefour from France, Thailand’s CP All, Lidl from Germany, Tesco from the UK, and the world’s second-largest foodservice company Sodexo (France), achieve 50% plant-based sales by 2030, they would reduce GHG by 31.6 million tonnes per year — equivalent to removing more than 25 million cars from EU roads.   Additionally, since global beef, pork, and poultry production negatively impacts land and water use, such an …


Lidl vegan Christmas dinner

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Research Finds Lidl is the Cheapest UK Supermarket to Buy a Vegan Christmas Dinner

Lidl has been found to be the cheapest UK supermarket to buy the ingredients for a vegan Christmas dinner. The costs of nine plant-based Christmas dinner staples were compared — nut roasts, parsnips, roast potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and vegan gravy granules — at the UK’s top nine supermarket chains. As reported by Wales Online, Lidl came out on top, with all the ingredients coming to just £8.83. The total also came in at under £10 for four other supermarkets — Morrisons (£9.19), Aldi (£9.42), Asda (£9.55), and Tesco (£9.70). With the use of a Nectar card, the ingredients also cost under £10 at Sainsbury’s, dropping from £10.21 to £9.51. Loyalty cards did not make a difference to the total …