©The Protein Brewery

Dutch Fermentation Specialist ‘The Protein Brewery’ Raises €22M to Feed the World With Fungi

The Protein Brewery, a developer of sustainable, fermented proteins, announces a €22M Series A investment round led by Novo Growth. Referring to themselves as “masters in brewing proteins”, the Dutch scientists focus on integrating animal-free proteins to feed a growing world population while caring for the health of our future planet.


Space BioFarms - Aleph Farms space program Aleph Zero 2

Space BioFarms - Aleph Farms space program ©Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms to Grow Steak in Space to Allow Humans to “Become Multiplanetary” and Build Food Security on Earth

Aleph Farms, the Israel-based leader in growing steak directly from non-GMO animal cells, launches its ‘Aleph Zero’ program focused on cultivating meat for space exploration, enabling “human life to become multiplanetary and unconditional nutrition to be available to all” and building resilience for food security on Earth and beyond.




MeaTech Invests €1M In Belgium’s Peace of Meat as Part of Full Acquisition

MeaTech 3D Ltd, a developer of industrial-scale cultivated meat production technologies based on advanced 3D bioprinting, announces it has made an initial €1M investment in Belgian cultured fat startup Peace of Meat, as part of a planned full acquisition. Peace of Meat has developed a unique, proprietary, stem-cell-based technology to produce animal fats, such as those from cattle, chicken or geese without harming any animals. In 2020 POM was awarded …