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Seraphina Therapeutics Reveals Groundbreaking Fatty Acid Discovery, Secures $5.5M in Series A Round

Seraphina Therapeutics, Inc., announced today its Series A fundraise of $5.5 million, led by Domain Associates, and reveals it is the first to discover pentadecanoic acid, the first potential essential fatty acid to be discovered in 90 years, with proven multiple health benefits in liver health, ageing, cholesterol, and cellular wellbeing.


NovaMeat pork skewer

Image supplied by NovaMeat

As a Global Meat Shortage Looms and Consumers Turn Away From Meat, Nova Meat Reveals 3D Printed Pork

During a week when the world is experiencing supply problems which have seen Tyson boss John Tyson stating in the NY Times that the “food supply chain is breaking,” Italian bioengineer Giuseppe Scionti tells vegconomist that his startup Nova Meats has developed realistic 3D plant-based pork with the texture and appearance of pork meat.


Sanah Baig GFI

Sanah Baig, courtesy of GFI

The Good Food Institute: “Completely Committed to Accelerating Vital Changes to Our Global Food System”

The Good Food Institute is a global nonprofit building a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. Its aim is to bring closer a future where plantbased foods and slaughter-free ‘cultured’ meat are a normal part of life. Regular readers will be familiar with the crucial and compelling work of the GFI which we cover on a regular basis .